Musical junk wheelbarrows in the garden

I’ve been debating on passing on plants in the yard this summer. The weather just hasn’t cooperated and I was thinking how easy it would be to NOT put the pool up and NOT plant anything that required care. Maybe this was the summer to go camping more after all…

All fine and dandy until I sat out there this afternoon and gagged at my surroundings. Weeds + no blooms =  closing my eyes while getting abit of sun helped but… you know. Kinda like sitting inside your home with no cool junk.

Once a gardener always a gardener I guess.

So I got up and started ‘thinking.’

It appears I collect wheelbarrows these days. I didn’t even know that until now. Here.. allow me to give you a run down.

#1 wheel-less wonder

#2 cement clad crusty old beater that weights 5000 tons

#3 plastic special

#4 vintage cutie pie with fun splashy colors


So just in case you’re thinking, “What an ugly wheelbarrow for a garden!”, this is what it looked like last summer. (click HERE for more)

Anyway, I was struggling to weed behind that white one in the weed bed. You see, it’s an old relic with no wheel.

Which makes weeding behind it extreme grunt work. Not fun. So with my vast collection of wheelbarrows, I chose another to replace this crippled one so I could wheel around a healthy one upon desire.

So before you scroll lower, let’s see if you can guess which one I replaced the white one with. Was it #2, #3 or #4?


And just in the knick of time, muscle arrived! Miss S is our neighbour and I love her and her laugh and her hair.  And she’s wicked on film. She can’t take a bad pic. Anyway, she wanted to lug this thug away for me.

You ROCK Miss S! Goodness she’s cute. I want her hair. And her muscles.

Weeding now was officially a breeze!

So… which wheelbarrow did I choose anyway?


Tadaaa! Did you guess #2, the big crusty mammoth? Honestly, even I thought I may have gone abit too far this round, but bear with me here and see if I can’t convince you.

Whoops! The added wheel sits uphill. This won’t do.

No worries. A little digging will level this out just fine.


I was kinda getting into it at this point so I went all out and did some fresh edging with a half moon edger and clippers? Lawn sheers? Whatever.


Well now… if ithat isn’t just the cutest beginning.

Those light green plants are from last year’s wheelbarrow growth. They rooted into the ground from up above and I left them.

Wait, let me convince you further because you’re missing out the BEST detail.

Ready? You’re gonna get jealous…

I added this cute little colorful birdhouse…

… to marry it up with all the paint splotches on the wheelbarrow.

Yeah it’s crusty, but it’s also ART. I love it!

And the day just kept getting better. Miss S wanted to mow my lawn next.

AND she moved the trampoline to do under that too!

I never move the tramp because I can’t so this was a major treat. xoxoxo Miss S!

After this feat, I got a visit from my other neighbors, R and C. (I’ll ask if I can reveal them)

I had told C my dream of what I’d like to do to the front yard but couldn’t due to my woa is me neck. So she talked to her hubby and I will be getting help starting this weekend!

Ouch. Will you still follow me?

So Weed Fest #2 is well under way! I’ve gotta ditch all the weeds and rocks before Saturday because I’m getting help with cutting newly shaped beds AND help with a new soil delivery when we’re ready!

This has been a 5 year dream of mine. I’m totally amazed these plants even give me the time of day due to the extreme soil neglect.

And that long skinny boring border will be all pretty and curvy soon. 🙂


Which brings me back to my once upon a time veggie garden turned dirt sandbox. With new upcoming topsoil coming in, this garden may have a flying chance yet!

But it’s not quite ready…

Ohhh yeah. MUCH better. This is gonna be fun. 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Musical junk wheelbarrows in the garden

  1. Oh you are having too much fun! I have begun working on my front garden as well. Right now it is just dirt and a few plants!
    But I have a dream! Sounds like you do too!!
    And you have help? Super! It will be that much more fabulous!!
    Have fun creating!

  2. Hi Donna,
    Your gardens look beautiful and are going to be awesome… would you please send Miss S up here. I could use a little help too. You are a very lucky lady to have such great neighbors! I love the garden with the rusty headboards!
    Have lots of great times out there!

  3. Geez Donna, sometimes I swear you are in my brain, my yard, my house! Hubby and I were mowing yesterday and I was alooking at those weeds…yep, they look just like yours and I kept thinking about the new place I want to design a flower bed…I even have a rusty headboard to put there 🙂 NOW you have been doing what I was thinking about so NOW I HAVE to get a going….gotta keep up with Donna!
    Hugs from Iowa,
    Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

  4. I was totally agreeing with you on just ‘forget the garden’ this year! But look what fun you made the process. This is definately what I need to do to get some incentive. It has been a very long….spring. It is threatning to rain right now. Now to find an old wheelbarrow.

  5. You have the BEST neighbors!!!! Looking good over there! I wanted to let you know I win a Annie Slaon Paint Class…I learned some great tips…I will try and post them soon!

  6. Isn’t gardening even more fun when you have awesome neighbours to share with??? It makes working outside such a good time. Love the new ‘barrow and I’m looking forward to the front yard reveal. We’re starting on our front yard this year too… so much local inspiration. Luckily my BIL works for a bobcat/trucking place so topsoil, sand, whatever is delivered by the Dirt Fairy. Not sure if he’d like me calling him that. he he Loving Miss S… hope she’ll make more guest appearances!! 🙂

  7. Well, I guess you answered your own question! Wouldn’t a lot of mulch help in the wheelbarrow garden to keep the weeds down? I think you will smile everytime you are on your porch and look down. I am crazy for wagon wheels. I have two that I use for Christmas. Some larger rocks in the front of the house will help. We have a rock garden, but the plants keep going crazy, so they cover up the rocks. Years ago I dumped a lot of manure into the vegetable garden. We had to abandon it because the deer and hedgehogs got in and ate everything, but it is still helping the soil there. Ann

  8. I wouldn’t have been able to ignore it either. I want my own Miss S….can U please send her my way….does she want to visit the southwest USA?
    Great job U 2.

  9. Goodness Girl,…you gave me a scare there. That no wheel, _____barrow was something I could see you screeching to a halt over, and loading it up in your truck. Instead, we see pics of your wonderful neighbor taking it away. Girl, have you had too much sun? So why didn’t you just spray Weed-b-Gone behind it and call it done. Not like you to give up and give away something so wonderful. I do love the look of the multi-color birdhouse in the multi-color “new” wheelbarrow. I am also lucky to have great neighbors who are always happy to help me weed and mow. Tell Miss S. that she is wonderful neighbor.

  10. I love the wheelbarrow, I have a rusty one in my yard with petunias. Just a friendly warning, that plant you had root in your garden “creeping jenny” it looks like, can go wild once given the chance. I had some in my back garden because I loved how it looked. It has since taken my 3 years to eradicate, it took down full patches of daisies. Yikes.

  11. Donna you make my “blog hoppin'” fun. I love the way you matched the birdhouse with the
    wheelbarrow. I said to myself, only Donna
    would think of that. You are way too talented.
    I have my daughters vintage old iron bed on
    my back porch with my seed packets closthespined
    to it. I don’t know if I want to put it out in
    the weather or not. I do have a wheelbarrow from
    the 40’s and it is heavy, it was my dad’s. I can’t bring myself to put it out in the weather either. It sure would look good with flowers in

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