Our new macbook pro – a review

I have a long and sordid story to tell about all the troubles we’ve had with crappy computer components. But I’ll save you 20 years worth of grief and just speed up to yesterday’s exciting instalment.

I went to work yesterday, bringing my son along as school is out. (YES!) We packed up the ‘ol laptop and some movies so he could sit in the lunchroom while I wallpapered yet another firetruck.

But… troubles galore hit us from all directions.

I brought the wrong laptop. Oh yes. We have TWO crappy loaners to choose from. One runs at 60% capacity and I grabbed the one at 3%.

I brought the wrong cord. We have a few of those as well. Mix and match you know.

So we borrowed a cord. Strobe light type of connect but if you held it just right…

Ahhhh. Of course. Crappy 3% laptop  doesn’t accept dvd movies. Riiiiiight…..

I looked around the extreme mess we’d made of the lunchroom with our jury rigged system and before I mustered a temper tantrum, I simply and calmly resolved to be


I announced to my son we were heading to the Mac store  for a new laptop. NOW.

Ever make a very big decision in 30 minutes flat from start to finish? That’s so not me but it was yesterday.  I basically blew in those doors with my debit card ready to burst into flames. My firetruck was waiting and my boy needed his movies!

We ended up choosing a new 13″ MacBook Pro. My intent was to get a $500 refurbished variety. Until I saw the new screens.

Don’t even THINK about old technology! Go for the LED screen.

Plan B was officially in full effect and this laptop became MUCH more than just a means to entertain a 12 yr old.

This thing is itty bitty to me. At a whoppin’ 13″, it’s pretty compact. I REALLY wanted the 15″ screen but I also had to accept some reality. Price AND portability. This thing was a lot more compact to cart around. And that’s the whole point this round.

(truth be told? The 15″ in my price range was sold out.. )

No matter. This will also be my new Starbucks laptop. 🙂 For now. Until, you know, I can spring for that 15″ screen for myself and all…

Gotta tell ya, I really hate laptops because of their keyboards. I always use to bring a full size honkin’ keyboard with me when using the others. Not cool.

Until my fingers landed on this one.

The keys ‘feel’ rubbery to the touch and grab your fingers. LOVE them. They also have tiny led lights under them so you can see at night. It’s pretty cool. 🙂

Our new macbook pro - a review

Got a mouse too. The cord is on the short side for right handers though, so not sure what’s up with that. I like the cordless varieties but dislike worrying about changing batteries on the road. We went easy this round.

Easy to buy and quality all the way

What I really like about buying from Mac is the fact that your options are bundled and limited. You decide what you need, then decide if the price is ok for your budget. If not, there are others to choose from.  But you KNOW everything is top of the line no matter what you choose. And that makes me hand over my money in comfort.

I’m also a Mac fan because of how easy they are to navigate. I have to know too much with PC’s. I don’t want to know lots. I just want to punch typing keys, load my pics and have fun, ya know?

We did not go with all the bells and whistles because my son may need a laptop for school next year. I decided on this purchase with that in mind. Maybe by that time I can have my own…

My boy thoroughly enjoyed his new movie experience! The screen clarity is like looking outside. I liken it to HD TV. Crystal sharp and clear. I beg you to go check out what I’m talking about next time you’re in the market for a computer/laptop. Because I want any blogger that messes with photos to see what I’m talking about.

This thing will also be so fun to take camping with us. 🙂

The next recycle depot run will make me smile from ear to ear. And I’ll make sure we make a stop at Starbucks with the new laptop to celebrate it all. 🙂

I’m pretty frugal. But one thing I won’t be frugal about is good money well spent. Whether it be PC or Mac will be your call to make. Stay current and you’ll love blogging all the more.

(Mac doesn’t know who I am or what I did. I bought this baby with my own money.)

What’s your last heat of the moment purchase?


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37 thoughts on “Our new macbook pro – a review

  1. Sweet, mama! My last spur of the moment purchase was a Frappe machine from Costco. It’s packed up in its box…and heading BACK to Costco, unlike, my 13″ MacBook Pro…which I love. I’m happy to hear that you love yours too!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. I did the same thing! I was about to throw my laptop out the WINDOW so I went to Apple and splurged on a big 27 inch iMac. No regrets. Not even when I saw my credit card bill. Things are so EASY now…

  3. Tara Lauren, I did the same thing. I love the laptop but I love my 27″ even more! And they’re cheaper than a laptop too. 🙂

    Bloggers, don’t even THINK about blogging mainly from a laptop. Go get a 27″ big honkin’ thing. And if you don’t wana be a guru, go mac. They are meant for ‘dummies’ just like me. 🙂


  4. Enjoy! We love our Macs. I just got an iPad for my birthday. Working on setting it up to blog on. I did buy the external keyboard 😉

    Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl)

  5. Oh how lovely!! We are MAC people through and through. From my husband’s recording studio to iphones, etc., it doesn’t get any better. Plus they are so easy to operate.

  6. MacPro does all the work for me – blogging, photos, writing, accounting, emailing, entertainment. Love that I can quickly put it away, carry it around. I use a wired mouse too. I have been an apple/mac user since they were invented 1982ish. I do have a desktop iMac but get bumped off a lot by DH, DGS so I made the laptop my main machine.
    – Joy

  7. My husband bought the 13″ Macbook to take to work with him, he’s a pilot and they travel as light as possible! We have iphones, but this was the first Mac computer purchase, now I just have to wait until my laptop and the desktop die so we can replace those with Mac’s. I haven’t gotten to use his laptop yet (he’s had it for months!)he just shows me things on it to make me drool, but won’t let me play. I am known to be hard on things (2 shattered iphone screens, numerous dents in the van) but I’m sure it’s just because I use them a whole lot more than he does, not because I’m klutzy or anything!

  8. I love my fairly new Mac laptop but I’m sure I’d love it even more with the new screen! I thought, “How can the clarity get any more amazing on a Mac?” Leave it to Mac to make it so. Enjoy! Question: Is there a benefit to using a wired mouse versus the touch pad (besides being easier)? If so, maybe I should get one as my lappy is my only computer and I do EVERYTHING on it.

  9. Donna you sound like a woman on a mission. I’m sure you did the right thing just ask your son.
    LOL. The last spur of the moment purchase was
    4 lawn chairs for my camper that was 50% off at Target. I’m not real computer savvy but I will check out the Mac laptops when I get a chance.
    Thanks for sharing so I am enlighten a little.

  10. Freckled Laundry Jaime, the wired mouse is just my preference. I actually don’t even LIKE laptops because of their touchpads and keyboards. Barbie doll sized components for full sized fingers slow me down. But it’s the price you pay if you wish to take things on the road.

    And that’s the only reason I’d even own a laptop. Portability to run out the door with it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t own one. They’re more expensive than the big guns that stay put!


  11. Donna—My MAC is so much smarter than me, and I thank my lucky stars every day it is, tottaly, smarter than me. Does most of my thinkin’ and I bow down to it’s smartness. My fourth child, right after my two biological kids, my pup Bruno, then MAC.

  12. Congratulations, are you a 100% Mac family now? Not yet? Apple takes back components in exchange for coupons on new purchases, so you don’t have to worry about recycling. You should teach the kid how to help you in your business so you can get done faster. I just got an Ipad so I can use it on long trips in the car and when I visit my mother in Florida. The Mac Air just seemed so heavy. Ann

  13. my last impulse purchase was the act one you just made! I swept in there like a mad women needing a new computer! Best impulse purchase I have ever made!

  14. One day this will be my testimony too and I can hardly wait for that day to come. I didn’t realize how wonderful Macs were until my son got one for college. I swear I think the thing could take us on a trip to the moon if we wanted it to. I’ve played around a bit on his and my dad’s and there is just no comparison between them and my PCs.

    This statement of yours is exactly me: “I don’t want to know lots. I just want to punch typing keys, load my pics and have fun, ya know?”

    I’ve had to learn way too much with PCs, stuff I don’t even care to know. I just want to type and work on my blog and stuff. I don’t want a course in technology!

    Enjoy your Mac and I’m so proud of you for making that split second decision!

  15. You are so lucky to be able to just go to the store and get a new computer! It would be so nice to do that. I can’t even comprehend it. My last splurge was for gas money! But, we are where we are and I can’t complain.

  16. Good for you! I just got a new computer less than a year ago…my first laptop. I am very happy with it but when I went shopping for a Mac for my grandson for college, I said my turn next time. They really are beautiful!

    My last spur of the moment, was my fairy tale shed…now called the Chicken Mansion! I haven’t been so delighted in ages…yes, I am easy to please! ha!

    Next time…that pretty silver apple is mine!

  17. I got my MacBook Pro last year and LOVE it!!! I love everything about it. I don’t use a mouse, just the touch pad. Did I mention that I LOVE it?! Next time you buy one, try to do it around back to school time and say it is for your son and they may apply an educational discount. You can only get one per discount purchase per year but who can afford to buy several macs in a year? I used the educational discount last August and got my laptop, printer and they through in an iPod all a bit less than just the price of the laptop. Enjoy it! The battery lasts all day!

  18. Good for you! I keep imagining myself doing something like that but decision making of any kind is a slooooow process for me (i don’t advise accompanying me to a 31 Flavors Ice Cream Store). I’m very happy your so pleased with your purchase and you totally deserve a great comuter!

  19. #19 Anon, I know where you’re coming from. There’s a very good reason I suffered for years with hand me down computer pieces. I didn’t have the money for better.

    As it was, I hadn’t been paid in three months. (self employed) I got paid the day I got the laptop. 3 months worth! It was now or never, lemme tell ya.

    Your turn will come if you work towards it!


  20. Hi Donna,
    I have the Mac book pro too! I bought mine in December… just walked into the Best Buy store and bought it…18 months no interest and it was mine!
    Across the top of mine I decorated it to say “Dream”. Only problem is I hardly ever put it down!
    Enjoy your new mac!

  21. Good for you!! We all deserve a treat now and then. I just hit “send” on my new Pottery Barn duvet cover. I can’t say it has been a spur of the moment decision, but after two weeks of on line shopping, and getting my swatch today… I had to do it. Same bedding and bedroom for 11 years ( since my divorce!) and it is THYME for a new look!! Will post pics when it all arrives!!

  22. Ok, I am psyched you posted on this. I was just tellin’ you I was going to get a mac and hubs an ipad. he wants a small portable, but I think what you got might be a better fit for him!! Now I am going to go read all comments carefully. Happy to read this Donna thx!

  23. Sounds like you made the right decision. Glad your son got to see his movies! That definitely would have sucked!!
    We purchased a new car rather quickly…needed one…went to Toyota and spied the Highlander…got in…started it up…this is the one I said. 20 minutes!! Ha!!

  24. The screen on these babies (I’m typing on the same as yours right now) is fantastic!

    I love a desktop. They are so much faster and I have a flippin’ awesome desktop my sweet hubby built for me. But I had to get a laptop when we moved to China and now I can hardly stand to work at my desktop because of the “blurry” monitor!

  25. A few weeks ago my toddler dumped an entire bowl of cereal on my old crappy dell. I upgraded to a mac book pro and my credit card burst into flames too…haha! Love everything, except I miss Windows Live Writer for blogging!

  26. Donna my hubby just brought home the same exact laptop, 13″ MacPro and I’ve been in heaven the last 2 days. I will concur with your post whole heartedly to the point that I couldn’t even load your blog on our old computer – it would make it freeze up! but now with the Mac I’m back seeing Funky Junk. Love my Mac and love Funky Junk.

  27. We love apple!! We have a lap top and desk top…..LOVE them both! We now have the ipad on our wish list…they look like so much fun! Congrats on the new purchase….the more you use it the more you will love it!

  28. I started writing my blog from an IPad but it wouldn’t do everything I wanted. My sweet husband bought me the 15 inch MacBook pro for my birthday and I love it. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and will return often.

  29. I’ve had my mac book for about 4 years now and love it. I wouldn’t buy anything else now. Congrats! I can’t wait for when I need to upgrade – those pros are da bomb!!

  30. That’s what I have and I love it! As I travel so much (flight attendant) I went with the 13″ one also and it is great! I carried it around Turkey for 3 weeks and it held up great! You will love it!

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