Live. Me. Google Hangout. YIKES!!!

Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table - Google Hangout with Southern Hospitality's Rhoda and Funky Junk Interior's Donna

Uh oh… what’s this about a Google Hangout with yours truly?!

A Hangout is like being on TV. It’s a live recording you’ll be able to view right on YouTube as it happens.

Live. LIVE. 



And to make it all the more fun, I’m teaming up with my buddy Rhoda from Southern Hospitality to chat about our vast differences on how we dress up a table. 

(mine is  HERE)

(Rhoda’s is HERE)

This means JUNK WAR!

Ok, there’s no battle at all. But we will be chatting it up with host Miriam Illions of Hometalk, showing you two very different takes on making your table all pretty for the holidays.

I’m glad they can be friends, despite their differences…

It’s going to be a super serious conversation where you have to be all quiet and stuff and we’re going to go into all the technical aspects of when tablescapes derived in ancient somewhere and how rock chippers found their first crystal serving bowl embedded inside a historic pallet wood crate.

Funky Junk Interiors Donna on a Google Hangout


Come for some fun and laughs! It’ll be short and sweet and you’ll get to watch us all yak about what we love for a few!

How to get there

#1. Visit HomeTalk’s Google + profile page HERE.

(follow them too! but not mandatory to view)

(follow me too! HERE)

2. Click on HANGOUTS.

The event must be live for the black box to appear so if you come early, watch for it!

3. Watch from the screen or click to view larger on YouTube.

Can’t make it? No worries! The taping will auto record on YouTube and you can view it anytime!

(I’ll add the link here when it’s avail)

Game on Rhoda!

Cya Wednesday, guys! If I don’t chicken out…


View on HomeTalk

View on YouTube

And then,  junkers and fresh traditionalists lived happily ever after because they now have proof they can get along just fine. 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Live. Me. Google Hangout. YIKES!!!

  1. I just watched your video on Youtube! Donna…I loved this. Everything…the old ironing board, the funnel, …the works. You are the cutest thing to when you’re on camera. I know if I ever met you in person, you’d be a ‘hoot’ to be around.
    You had me laughing at your ‘GOOD JUNK’- ‘BAD JUNK’ comment.

    …I guess I’m getting rid of the broken tupperware! ha ! LOL…I loved this. ~Pat

    • Dear Tupperware, please know by merely the mention of you, that just means I LOVE you and see you as universal with the mere mention of plastics in general! That’s like saying Funky Junk when the word pallet is breathed. You indeed are loved! ~ me

  2. Donna, go back and take a look at the bottom middle pick of your collage. I thought you did something funny to your hair since you were being silly in the other pictures. It is the top part of the wreath on your door in the back drop. Lol Made me laugh!

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