The LONG list of outdoor DIY projects

Yesterday was the first day it hadn’t rained in MONTHS. I head outdoors because quite frankly, staying inside while the sun shone wasn’t going to happen.

That above photo is part of my birdhouse garden and looks lush and lovely. But believe you me, it’s indeed cropped left right and center.

Augh. I haven’t even touched this flower bed this year yet. It’s a disaster zone.

Major DIY zone in the making ahead.

A collection of birdhouses and junk has been accumulating with no rightful home as yet. This poor garden is desperate.

And here’s the vegetable garden. Yum yum…

Yes, I consider a beautifully planted veggie garden DIY art. But rather than just show pretty pictures of lettuce, I’ll teach you something along the way.

And all my endless unpainted trim. And non treated stairs. Yes, I own plain wood stairs. I can hear you already, don’t you worry.

We mowed the lawn and I managed to get some pruning done yesterday. But not enough by a long shot.

A couple weeks ago, we started the cleanup with pressure washing as a first step.

Such a boy. 🙂

Well, I won first dibs at using the wand. Because I said so.

Well, there was a reason I went first. I like starting with the patio and like to spray the works, including the roof above my head. Rather hard to reach for the boy.

I LOVE a spotless patio! And an excuse to go first.

before #1 – meet my patio, the outdoor workshop/storage unit

This is before #2 in the making.  Sooo purdy! But bare. Oh so bare. We want an outdoor living room this summer rather than a typical table and chairs.

I like to drag all kinds of riff raff out on the lawn and hit it with the pressure washer as well.

So everything is now nice and clean but there’s lots of stylin’ to do. I honestly just propped that pallet up off the lawn so we could mow, but then my wheels started turning. Maybe…. thinking here. Can you see what I see? Go ahead, guess. 🙂

The woodshed got cleaned up too and is just waiting for pretty flowers to dress it up.

And it looks like we have sun this week! So this is likely what we’ll be messing with throughout the weekend. 

Remember when I announced a summer dream yard link party? Remember to take those ikky before photos like I just did so we can see some major pretty happening!

Oh. And something HUGE  happened next door yesterday!

Miss Janette got her cupboards delivered and installed! Oh my word just wait till you see. I was clickin’ away in between our own stuff.

 I also took photos of my cutie pie pets for this weekend’s SNS theme.

So.. lots of fun ahead!

Many of you are debating on kicking off the summer from blogging. Some are already doing it. If that’s what it takes to get your work done, by all means, do it!

I’ve chosen a different route. I won’t sit in front of a computer on a gorgeous day wondering what on earth to blog about. I’ll be getting OFF the computer to go get productive. Not only will that give me material to write about, I won’t miss a thing outdoors nor on the blogfront.

Struggling with upcoming summer content? Easy. Get off the computer and go make it. Outdoors!

What’s keeping you busy these days? 

Have you been trying to head outdoors as well?

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33 thoughts on “The LONG list of outdoor DIY projects

  1. summer is on your way, while on this side of the planet is coming to an end, and months of rain are in line…all the way through October!! :o( Oh well…I had my share of the sun, and now is your turn. Go! enjoy the pretty outdoors! I bet your projects will turn out just as great as everything else you do/transform. Wish I knew how to handle a power tool…I would be making tons of things!…to no end :o)
    have a great day!

  2. Donna, you inspire me so. How I need your gentle nudge here in Pennsylvania to keep me moving. Read your success post and I know I am stopping myself, but how do I make it happen?! Sorry I keep saying that to myself (yes, out loud) hopefully I soon answer myself. 😉 Sure could use any pointers/tips you have to offer…if you get any time, I would love to have you visit! Keep Junkin’!

  3. wow a power washer and the boy let’s you use it?!! …lol.
    Love that veggie garden can’t wait to see what you do with that lovely outside the window!
    as always, I love the Character building…ehem… Woodshed, Pat

  4. Way easy to do Tarrah. Stand up out of that comfy computer chair and MAKE yourself start something. The desire will soon kick in and you’ll be running without electricity.

    That’s the hardest part. Just stand up and start.


  5. Power washers rock. Got outside yesterday too. Trimmed branches, bagged up weeds, bagged up a huge amount of ‘stuff’ that should never have come home. Had the use of a truck for a couple of hours so recycling, green dump, dump dump – done. The raspberry canes (that were from last year’s fall garage sales are separated and planted. Was tired but a good tired. Hopefully more today.
    – Joy

  6. loving your backyard 🙂 the shed house is so adorable.

    yea, your idea to just go outside and do something is such a simple yet brilliant idea, and so productive 🙂


  7. Are you turning that palette into a planter box? I planted a bunch of flowers last week and it was wonderful!! I love seeing them even if through the windows watching mother nature water them for me everyday 🙂

  8. Your ‘real’ photos are making me feel a bit better about our mess of a small yard, our first spring with a dog. If you could send some of your sunshine east to us, and we could get it to stop raining for at least an hour, I might be able to get out in the yard this weekend. Hoping anyways.

    Could you be making a potting bench, perhaps?

  9. admiring your patio and wondering what you used for the roof. is it clear roofing panels? husband & i debating on using those on our patio roof. if that’s what yours is, how do you like it?

  10. I can’t wait to see your deck all ‘decked out’ in her summer ‘living room’ finery. We have had days of rain in the Maritimes too so I haven’t been outdoors either. Spring is about 2 weeks behind here so I have to get cracking with the outdoor decor and it’s still too early to plant annuals so it won’t be pretty for a another month. Enjoy your nice weather!

  11. We have been working on our deck “rejuvenation” project too. The weathers been crazy around here- it’s been rainy, windy, hot and humid and back to cold in one week. But you yard doesn’t look that bad!. Kind of good, really, compared to mine!

  12. Well it has been very rainy here…and gloomy so bad indoor photo opps too. I have taken my ugly before pics and I will be posting on fixing up my yard~as soon as I can get out there.

  13. Donna, I saw your pallet and thought of these wonderful, vertical pallet gardens I’ve seen. Just stand the pallet up, fill it with dirt (but level) and jam in plants between the slats. More dirt, more plants, and so on. The end result looks great! Just use drought tolerant plants so you don’t have to water every day.
    Thanks for all your great inspiration.

  14. The pallet is calling out to me. 😀

    I’ve seen them done up in plants and gardens and now I really want to try it.

    I can’t wait to see what you do it it.

    Love your creativity. It inspires me to get up and do something…and soon.

  15. I have my before pics all ready to go…just waiting on the ground to dry, and the rain to stop before my big project can get done.

  16. I love your shed and glad ya got the power washer out..Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your yard..I must admit I have stolen..I mean borrowed.. Some of your ideas..LOL

  17. Isn’t it great to get outdoors and make/SEE progress!?! It’s been raining all week here, and I’m about to just go out in the rain and work!!! I’m thinking you’re thinking of a trellis for that pallet…am I way off?! 🙂 I think your flower beds look great, even unkempt! I will HAVE to get outside tomorrow: I have 450 plants arriving that I ordered YESTERDAY…had NO idea they’d get here that fast!!! They will be bare root, so mud or no mud, I’m going to be planting! They were on sale…I had to act fast! (I have a roadside stand…no, they are NOT for me…although I’ll be swiping too many of them for my own gardens, I’m sure! 🙂 ) Thanks for the encouragement! I always enjoy seeing what you’re up to!

  18. If it would just stop raining here in Northern CA – I’m dying to get started! Love the idea of power washing; we’ve had SO much rain this year everything is splashy!

  19. I have tried and tried to get outdoors…but the high winds have kept me house-bound!! Yuck!! 50 to 60 MPH winds and boy are they cold too!!
    We are praying they will end soon. It has been 6 weeks of these winds!! Sigh!

  20. It’s been all rain, rain, rain here. And chilly! I’m chomping at the bit to be outside working. I think you’re going to hang individual pots on that pallet. Am I right?
    Oh, and I am pea green with envy that you won the $500 shopping ticket with Jeanne Oliver! I’m sure they picked your name instead of mine by mistake!! 🙂

  21. Gosh Donna…your yard is lovely before the after! it’s so lush and green 🙂

    I agree with you 100% about the blogging, I find that I have so much more to write about after I take a trip away from home, so much that I have to write a list. And lets not forget that even if you have absolutely nothing under the sun to write about, post a lovely photo. I have enjoyed many posts that just allow me to linger among the journey of the photo.

  22. you are busy lady! 🙂 everything looks so bright and clean!

    that palette against the wall makes me think about a photo I pinned on pinterest the other day of a pallet planter…..hmmmmm….we’ll see if you have something of the sorts up your sleeve! 🙂


  23. I have quite a few things to catch up on outside, too! We had some rain for a couple of days, preventing me from getting outside, but it’s sunny now, so off I go… 🙂
    LOVE your idea of getting off the computer and getting outside to find inspiration (or create it) of what to write about on our blogs!

    Hugs to you, my friend!

    ~ Jo

    p.s. thanks for your input on my new header… still working on the button/html code… I WILL figure it out though! 🙂

  24. Wow, that shed really is amazing! And the power washer looks like great time (but I couldn’t let my boys near that – especially my husband).

    For that pallet…maybe the base to an outdoor-type coffee table? The comment suggesting it as a planter seems pretty good too, though. I’d love to see what you actually do with it.

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