One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!

My front entry table was looking ‘tired’. I could either choose to tidy it up some, or start over. But…. I don’t know. I was ready to shake things up a little. You know how it doesn’t really matter how nice something is, it just feels old when it’s been around too long? That.

So I collapsed the vintage ironing board entry table, and started over.

I didn’t have a clue what I’d use though! I honestly did not have one piece of real furniture to substitute. And I didn’t feel like building anything on short notice.

So I literally dragged a whole pile of crap into the front, and just started layering and stacking and playing (and laughing). 

One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!  A layering of all kinds of junk via

 And I ended up with one gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!

Oh goodness… where do I even start. πŸ™‚

Lots of layers of random stuff, such as pallet wood, a trunk top, an old table top, and a chunk of my previous bedroom nightstand.

Blue hydrangeas with a change tray / One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!  via
But don’t let this little pile of junk fool you! It’s very productive.

The silver platter is totally perfect for throwing down loose change and mail. 

The blue hydrangeas are from my front yard. What a shot of colour!

Wooden barrel storage / One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!  via

There’s even a barrel inside the pallet wood framework, that can hold the season’s hottest thing.

I couldn’t find my gardening gloves and flip flops and sunscreen, but that’s exactly what ‘should’ be in there instead of mittens and scarves. I’ll get right on that…

Barn wood table top / One gutsy front entry table from who knows what! via

This little barn wood styled table top gets around! I’ve used it so many times over. You’ve seen it on my patio and as a bedtray in what I deemed my ‘white trash bedroom‘ back in the day.

One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!  via
Yep, It’s pretty gutsy.  But I didn’t lift a drill or saw to create it either. What would you expect?! πŸ˜€

I nearly didn’t show you, but then I figured, eh, why not? There’s nothing wrong with just playing around with a bunch of old stuff you have to see if you can make new stuff out of it. It’s free, and it’s fun!

While it may not win any refined furniture award, it would probably win a Most Gutsy From Nothin’ one.

That’s worth something, right?! πŸ™‚

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33 thoughts on “One gutsy junk style entry table made from who knows what!

  1. I actually like it! My question would be one of practicality with every day use and I need an honest answer, please. It’s obvious that you know very well how to style and stage vignettes so that they look pleasing to the eye, but as you and other bloggers that I follow have confessed, things don’t look like the picture every day. If I put up something like this, but then used it every day as my entry table, let’s say for keys, a purse, kid things, etc., it would look far “junkier” than if I left it alone and did not use it at all. But if I didn’t use it then it would have no practical use in my home and would be wasted space! Do you understand the dilemma? Can you discuss how much of your home is for the “decor” aspect only and how much is for the “every day world” and how to keep it all balanced?

    • Such a great question, Stephanie!

      I personally stage very little for just for the camera. Naturally, if I put more letters in the tray and there is more than one coat on the chair, it would look messier. But I attempt to put enough in the pictures to show how it can and will be used in the ‘neater stage’. Think of it as if company coming to visit… we’d straighten up. I do that for the camera.

      The one exception I make is, if there are some strange empty visual holes in the picture, I may push something a little to the side for a better shot. But that object generally remains in that same space in real life.

      My suggestion to you is to just try an arrangement. And if it doesn’t work out, it’s easy enough to take apart and put back what you had. But the key point here, is attempting something new. It really freshens up spaces and makes YOU feel like you have something new again. Never be afraid to play. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks so much for your reply, and for your encouragement! I love your site because I am not a “formal” type of person (and don’t have a “formal” type family)and don’t like decor that looks like a museum or hotel room. My home is lived in and you give me so much inspiration of different ways that I can arrange things to make it less of a “clutter” and more of a “collection” of our personalities. Thanks again and keep doing what you do! πŸ™‚

        • Stephanie, your comment brings me relief! πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that hodge podge collection was a little inspiring. I too live a very casual life and all that junk certainly is a reflection of that…

  2. Looks good to me. You gave me an idea to construct something on that order to place my vintage cameras when I’m not transporting them. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration.

  3. I love it. It is so you. You remind me of the Junk Gypsies. There is nothing wrong with making something out of practically nothing.
    Have a great 4th,

  4. Hi Donna; Love it. I seen your purse hanging there and thought you could mount hooks to the side for bags, dog leash, keys etc. Have an amazing day.

  5. Donna, you crack me up! I love your creations out of nothing! I also have ReAl hydrangeas envy! They really are beautiful !
    Smiles, Alice

  6. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m looking for a good nail gun to create things exactly like your table – and I don’t have a clue what type would work best for small projects like this. What kind do you have? My husband can get it for me for our anniversary – the perfect gift! Thanks, Donna.

  7. From your description that it was weird I was afraid to look! Nothing weird about that table to me, I love it. Maybe that makes me weird though?

  8. Very, very nice. You’re right about things looking good but ever once in awhile we just need a little “umph” to make it shine again. You did very well.

  9. Love it! Looks usable and conversational too!!
    You have such a way to make it look and appear easy. Thanks
    It is the “gutsy” for sure that we all need to practice and enjoy.

    • Thanks Susan! I have a feeling if we went junkin’ to the same place, we’d be fighting over every relic… I hope we have a chance for that kinda fight one day. πŸ˜€

    • Ohhh now that took some elbow grease! But it’s all do-able stuff. I’d love to do the rest of my house in that style! One day… maybe we should have a race… πŸ˜€

  10. Super duper welcoming entry. I love the unplanned, just-kind-of-happened look, like the chair for draping summer jackets and the barrel for tucking away bug spray or garden gloves. Those blue hydrangeas are to die for, on top of it all!!

  11. Gutsy and beautiful… Sounds like the makings of a great movie star… Giggle
    Thank you for ALL you do to inspire and bring joy. You are truly appreciated…

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