Win a trip to Lucketts and The Design House!

The Design House at Lucketts

How often do you mosey into an antiques place, wishing you knew what to do with a certain find? I mean, it’s one thing to find something cool you like and just haul it home, but it’s another to put it to work if you really don’t know what to use it for.

That happens more than I care to admit for junker types. You get it, right?

The Design House at Lucketts

Well, I’ve long heard of The Design House, located at Lucketts, and lemme tell ya, I’ve been drooling every month I see more pictures of it.

The Design House is a monthly interior design showcase where everything is for sale! All these amazing selections are put together in a real home setting where you can shop from.

The Design House at Lucketts
What’s always intrigued me about The Design House is how the most unique pieces are put together in ways you’d never have thought to attempt. This showcase is truly one of those ‘Grab your girlfriends and bring the trailer!’ kinda moment. And yeah, I’ve always, always wanted to see it.




I know. First it’s the to die for Lucketts Spring Market with over 200 vendors you hear about, and now this house!

Well, pout no more friends, because someone has a chance to win a free trip to Lucketts to see it all! You do! You really, really do!!!

Hometalk wants to send some lucky junker to Lucketts Spring Market for a luxurious two night stay at the Lansdowne Resort right in Leesburg, Virginia!  PLUS, they’ll get to enjoy two fabulous days of all things Lucketts on May 18th and during the Hometalk Meetup on May 19th. WOW!

Entry is easy! All you have to do is whip up a blog post inviting 10 of your readers to join and follow you on Hometalk! (more info HERE)

And why wouldn’t they want to anyway? I mean, that’s where all your fab creations are in one fell swoop! But what’s in it for them? Why sign up?

Lots! Hometalk is a fabulous free home and garden community where anyone can share their questions and passions online without the requirement of a blog or website. So if you’ve always wanted to take your hobby to the next level, you’ll find a new, VERY large community ready to enjoy what you have to share, overnight!

1-Funky Junk Interiors on Hometalk.48 PM

Here’s a sample of how projects look on Hometalk. Pretty cool! Visit my profile HERE.

But since I’m already going, while I’d LOVE for you to sign up under me, why not help another blogger out this round?

Watch for the posts coming up on the contest and please consider signing up and following someone to help make their own dream come true!

Or, visit here on Funky Junk on Monday, May 13th, where I’ll be hosting a linkup of many posts that still may need your support.

And if you’re a blogger, try out this fab contest for yourself!

Click *HERE* on how to enter the contest

More on The Design House

More on Lucketts Spring Market

This is sooo exciting! I can’t wait to see who I’ll be seeing more of very, very soon! I hope it’s YOU! 🙂

So, are you as eager to check out that Design House as I am?!

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2 thoughts on “Win a trip to Lucketts and The Design House!

  1. This is the mother load of give-aways!!!! I left a comment on the Home Talk enter to win page so i won’t repeat myself. All I can say is how wonderful this experience will be for the person who wins! can’t wait to hear about it!!!.
    See you tomorrow night on twitter. This will be my first time. i hope this very none techy girl can figure it out. 🙂

  2. So excited to be coming!!! We live about 4 hours south so I’m dragging my mom along and we’re staying over night:) when I heard you were coming, it sealed the deal. I thought this may be the only chance I’d ever have to get to meet you:)

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