Milner Village gets Funky Junked with Hometalk


I kinda have this thing about junk as you already know. I especially cannot WAIT until summer hits so I can get that rusty goodness working outdoors full tilt.

So when my local buddy Tamara from The Greenhouse Diaries was having this amazing Garden Party over at Milner Village Garden Centre and asked if I’d like to do a little junk garden chit chat for their event, I said sure!

Oh! Not only that, I’ll also be talking about how social media can step up your own gardening passion or business!

How true is that? Isn’t it amazing what a little social media can do for our passions? How can one live without it is the real question!

Milner_Village_Garden_Centre_Gardening_Party_gets_Funky_Junked!.So here I am, gearing up for a couple of talks! I’ll be collecting some cool junk for my demo table and would love to chat it up with you if you’re in the area!

But there are a whole other buncha reasons why this event is gonna be so cool…


The food.

The Little White House catered lunch. Locals know what this means. Here’s a sample of what I had when with Tamara last time we were there…


A store full of cool stuff!

Ok, aside from the fact that the above is Christmas, Milner Village is just gearing up for their summer season and will be FULL to the brim with the most amazing stuff AND flowers. Store and greenhouse all in one. Yes, a true blue girl’s dream day out.

flowers in creative junk vases funky junk interiors-022

So I need to get busy! I’ll be digging up all kinds of cool junk to bring for my demo junk table.



 What to use… what to make… what to do… how fun! What a push in the right direction!

Hometalk_Meetup_at_Milner_VillageIf you’d like to stay on top of all the happenings, follow along this hashtag set up for the event! Hometalk will be involved, with posts, swag and highlights galore!

I mean, I can’t wait to share what a substantial gardening community Hometalk alone has, blog or no blog! That’s a huge thing for those that don’t blog.

Here’s proof. This Hometalk garden junk post of mine has been viewed 34,000 times!

Here’s the agenda of the ENTIRE garden party. How fun!

So! If you are in the lower mainland area and wish to take in a fun day with demo tables, junk, blogging chit chat AND a store/greenhouse FULL of amazingness WITH stuff to buy and to die for food, come join us!

But don’t delay! This event sells out and tickets are limited…  I’d LOVE to see at least one person that knows what a Funky Junk Donna is… 🙂

You can register HERE.

My Hometalk post about the event is HERE.


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15 thoughts on “Milner Village gets Funky Junked with Hometalk

  1. Oh I wish I live closer. Like as in 1500 miles closer. This sounds wonderful and all that for $30.
    Maybe this will inspire someone around my neck of the woods to do something similar.
    Please post pictures.

  2. How fun! My garden club would love this. Too bad we’re so far away in Arkansas. We have had someone speak to our group about garden whimsy, which is another way to say garden junk to me. I’m sure you all will have lots of fun.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful outing to get ready for the gardening season! Too bad I live so far away, but I’ll be following along through your blog & Hometalk. You’re going to rock the seminars!
    Debbie 🙂

  4. I am always so inspired by your beautiful blog!! I’m now following via Feedly reader. That potting shed is spectacular. Can’t wait to get back into the garden – if only our snow would melt.

  5. I wish I lived close by, Donna! I’d definitely attend- it looks like so much fun.
    Your site looks wonderful with all the changes!

  6. You go girl! Love the new look….it’s so fun and so totally you! I know your Meet-up is going to be a really big success!

    Lifting my coffee cup to you!


  7. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could Donna. I used to live in Langley so I know where you are going to be. BUT I now live in Saskatchewan – brrrrr. Snowbankd are still 4 feet or more and it is really cold. I was in BC the other day and actually brought some pansies home in My carry-on luggage but they will be residing in my house for quite awhile before I can set them outside. I love your blog and have been following it for quite awhil.e

  8. It all sounds awesome..
    I love the ideas you have pictured here..
    Always amazed..
    Have a great weekend..

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