Milk paint line vs. junk that’s so fine

Milk Paint Line vs Junk That's So Fine - an off the wall comparison of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint and Funky Junk's Fabulous Junk! You know you want this... but which one?! via

Funky Junk in front of the house... sorry neighbours! via

Dear neighbours…

I know. You live next to a junker, and I feel for you!

I vision folks coming home, noting it must be garbage day when they face my place, then gasp and run indoors when they clue in. No, it’s just another junkin’ haul that won’t fit in my garage. Ah well!

Let’s face it. My rusty relics on display are pure beauty to me, but maybe I need to do a little convincing to the non junkers. Is it possible?!

Then I got to thinking… I adore how my buddy Miss Mustard Seed stages her milk paint line. She coats out a dresser, stages it, and introduces the new colour. Genius! 

I can do that! Ok non junkers, this one’s for you! Tell me if this junk staging doesn’t leave you weeping for more… I call this little comparison…

Milk Paint Line vs. Junk That’s So Fine


Say hello to Typewriter

 Say hello to Typewriter.

Say oh my to Tetanus Shot / black toolbox on chair /

Say oh my to Tetanus Shot.

Note the matt black, lightly misted with a breath of rusty patina. Complete with a gently curved handle. Decadent! The sticker represents an authentic thrill of the hunt shopping experience.

Say hello to Dried Lavender - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

Say hello to Dried Lavender.

Say oh my to Saturated Wrench - wrenches in an aqua toolbox via

 Say oh my to Saturated Wrench.

Because you can never have too many rusty wrenches that you’ll never use as a wrench. You know you want this.

Say hello to Artissimo

Say hello to Artissimo.

Say oh my to Art... Oh No! Aqua tool boxes on ivy covered bench via

 Say oh my to Art… Oh No!

Deep aqua toned metal toolboxes enhanced with shades of rust, rocking amongst a stormy sea of ivy. Why I do not Oh Know.

Say oh my to Art... Oh No! Aqua tool boxes on ivy covered bench via

 And the dramatic angled closeup… 

Say hello to Trophy - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint via

 Say hello to Trophy.

stacked antique metal bins via

 Say oh my to Troll Free

Stacked vintage metal bins begging you to fill them up with anything but Trolls. Yes, I’m grasping. Can you tell?

stacked antique metal bins via

 Pure art! With no Trolls in sight.

Say hello to Boxwood - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint via

 Say hello to Boxwood.

rusty shovel heads in fall leaves via

 Say oh my to Lost Hood.

A sprinkling of rusty shovel heads having no where else to go. Or anything else to do. Because they’re only shovel heads after all.

Say hello to Ironstone - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint via

Say hello to Ironstone.

Say oh my to Iron Thrown - rusty metal parts under truck via

 Say oh my to Iron Thrown.

Get into the automotive vibe and throw these (whatever they are) near your truck for that breakdown drama effect. Pinterest… get ready for this one.

All kidding aside, I so admire how Miss Mustard Seed’s Marian stages her milk paint line. I cannot wait to try it and a few other wood and metal products one day soon! When I order some. I should do that. Maybe if I took the time to do that instead of this silly post I’d have some! Marian, please just send me what you think I need. Maybe it’ll happen then.

Disclosure: no friendship was harmed in the making of this tongue in cheek post. Marian was on board and told me to roll with it because she appreciates my junk! (is a good sport)

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37 thoughts on “Milk paint line vs. junk that’s so fine

  1. I’m excited to wake up each morning and get my dose of both Funky Junk and Ms Mustard Seed! Simple things make me happy!!! 😛

  2. Well, I have worried about what the neighbors think and no one can see in my backyard. Except when the guy next door hangs lights, which is going to happen soon. He will be so glad to know that nothing has changed since last year. Heading to MMM for my fix, since you definitely left us to our own volution. I want my fireplace surround to take on the hand carved look of the dresser drawers. And when you fill/repurpose those metal bins…. waiting for you. I have a few sitting by the shed.

  3. hahhahh…love it! Don’t you both have a great gift! and senses of humour! MM painted dressers are stunning!
    I know you will relate when I say that we are very quick to open & close our garage lest anyone think we are hoarders!
    But thats what loving VINTAGE is all about!

  4. HAHAHAHA! Brilliant Donna!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this post and you should seriously get the MMMP and get colouring your life a bit…. cos your junkin sure is fab and your colour eye is fab too- so the combo will be EXCELLENT!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the results.

  5. Love this post! Not so sure about milk paint since I discovered chalk paint. 🙂 (and googling to find ways to MAKE) chalk paint rather than $40 per quart real deal. I like that I do NOT have to prep furniture (sand, etc) with chalk paint. Sound intriguing? Can’t want to see what you post next!!

  6. Oh, Donna! If your neighbors don’t appreciate the artfulness of your exterior decor, maybe I should move in next door instead! Then you could decorate my front yard too!

  7. You’re so funny and Marian is awesome, just like you!! If I had to pick one her dressers or a can of her wonderful milk paint over one of your rusty finds, I’m not sure what I would choose! Love it all!!!

  8. Very funny post–love it! And I love both your blogs too! Yes, I’d frequent a store featuring you both too–wouldn’t that be the best?


  9. Love it! This had me giggling out loud…and I am home alone! I so enjoy you and Marian and the way you both take things that have seen better days and transform them into beautiful, useful art for the home. Thanks for a great start to my weekend!

  10. What I want to see most of all is your inventory…..To drool over the amount of metal/rust in one spot…That’s sick but you know the feeling.

  11. Oh my, I love you both. Different routes to beauty and satisfaction. You each inspire different parts of my imagination.

  12. I love it! So cute! My smile for the day. I love your blog and Marian’s too. I get inspiration from you both. Thanks. And by the way, her milk paint is amazing.

  13. Power packed post! PPP? Strange, I didn’t mean to do that! But really, both of you should collaborate! I have a weakness for junk too, and just found MMS, I guess I’ve been living under my own junk pile! I can’t wait to try her product! And you, well you just continue to inspire! I can’t wait to see your home decked out for Christmas! xo

  14. I came across your website by happenstance and I love it.
    I’m a junker from way back and never realized it.
    A few years ago, I watched a documentary about an older woman who
    lived in the desert in Arizona near a junk yard. She would go to the
    junkyard and collect items to incorporate into her modest home and
    created a work of art. She made stained glass windows out of colorful
    wine bottles and mosaic walkways with all sorts of items, bottle caps,
    pens etc. She has since passed and today her home is a tourist
    attraction for all to visit.
    Being an art teacher once with a limited budget I saved everything knowing I could create functional items of beauty with them sooner or later with my students in my crafts classes.
    At anyrate, I am in awe of your creativity.
    Thanks for sharing, love your website.
    June from Jersey

  15. MMS & FUNKY JUNK are the only two blogs I follow. Thanks for the post–loved it! I “get” your junk. Thanks for the inspiration to follow my rusty heart. You both have amazing taste. Love you both!

  16. This post is such a hoot. I love both your blogs and feel Marian is getting a real chuckle out of it! I love her presentations so much, so classy. i laughed out loud at your iron thrown! Especially since I just dug through my husbands rusty old wrenches less than an hour ago and picked four to ponder their real purpose, in my mind, of course. I’m thinking photo holders, like the stuff Mamie Janes does. Keep up the great posts.

  17. I completely appreciate your “funky junk” take on Miss Mustard seeds goods! LOVE it, in fact. My friend Jan is like Miss Mustard Seed and I’m much more in line with you! My husband commented to me the other day, as he looked exasperated at my finds at the dump, “I’ll feel better when they start getting made into the projects you talk about!”

    Ah yes, I’m still in the collecting phase, but I do need to get into the planning/doing phase!

    Thanks for all your fun inspiration!

    I’ll keep you posted!

  18. You are a cheese ball and I love you.

    I snickered through the whole post. I also wonder if my neighbours wonder what is going on at my house. Alternately, I live next to the house where Toyotas live wild and free on the front lawn (it’s quite scenic), so maybe no one is too concerned.

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