My ‘ugly’ office – phase one

(due to popular request: truck is from Costco from a few years back)

 I recently had someone ask me if my home was always so tidy like. My reply? I couldn’t stop laughing!

If anyone thinks that, they’ve never been through my front door. If you can open it all the way to get in, it’s a good day. And from there, it all goes downhill.

One neighbor saw a palette laying on my sofa one day, and after a quick glance, she turned to me and said, “Huh… only in your house is a palette on your sofa normal.” And off we went happy as larks. 

So how do I take pretty photo shoots you ask? Well, I decide what room I want clean and mess up the others in order to achieve it. Honestly? I just don’t think creative people ever have clean homes. We’re always ripping something up! 🙂

Anyway, there’s a room I haven’t shown you which is one of my downstairs offices. It’s a bookeeping type office with wall to ceiling bulletin boards. It’s all about ugly paperwork and I aim to change that.

Are you ready?!? Ugh… hate this part. Closing eyes and jumping into the deep end…

 Check it out. My camera is in so much shock the pic went blurry. And you KNOW I don’t post blurry pics. But it’s the only one I took of the before. So even my photography’s ugly to match. Lovely.

 The area has great potential! These are french doors that lead to worse off zones. The curtains were there when we moved in which I LOVE. It’s a really cool feature.

 And, while this ceiling has some gorgeous pine tongue and groove, I have never finished painting it! I think this primer is… 2 years old? No idea. Total disservice to a room that’s got a great future.

This is part of the 6 room redo I’ve been talking about. My wish is to turn this room into a crafting and photography area.

So, the first thing I did was clean up the desk  so I could take pictures for craigslist. If I go ahead with these plans, I’ll be selling this massive Ikea desk that snaps together lickety split like.

Much better! The plan is to put wall to ceiling shelving on the clock wall, then my farm table in front of the window where that little truck sits. This room would make a nice out of the way craft room and is astonishingly awesome for photography at nearly any time of day because of all the natural light.

While it’s a nice room, it’s rather weird. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter so it isn’t a room you really wish to hang in for great lengths of time. That’s why I’d love to put my staging stuff on the shelving. Junk doesn’t care. 🙂

Next? My son and I need to get to Ikea to look at shelving. I really can’t go much further until then. It’s only after I get it and try things out that I’ll know if I’m selling this desk. It would actually be a pretty awesome crafting desk except that it’s too big to accommodate the shelving needed.

Anyone in the lower mainland BC Canada need a big honkin’ Ikea desk? Lemme know! 🙂

Why am I sharing an undone room?

Because a certain link party is totally encouraging me to pursue this office wreck.

 I’m linking up today to Songbirds Gitter Done – Volume 1! This party is all about getting long overdue procrastinated projects done. They can be DIY or simple cleaning up type posts of non pretty things. Anything! Click the button to see what’s up!

 You can read my post on the NEW Gitter Done HERE.

SongBird’s welcome to Gitter Done is HERE.

So tell me.. is your house always a blast of creativity (mess) too?

In other news, I’d just like to welcome all the new followers that have hopped on in the past day! The flip over to start the Copy Me! Challenge happened  sooner than Miss Mustard Seed and I anticipated. 

I’ve asked on FJI Facebook when you’d be ready to join the party, so we’re discussing it HERE. Hop on over and voice what you’d like and we’ll set a date or leave your feedback in comments here.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You can read about the Copy Me! Challenge HERE.

I’ve been messing around with my own place, MMS style. While it’s MMS pretty, it’s weird. It’s like she came over. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “My ‘ugly’ office – phase one

  1. Am I really first? Yay! Jeez, when you said you were posting pics of an ugly and/or messy room, I was expecting something really bad! Yours was just a little disorganized, but what a great room! The windows, the ceiling, those French doors! I actually really like that IKEA desk; for a huge desk, its actually stylish and I best it is all kinds of functional. I only wish I had space enough for that kind of desktop.

    I canNOT wait to see how you and MMS swap identities. Its like Face/Off! This should be a lot of fun!

    Best to you,


  2. Donna,
    YAYYYY you go girl !!
    I totally agree with you
    that creative people
    have something torn up
    in quite a few places ~
    I was showing my disasterized
    closet on my blog and finished
    it and am moving on to the next
    disaster closet ~

    Have a great day !


  3. Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! That room is awesome and the light!!! God bless America…the light is fantastic!!!
    Can’t wait to see what tricks you have up your sleeve.

  4. Hahaha – I wrote my post before I read yours, but I posted one (possibly two, the 2nd one was an accident) blurry photo & made a comment about the room making me dizzy. Great minds think alike:) Can’t wait to stay motivated & see both of us make progress in our office/craft rooms.


  5. Aren’t you the big secret keeper! I feel so much better about my basement and garage now, whew. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, I know it will be amazing. Have fun.

  6. Thanks for being real about your house. I like everyone else; wish my house was always show room ready. I have a similar smaller scale messy office and it drives me crazy but seems like an impossible task. I think your current desk is HUGE and I agree it needs to go. I think it is taking up so much valuable space. Plus if you don’t have clutter on a desk how much space do you need?

  7. Love the toy truck.
    And, I’m still smiling at the half primed ceiling.
    Because I have one of my own!
    But, mine is…can I really admit this?
    15 years old.

    But, the good news is that in the past month we’ve been painting fiends. We’ve finished the pantry – I should post that one. We’ll be revealing our kitchen soon. And, other rooms are sure to follow.

    Thanks for being so real…and posting 🙂

  8. #8 banclothing, that desk IS indeed massive. But the office was designed to use the entire room for bookwork. And trust me, I messed up every square inch and then some. 🙂 It was wonderfully productive and I miss it already.

    But after one of my work computers bit the dust, I now have the opportunity to tighten things up. I so need a dedicated craft room like you have no idea! More than a big paperwork office for certain. 🙂


  9. I should add, I run a business, so one’s needs are abit different than simply paying a few bills at the end of the day. You need LOTS of space! Still scratching head on how I’ll pull it off with my redesign…


  10. I have so many need to do and half started projects it’s down right sad… but the one that bothers me the most, and is first on my I can do it myself list is: the bathroom…no sink for three years people omg Ihave an entire BR in boxes in my shed. I’m gonna gitter done and I’m giving myself 3 weeks…starting Monday.

  11. I struggle with mess and what I should put first; my creative projects or a clean house?

    But most importantly, WHERE did you find that wonderful little truck? Oh how I would love to have one!

  12. I also love the little truck with the business cards – such an adorable idea. The pine ceiling? WOW..that is complete character architecture! ALL super nice!! I think we would all agree…much rather have a sweet, cozy and creative home that is welcoming than a clean house with no personality : )

  13. I am dying to redo my office / studio too – this has inspired me! I have been putting it off because for the last year I’ve been saying, “Well, we’re going to move soon, so why bother!” But if I’d have just done it last year at this time, I’d be sitting in a pretty space right now instead of a yucky, junk-filled room.

  14. Bless you for writing a creative people don’t have clean homes!!! Every time I manage to get an area clean, I’m dragging out the next project. Your room has a lot of great light and windows–let’s see you rock it out! ..or would that be junk it out? Hugs & stay warm, Kim

  15. #19 Bcraftie, I don’t wish to keep the Ikea desk if I make these changes. I have a farm table that is achin’ to grab some of that prime real estate. 🙂

    #15 FinsFan, the truck is from a toy store a few years back. No wait… actually, I think Costco carried this line. I’d think any toystore would carry something similar. They’re pretty cool. 🙂


  16. OMYGOSH…this is such an awesome space, I don’t even SEE the clutter. It is gonna be soooo nice. The natural light…wonderful.

    I thought, yesterday, that you would reach your 4000 really soon. And…you did. Congrats!!

    I will just keep watching to see when you start your challenge. I have tried and tried to be FUNKY JUNKY like YOU but…I don’t know how.!!!\
    I’m working on it, tho.
    Tell me…what are you going to do with that olden, rusty bed frame in you back yard? I have one but I can’t even IMAGINE bringing it’s rusty self INSIDE..but, I WILL…just so I can PLAY with ya’ll on this challenge. :))))

  17. I was out antiquing today at some of my favorite spots to check on new stuff and there it was….a little white chevy truck sitting so pretty in someone’s booth. Oh….I thought of you funky junk today!! I opened its little doors and dreamed of having it for my own business cards too…..
    Take Care
    Mel’s Cabin

  18. Oh I can so relate to this. Last night I was taking pics for an upcoming post and I cannot even tell you how many times I shuffled junk and stacks of junk and laundry and shoes and snacks and this and that and my kids and dvds and…well you get the picture…actually.. no you won’t get that picture but you can imagine it! lol

  19. Wow! I’m a creative artist! And all this time I thought there was something wrong with me and my piles…!!!!

    OK, that space is gorgeous and I know you will make it even more gorgeous! Too bad about the temperature conditions! Maybe there’s some way to get around that. What’s beyond the doors? Can you have your office there? Just a thought!


  20. Hunny, that aint messy, you can STILL see the floor! LOL!!!

    Since DH is laid off, he’s been working on the long growing honey-do list lately & he added a functional cabinet door to access a dead space from a lower corner cabinet. And so it doesn’t look strange having 1 cabinet door, we attached 3 more along there to look like panels. 4 doors from Habitat Restore -$20! They matched perfectly.

    Wed. he converted an empty box above our stove into another cabinet to store my Christmas dinnerware in. Another Habitat door & hinges = more storage!

    Today, he replaced my old cooktop with a cool one that we found on Craigslist. Next, he’s cutting out a section of our brickwork in the kitchen to put in an old fireplace glass/iron door front that was removed by the previous owners. the hubs is making a recessed display cabinet for all my brown drip pfaltzgraf stoneware!

    I can’t WAIT to see what you end up doing in your room & the challenge sounds interesting. I’m new to your site, but been doing junk conversion for a little while & have been inspired by your blog!!

  21. What a great space Donna… love the ceiling… lol… that is one big desk… can you not just use a portion of it if it is too large for you?

    Can’t wait to see what your big plans are for it and with MMS swap. I am sure it will be magnificent as only you can do.

    Hugs, Deb

  22. I love this space and can’t believe you haven’t showed it to us before. All those windows and what a terrific view! The ceiling is my favorite part. Seeing it half done is pretty funny though. Do you remember why you stopped? lol! Any way to make the humongo desk smaller?

  23. Hi Donna!

    I love how you said creative people always have piles and projects everywhere. My hubby always asks me why there are hammers and stuff all over the house. I now have the answer 🙂 Ha! You’re office makeover is amazing! I love the ceilings! Oh, the things you could do on that desk. Looks great! Love your pup, too! He needs a little shout out 🙂

    Happy GD! xo

  24. That room has some serious good bones. Love the doors, the windows and the space. Dream office in the making. And I think no matter what that desk has to go, it is so not a Donna worthy desk.
    Can’t wait to see how it will look after you have waved your magic wand.
    BTW followed your advice and emptied out the closet, knee deep in kitchen stuff now and scratching my head on what the next step should be 🙂

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