A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs


A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs

I think when you’ve grown up on a 40 acre farm, the farmland never leaves you.

While I kinda live in the middle of a countrified suburbia, if I pull all my tools outdoors and face my favourite view, I’m back on that farmland again, listening to Dad clamouring away in the barn, with the snap of the air dried laundry sailing overtop my mom’s amazingly abundant prize winning garden.

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

I adore the outdoors! With the warm wind on my face and the sun warming up my arms, I was more than ready to get my fix of vitamin D.

So when I landed this amazing portable workbench / worktable at a local thrift not long ago, I gasped! I knew exactly where I desired to use this. Right in my own back yard.

I’ve been woodworking outdoors here and there already, but always lugging around heavy workhorses and full sized boards for a table top. This is better.

Here’s a peek at how it works in case you feel inclined to make one yourself.

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

All three sets of legs collapse into the inside of the table via various hinges.

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

One side tucks in first…

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

… then the centre legs collapse against the first…

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

… fit the other legs inside their section, close the latches…

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking
… and you’re ready to pack it around. The workbench isn’t even all that heavy, yet it is plenty sturdy enough to take a little sawing and sanding.

A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs for woodworking

Isn’t it fabulous?! No new dress for me, just gimme a new old carpenter’s workbench!

Ohhh… and I made a matching new toy to go with it…


I whipped up this wooden toolbox!

Learn how to make the toolbox HERE.

Find plans on how to make this collapsible table at Remodelaholic HERE



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29 thoughts on “A portable, collapsible workbench every DIYer needs

  1. Would love to have the building directions to this!!! Would love to have my brother make it for me!!! Great idea!!!

  2. Love it ! I have a kids picnic bench in my basement just like that! If I make add new legs and make it a little bit taller I will have a smaller version of that table! Thanks for the inspiration… I love to work outside too, the summer is when I do my bigger projects 🙂

  3. Fabulous workbench, Donna. I passed up a cool folding one at a sale once and have regretted it terribly ever since. I went back for it just in time to see someone loading it into their car. What a great workspace view you have!

  4. Donna,
    That is just perfect for one of the most excellent DIY ers around.
    So glad you found it.
    Smiles, Alice

  5. Does this bring back memories! My dad was a carpenter and we had a little 40-acre farm. I have always had a fond place in my heart for wood and building projects. This could have many uses. Love your site! Keep up the good work.

  6. Loved this idea!!!! Please consider posting building directions. I was thinking about getting more sawhorses and this is much better. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love this project. It’s great for working anywhere for that matter. I also think it would be a great table for working craft shows, flea markets, etc. I am also tired of lugging out saw horses and a piece of wood to work on. Thanks for the idea. It will work for me, too.
    Do you have a tutorial or instructions for this table? I would love to see those.

    • I love that table…and it just gave me a great idea of another use for one of those fold up little picnic tables. It has a hole in the top for an umbrella, so I can even be shaded if it’s hot. We rarely use it, so now I think I’ll use it as an outdoor workbench. Thanks!

  8. That tool box would make a great plant carrier as well.
    I may have to make a few up for the farmer’s market!

    We have not yet had enough spring to work outside more than a few minutes. Or maybe I am just getting older each year and more sensitive to the cold.

  9. I am so jealous! I love working outside, we have a very lovely view of our local mountain. I spent the first half of my life looking at one side of it, and the 2nd half of my life looking at the other side. I went away, married a man from New York and made him come back to my home place. A folding table from Costco is just not the same as this cool table!

  10. Fantastic!! Even more fantastic is the massage table we picked up on the side of the road – sans the foam and vinyl cover. I’ve been using it for a portable picnic table up til now, but this is definitely another great purpose for it! Thanks! (love your functional tool box. Just my style – it works and it’s done. Nothing fancy.
    You’re my new best friend!

  11. Wow! I love this! Are there any plans for this exact table around? I would love to have something like this for trunk shows! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to have found your blog!

  12. I really like the table. It is very similar to an old wallpaper table that I have. I like to use the wallpaper table when my family is here for a meal. It makes a place for desserts or whatever. Your table can be useful for many more things other than a work table. Thanks for sharing the plans.

  13. You can reduce the weight of that by removing the middle leg and attaching cables to the base of the outer legs. The tension in the cable will keep the middle from sagging.

  14. Can you tell me about how heavy this is? We are looking for something we can build out of scrap would we have 2x4s and pallet wood. It would be used to display items at a livestock show.

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