New junk shopping, a prettier house, and Sandy makes a sign

honeysuckle branches in a galvanized bucket on a dresser /
“Wait, stop! Don’t come!”

I can’t quite remember if that’s exactly what I said when Sandy called and wanted to come for a visit, but it was pretty close. 🙂

But all for a great reason! Sandy is a long time reader of my blog, and was coming through on a trip, and wanted to peek in at the house.

How fun! But I’ll admit, I quickly calculated how hard I’d be cleaning the house before her arrival.

“But don’t straighten up” were her famous last words. Sorry girl, I would have scared you into the next province if I hadn’t. 

So I put the DIY down for a WEEK and just cleaned. Boy, that felt good!

Old signs coat hook wall art /
I did a few new revamps, such as the coat hook wall signs HERE.

shutter shelf with hanging mason jar filled with yellow flowers /
Books on a reclaimed wood shelf - by Mari Kondo and Denise Voccola /
I also hung a mason jar from the shutter shelf in the bathroom, along with a few colourful books.

Reclaimed wood LOVE rope sign mounted to an old gate headboard /
messy bed making with lacy sheets /
And I even made my bed! 🙂 (find the rope sign tutorial HERE)

Well… kinda. I rumpled up a fresh, clean lacy sheet over top of the quilt to hide the cat hair, and it was ready for show and tell.

So when we were finally planning to hook up, she texted me. Once I knew her area, she just HAD to make a pit stop before coming over.

“You are right near Granny and Grumpa’s. It’s a MUST stop! I’ll meet you there!”

Ohhhhh it’s been awhile! I’ve actually been on such a cleaning spree, I haven’t even thought of hauling more new old junk home.

But this called for a celebration. Junk lovin’ gals have to connect and do the thing they do best… 

So we met up for a very quick tour. So quick, that I didn’t have time to take pictures!

barnwood weathered old crates from Granny and Grumpa's during junk shopping /
As luck would have it, I found these cool square crates! I really like how they were framed out.

rusty propellers from Granny and Grumpa's during junk shopping /
And these nifty propellors!

I have a real plane propellor hanging on a wall, but felt it looked a little lonely. I think a wall gallery of propellers would be cool!

Sort of like the grouping you see in THIS post of Mission Springs Pub.

wagon wheel centre with heavy rope from Granny and Grumpa's Antiques /
Even Sandy and Colin landed a beauty of a find!

This wagon wheel centre, complete with rope was begging to be an outdoor lantern.

If they hadn’t got it, I sure would have!

wagon wheel centre with heavy rope from Granny and Grumpa's Antiques /
I can’t wait to see what you do with this, you guys!

My brother gave me one a while back, and I made it into this funnel junk lamp HERE.

But what surprised me most about our visit is the gifts that Sandy and Colin brought, especially with me in mind!

And you KNOW they were good and junky.

A gifted bear trap /
A gifted bear trap /
A bear trap?! A broken bear trap… so it’s all good.

How fun!  I’m just gonna keep looking at it until something cool comes to mind. Any ideas? Maybe to hang a hanging flower basket outdoors?

Junky propellers as a gift and from Granny and Grumpa's Antiques in Abbotsford /
They also brought along that upper right fan blade. Talk about luck! How cool will that be with my other blades?!

Rusty junk gift for garden art /
And none of us had any idea what this rusty trinket was, but I was honoured all the same, to accept such a prestigious chunka rust!

They know me so well… *sniff*

I think it’s a great garden art piece. I’ve been gravitating towards more metal vs wood in the garden, so it just gracefully gets rustier with time, vs rotting.

We also stopped for a lovely lunch, on them. I was one spoiled girl.

But there’s one more thing that must transpire when you visit me. You can’t leave without making something.

How to stencil on an old board to make a vintage sign with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Since Sandy had never stencilled before, I felt she was long overdue for a stencil lesson

Yep, I make my guests make their own gifts. 🙂

Farmer's Market vintage sign with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Well wouldja look at that! Sharp lines first try! Gorgeous job, Sandy! 

You can find the Farmer’s Market and other stencils HERE.

Sandy’s a little camera shy, so she allowed this shot. Crazy, cute girl. Thank you, I’ll take it!

Well, that was just the best day ever! Friends connecting, junkin’, a fab lunch, and gifts!

PLUS I got a clean house out of the deal…

What more could a junker possibly ask for?

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15 thoughts on “New junk shopping, a prettier house, and Sandy makes a sign

  1. how much fun that you met a long time reader! I still need to buy one of those brushes for your stencils!

    congrats on the clean house…your bed cover looks cozy.

    my folks are coming from a place close to you…Vancouver Island! So today it is an organizing day…my garage & half built barn…yikes! Oh and a whole section behind the barn…double yikes!

    project day as well…just bought the flower market stencil & I have several pieces waiting in line!

  2. Sounds like fun! It’s great when friends with similar “loves” can get together and have fun! Love all the propellers! karen….

  3. Hi, where can I find the stencil brush you use. I bought on at Walmart and careful as I was not to overload my brush, the edges of my Letters look blurry, not crisp! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Dorothy! I’ve had some luck at Michaels, but try for a good quality, slightly soft if you can.

      The trick is to make sure the brush is dry to the point of maybe being too dry, in order to achieve sharp lines. Just try less paint. You have to work harder for the sharp images, but it’s worth it! 🙂

  4. Hi Donna,

    What fun you had when your friends showed up. Love all the stuff they brought you. Also, checked with hubby and he agrees with Teresa that it is an old forge blower. Enjoy your day!

  5. Thank YOU Donna for a wonderful visit, we enjoyed ourselves so much and if time was not a factor, Granny and Grumpa would have had to ask me to leave at closing time. I’m coming back, but this time with the truck! Thank you for the sign, it’s up in my kitchen. Your home is so wonderful, thank you for the tour. See you in my future travels.

  6. How well your readers know you Donna! I really liked your gifts you received. Oh, it would be so cool to tour your home. How wonderful Sandy could. What a treat to personally connect. Have a wonderful day!

  7. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Wooden Wheel parts. I have 4 that are only about 6 inches tall and am looking for ideas

  8. If I was going to be anywhere close to a junk store had never been to, would have to go that store. Wasn’t it nice you and Sandy could get to see each other there first? How nice to meet each other also.
    Now that’s what I’d call successful visit. Sandy could have great visit and snag some great “junk” at same time? Looks like fun getting to stencil on that awesome old piece of lumber.
    When hubs was still trucking I used to go with him often for weeks at a time. I’d see sign for antique store or craft store and would be asking to stop. Of course couldn’t always stop due to schedule but he would when he could. Was like heaven to me. Being able to see and maybe buy something wouldn’t get to if hadn’t been with him. Boy do I ever miss getting to go trucking, hubs retired from it in April/2004. He used to go all over US and some of Canada.
    Have awesome week Donna

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