New Upcycled Projects to Make 586

New Upcycled Projects to Make 586 - Crate totes, glasses picture frames, fairy playground chair, insulator planter, plus! New repurposed projects with full tutorials! Click to visit all!


New Upcycled Projects to Make 586


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Happy Friday!

Ever feel guilty for wanting to take time off?

I was wondering how I’d ever completely let go of the reins to just CHILL. I thought booking in a lake front cottage at the end of the month would do it, but with our wildfire season in full force, I’m not sure that is going to happen.

And then one answer came that made me halt in my tracks. I got injured by another biker on the trails on Sunday… and haven’t worked since. I’ll be ok. But at my age you feel it!

Not quite the time off I had in mind! But I will say this. I didn’t feel guilt for not working for the first time in a LONG time. I got in true lazy bones mode, and even ordered an inflatable hot tub to make the most out of my stay-at-home vacay! It hasn’t arrived yet but will soon… how fun is that?!

I also landed a used Weber grill for a really good price, so grilling on the patio has been fun! It’s been a few years…

So maybe this summer was meant to make my own home my very own air bnb… but if I end up going anywhere, you’ll be the 2nd to know…

Are you taking official time off this summer or staying put?

Thanks once again for tuning in! 

Here’s some amazing features from last week’s link party highlights…

New Upcycled Projects to Make 586 features:


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Vintage crate totes by Lora B, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Vintage crate totes by Lora B

Vintage crates are so special on their own. But revamped into orchard-themed totes?! Oh my gosh. I’m going to pull a couple out of my stash myself and get busy!

Fairy playground in a chair by A Crafty Mix, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Fairy playground in a chair by A Crafty Mix

There’s no way in the world you will ever appreciate this post without a click to visit. What you can’t see in this charming fairy playground is the tire swing, teeter totter, slide, and so much more! Darling!

Eyeglass picture frames by Elsa R Blog, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Eyeglass picture frames by Elsa R Blog

If you’re hanging onto some special eye glasses, flipping them into keepsake picture frames sure elevates that special factor! Isn’t this so clever? Visit the post to learn all the details!

Mid-century modern coffee table by Little Vintage Cottage, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Mid-century modern coffee table by Little Vintage Cottage

This adorable coffee table did NOT look like this when first found! But with some clever additions, this is the gorgeous result! Click the link to see what that pretty top is made from!

Insulator succulent planter by Organized Clutter, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Insulator succulent planter by Organized Clutter

A stake planter combined with an antique insulator became the coolest succulent planter EVER! Love the industrial look! Be sure to visit the post link to see this entire flower bed area… it’s phenomenal!

Hanging wall shelves by Homeroad, featured on New Upcycled Projects to Make 586!

Hanging wall shelves by Homeroad

You won’t even believe what this cute shelf is made from… what a cool idea and so functional with that added deep shelf on the bottom! Love the crisp black and white! Click the post to visit this mysterious object!

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10 thoughts on “New Upcycled Projects to Make 586

  1. Hi Donna, I’m so sorry to hear you got hurt. If it was bad enough to take some time off, then it was pretty bad… I hope you are doing ok.

    Thank you so much for featuring my MCM coffee table!

    Little Vintage Cottage

  2. It’s funny how life intervenes and dictates our plans. I hope you’re healing and enjoying the down time as much as you can. You’re going to love the hot tub! I had all kinds of junkin plans for this summer, but then I got a jury notice in the mail for the end of July and then a very dear friend of mine just lost her sister. My friend & her remaining sibling both live out of state, so I have been helping them empty out their sisters townhouse. What a job, its making me rethink my semi-hoarding ways 🙂

  3. I’m sorry to hear you got hurt, Donna, and glad it wasn’t anything too serious. Enjoy your new hot tub and time off! Hubby took last week off so we could enjoy a staycation. I ended up working more than not. I find it so hard to discipline myself when working from home. Next time, we’re going somewhere!

  4. Thanks for featuring my vintage crate totes, Donna! They were a fun project & excited to use them all through the year. Glad you’re intent on relaxing a bit. We’re going to take a couple days & go exploring, too; looking forward to the change of pace.

  5. Hey Donna, sorry to hear of the injury, but a blessing in disguise, huh! I hope the wild fires are no where near you. I have heard that parts of Canada is experiencing wicked hot temps. Stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy your break, tongue in cheek! I am looking forward to reading all the party entries.

  6. So sorry to hear about your biking accident!! Hope you are healing quickly. Aside from that bad news, I wanted to say your posts delight me to no end! You go ahead and “lazy- bone” to your hearts content. You’re worth it!! And what a great notion – to make your sanctuary into your very own Airbnb getaway experience. Interesting- you are the third person I have heard of recently ordering an inflatable hot tub, although the idea of getting in hot water right now in South Florida is absolutely unimaginable – especially with my a/c struggling. 🙁
    Thank you for your wit and creativity. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog and seeing your projects.

  7. So sorry to hear you had an accident, Donna. I do hope you’re recovering okay? That inflatable hot tub will definitely help soothe any lingering aches and bruises. In the meantime enjoy your downtime, hopefully with a snuggly purr baby by your side.

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