A new paint station area for Heap of Change

Paint brush mason jar organizing / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
My friends, I have been BUSY!

But, first things first…
Heap of Change Challenge on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Welcome to the offcial Heap of Change post! The place where you get to see what I’ve been up to, we get to see what you’ve been up to, and what 4 other junkers have been up to!


Heap of Change junker coaches
That’s right! We have some fabulous junker coaches on board that will help encourage you to stay on task, while I make’m sweat too. (evil grin…)

So first, up, here’s what I got done…

Part 1 – before

Part 2 – how I organized first

And here’s Part 3… ready for a big shock? 

Heap of Shame Challenge-7915
Visit the full BEFORE HERE.

Bright white space! / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Even I just said, “Oh my word…” 🙂

Welcome to my new paint station! I’m all ready to move in!

Heap of Change-7968
The trouble started when I was trying to clean the photo studio (beyond the french doors), but I had no where to put my paints. So I walked into this junk area and knew I had to work on two rooms at the same time. It is what it is.

The crappy plastic tables were collapsed and tossed on the curb (and gone in minutes!), and the gutting began.

Heap of Change-7970
The walls got a fresh coat of white straight out of the can. It was imperative that this little cave like area was as light and bright as it could possibly be, so white it is.

I use Cloverdale Paint Kitchen and Bath (in Canada), eggshell white, with two drops of white added to the mix, thanks to the advice of Makely Home HERE.

And then there’s those dreaded filing cabinets. Can’t stand them! I boxed up the contents and sent them to the curb too.

I just need a system I can move around when desired, and something more to my style. Maybe custom crates on wheels? Just know, I’m brainstorming.

painting station
I really had my work cut out for me though. This curb side found table (read the story HERE) has been sitting in front of my house for MONTHS. It looked like this just yesterday. But no more!

White painted work table / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I filled in the gaping holes with drywall repair (I’m sure that isn’t the right thing to do but I was in a rush 🙂 ), then primed it with spray Kilz primer (to hide all the felt pen marks), then coated it with a semi gloss trim paint. I wanted complete washability from the get go.

Sorry, no pics of the process. It was at night.

The paint hasn’t cured yet, so the table edges will be lightly distressed once that transpires.

Heap of Shame Challenge-7916
White walls / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

painting station-001
Don’t you love befores and afters like this? They make all this look so easy… 🙂

Getting set up / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
And here’s a glimpse of me moving in, so you can see the direction I’m taking. Repurposed storage galore, including my shutter toolbox, and mason jar filled toolbox, and will of course hang up signs I created with my stencil line.

Wood accents with white / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
I love woodsy textures and tones with bright white! Colour will really pop in this area.

Funky Junk's stencil collection Down on the Farm / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Ack! My toys are waiting for me! 🙂

I haven’t even shown you the cool features that are being incorporated into the stencils! I’m so far behind. But now you can see why. This area really needed to happen. More info on this coming soon!

Shop for any of these stencils HERE

Woodsy accents / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
So if you wish to see the area all finished and set up, you’ll need to check back.

As soon as all the paint is dry that is… 😀

I truly love kick butt deadlines like this, because they activate action! And I hope those of you that are joining us today feel the same way.

What do you think of the result? Are you as astonished as I am?

But we are far from done here…

Heap of Change - See Ours!.42 PMOur coaches are going to show you what they’ve done!


Beyond the Picket Fence – Spare bedroom cleanup with a junky suitcase wall


Songbird – how to create white bright attic storage without wasting an inch!

Breida with a B

Breida with a B – What’s hiding behind those doors? A clever pantry shelf liner idea, that’s what! (no longer online)

Knick of Time

Knick of Time – the cutest vintage jar storage (and printable labels!) around!

And now it’s YOUR turn!

Non bloggers! 

Share your photos on my Facebook page HERE. You may even get featured on the blog, so make sure you check back. 🙂


Link up your blog posts below! I can’t wait too cheer you on and feature / pin some highlights!

And everyone? Be sure to stop back in every Thursday with a new space to see and share with us once again. 🙂

What do you think of the challenge? Are you inspired to join us?


See just the Heap of Change events to date HERE.

And all 2015 organizing posts HERE.

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25 thoughts on “A new paint station area for Heap of Change

    • Haha! You don’t have to show anything you don’t wish to, Meg! I did it to help entice change. If it entices to you tackle that space, my embarrassing mess was totally worth it! I hope you join us next week! Go go go! Even a small update is very welcome for our challenge! Small changes create big ones. 🙂

  1. wow! I always assume a white room would be so cold and impractical (and I’m surprised they are all the rage right now on design blogs) but your room looks so inviting and bright! Maybe it’s the colour you used? Anyway, it looks great!

    One thing I would do? I’d paint the French doors in MMS Milk Paint some awesome colour, like red or turquoise or that beautiful luckets green… then I think I could live with white!

    Ps. Love that super high, super simple baseboards in that room… Did you install it?

    • Hi Erica!

      I know exactly what you mean about the white! I expected it to be cold too but it isn’t. This mix of white doesn’t appear to have blue undertones in it even though it’s straight out of the can. It’s just a very clean, crisp white without the jolt! I think adding the extra white drops into the white paint warms things up too. The blog post link to Makely explains that one.

      That base board thing whatever it is was already there, it’s just a big chunka wall hiding something I guess! The table hides it anyway. 🙂 But now that you mention it, it’s kinda neat to look at! 🙂 I did add the additional board on top of the bottom chunk (when we first moved in ) so it was a little more decorative. I forgot about that!

      I also thought of colouring up the french doors, still thinking about that! I secretly wish they were old wooden french doors. (I’m such an old wood freak) But I’m thinking once everything is back in the room, there will already be lots to look at. The space will still store stuff on the other side of the room so it’ll have a junk gallery feel of sorts.

      Thanks for your idea!

  2. Wow! What a transformation!! It looks great! I am loving this challenge. I’m more just cleaning out and getting rid of stuff, but you are really doing it all. Thanks for hosting!!!

  3. Wow what a space.
    Your home must be huge if this is only a walkway/hallway.

    And great thinking on painting that table white! As it will be your painting station it will look lovely junk style in no time 😉

  4. I am jealous. I would love a room like that. The french doors just add something special too it. Are you going to be selling your Maui Coffee stencil? I loved it.

    • Erin… you are gooood! 🙂 I had a coffee series fired up with that design included! I think what I might do next round is design a few, then get a vote on them as to which ones are the most interesting… and I will include the one you like!

      Have you signed up for the old signs newsletter? Please do if not! That way you can help vote! I’ll do a blog post about it soon, stay tuned! (you can click the stencil ad in my sidebar to find the link)

  5. Hi Donna, You are a great motivator, got my first Heap of Change finished. Lots of work, productive. Your paint room is so fresh and crisp and just waiting for you to get to work. Looking forward to next Thursday to see what you (and everyone) worked on and also to see how far I get on my next Heap of Change room. Thank you for thinking this one up.

    • Joy, your room was AMAZING! Over the top. You really went for it and I couldn’t be happier for you on the outcome!

      Thanks for being such a wonderful cheerleader for the rest of those that linked up too! I always appreciate your visits and comments here! 🙂

  6. Wow! Have you been working!!!! I am further inspired to keep at my project in the bedroom/office. So far I have just cleaned and reorganized the storage areas along two walls, the closet that houses office, craft, and camera supplies. Not an inch is wasted. Now I am working on a large table in front of the 3 south windows which has been loaded with everything under the sun. Sorting, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming. It all takes far more time
    than imagined, but so worth it. I don’t have the energy, time or finances to completely rearrange and paint, but am happy to have things more orderly and useful again. Later, as this and other rooms are completed, I will go back and go through files and boxes. For now, the visual peace means more than anything.
    Thanks, Donna, for all the encouragement and for letting us see that that even you have to get brutal and purge things from time to time.
    Looking forward to your next post!

  7. WOW!!! That is an astonishing and inspiring transformation, Donna…and look at all of that space now…I just know you’ll put it into good use! You are going to be an impossible act to follow, though, girl! 🙂

  8. I LOVE what you’ve done with your paint station so far!!! Wow you really did some major moving and purging! Once you get it all finished there will be no stopping you with the creativity! I really love all of your repurposed objects, they just amaze me! Thank you so much for the challenge, it’s got me going full speed ahead!

  9. You amaze me girl, just digging in and going with it. I always found that when I had too much clutter, my creativity was bogged up as well. There is no telling what kind of stuff you are going to create when you get it all decluttered. Keep on, you are doing splendidly. And thanks for the breakdown of survey yesterday, love to see how I’m thinking compared with others, and I really am surprised that you thought we were all bloggers, no, we just lap up all the ideas you guys write about.

  10. I think I could move in! The white looks fab, and that table- Wow. Soooo excited to see how you fill it in! I just went back and read your challenge…no blog post to link up yet, but my hall closet was my first space to tackle, and boy does it feel good, even if the rest of the house is suffering for it. 🙂 One space started…all the rest to go…lol!

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