Let’s go junkin’… at my dream ‘Back Porch’

“If we win the lottery, I’m knocking on this door with an offer. I want this place!”

“Really Mom? When can we move in? Can I have my own chickens when we do?”

WHEN, he says, not if. If only!

This place has everything I could ever desire.

The Back Porch is a family owned business located in Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada. The couple live in an amazing newish home built to look like heritage, with their outbuildings and shop also located on their property.

The studio is just to the right. Most elements of the building are void of boring straight lines. This place has character!

Inside the studio you’ll see this coffee sampler area because they roast their own coffee beans. (which they sell and are to die for)

Check out this primitive coffee counter…

Now pretend your monitor has a scratch and sniff feature and you smell the most amazing coffee aroma ever and you’ll be right there.

And naturally, they have coffee bean sacks for sale too for a whoppin’ $1 each. The one I pulled out on the floor is the one that came home.

See the pretty pottery in the background?

It’s gorgeous! I just loved looking at the teapots especially as each spout had a different twist to it.

Bet that shelf caught your eye, didn’t it?

Take a little closer look and you’ll be head over heels inspired with those branch brackets and reclaimed lumber.

Who needs curtains again?!?

The rest of the pottery area is loaded with floor to ceiling branch shelving. I was on my hands and knees for a good long while studying how they created it. You may see my own version land on my wall one day if I get lucky enough to have it stay put…

Here’s a small sampling of what the outside of the studio looks like on one wall. I LOVE the hanging strawberries that adorn this area. Bringing some greens up amongst  junk displays is a look I use often in my own home. Plants just make rust sing.

Did you note the shake shingles installed in a random pattern? Very cool.

According to my son, we’ll own this place one day so on that vein… this studio will be where I will host hands on workshops to eager participants from all over the world wishing to learn how to work with tools and build cool junk.

So if 5 trillion bazillion of you preorder now, I may actually be able to afford this place. I’ll make it worth your while too. I promise to make you the most amazing coffee EVAH and share their my dark chocolate covered coffee beans with you. Thank-you and see you soon!

The grounds are LOADED with junk artifacts put to use in the gardens in the most unique of ways. A broken chair base serves up as a perfect planter. Who knew.

And here’s where I get a lump in my throat…

Character buildings are located everywhere housing tools, or whatever acreage needs. One is even a hen house.

Vines this way and that take over in the best of ways. Can you feel my pain yet?

Inside one of the buildings is the antiques shop. (I KNOW!) That is the most magnificent dough bowl I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s about the size of a door.

But a junk find is always the same ‘ol for me. I want it cheap or free so I’m pushed to create. And then I found these…

A roof drain circa 1848. $10! Perfect! One came home with me so I’ll be showing you what I do with it one day soon.

Here’s another post I did on The Back Porch a couple years ago.

Yep. This here will be our home one day. I’ll be sure and keep you updated on when this fantastical happening occurs because I fully expect to have all of you over for my housewarming junk party, deal?

I dream good, don’t I?

What does your dream home look like?

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36 thoughts on “Let’s go junkin’… at my dream ‘Back Porch’

  1. One word….WOW! can’t wait for you to have this place! I will be one of your first people signed up for your workshops…I’ve always wanted to go to Canada! 🙂 go lottery….woot woot!

  2. What a fantastic, charming place. Dreams do come true, so keep on dreaming. Your DS has the right attitude, very positive, using the word ‘when’ instead of ‘if’.


  3. I can see the two of you sipping on ice tea under the tree by the bicycle welcoming folks as they drive up. Lovely property and interesting wares.

    The “gutter traps” as my grandfather called them make great cages to hold balls of twine.

  4. I love this drain thing you drug home. I can see this being transformed into a light cover for a hanging pendant in my office. Can’t wait to see what you are doing with it.

  5. Wow….wow…wow…sweet….wow…drool…wow….love stuff like that Donna….I hunt for places like that in Tennessee…love it….I wanna see what you do with that 1800’s circa drain thingy….Mel..over at Mel’s Designs from the Cabin…I’m getting ready for huge Craftville Popup Market Day sale this saturday…my bags are on display on my blog…Mel

  6. May your dream come true and if it does I’ll be there to help you celebrate even though I don’t drink coffee LOL My dream home would be just like that only down here somewhere in north Georgia. Just LOVE that place and thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your future home.

  7. What a wonderful place! I love that your son said “when” and not “if.” Such a positive thinker. Such a terrific place to visit, and such a nice story and dream, too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello Donna,
    This is a amazing homestead with tons of character. I see why you fell in love with the place. Keep dreaming because dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  9. I am so going to check this place out = ) I love those burlap sacks and i want a couple more with different prints for pillows… by the way are you going to the vintage market on the 24th because i may have a couple more coffee sacks for you if you like = )


  10. I love houses like this. Sadly we don’t get many over here in the UK and certainly not ANY here in the Highlands.

    My perfect house would be an American ranch with a full porch all the way round and swinging chairs to sit in while I watch my horses graze and while I slather over all the crafting space I have and photography opportunities.
    There’s hope yet, one couple from the UK won the lottery and made £161 million from a £1 ticket.

    Lottery people, lottery!

  11. I just want you to know Donna, that I love to read your blog & facebook posts! You give me so much inspiration! Thank you for your awesome attitude on life!!

  12. What an amazing place! Thank you for showing it to us again! I could totally see you being there and doing what you love to do. I truly hope it comes to reality for you!

    My dream home would be my current home, only it
    would be fixed up the way I envision it. It’s got a long way to go yet.

  13. Yep, Donna, your dreams are mighty fine 🙂
    And, don’t forget the invite when you get the keys. I’ll bring some nice funky junk housewarming gift for ya.

    My place would would be cabin-y on the outside, located in the woods. On the inside it would be a combination of rustic backwoods meets vintage English cottage.

    I’m not sure how you pull that off either…but it’s a dream, right?

  14. I love how you dream BIG! My house is 105 years old but a turret? I so love turrets! That would be my dream…and the outbuildings…a shop, coop and a studio and a store….all those are over the top! You were probably hurting so bad when you left you had to get more chocolate!

  15. Does it come with a cool guest room so we can visit and shop? Love the name of the place as much as the place itself. Can’t wait to see what awesomeness you create with the roof drain. So, how did your son do his first day of middle school? Was he overwhelmed by it all?

  16. Love this place!!! How I wish I could move in too!! I really love places like this, that have a bit of everything.. a one stop shop. I really like the coffee sampler area…love coffee!!!!

  17. Oh, I COULD just smell the coffee from here in Nebraska. Please keep that feature or maybe even expand on it a little when you own the place! Please book me for early-mid Fall and I will bring gifts. Linda S. in NE

  18. Donna that is a beautiful place. I will iron my dress make that jeans for your housewarming party. Yes I could smell the coffee (as soon as
    I ran to my kitchen and smell my coffee canister) and it smelled soooo good. I am going to be like your son…..when oh when will you move in….I want to come go junkin’. You have wonderful junk in Canada. The drain cover is neat but I thought it was the cover to a fan motor. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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