Adding garage shelving for wood storage in a workshop

Could your own workshop use some additional wall-mounted storage solutions? Here’s how I put some found garage shelving to work to store wood in my own small workshop! Maybe this kind of storage could work for yours! Here’s how I installed it myself.

Be sure to watch the video below this post so you can watch how the story came together!

Could your own workshop use some additional wall-mounted storage solutions? Here's how I put some found garage shelving to work to store wood in my own small workshop! Maybe this kind of storage could work for yours! Here's how I installed it myself.

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Adding garage shelving for wood storage in a workshop


My single car garage workshop always be in progress it seems! Even when I don’t plan a thing. However I have a really neat upgrade to share, as well as showcasing a lesson in patience, and perseverance!

metal rack full of reclaimed wood

When I got the red metal storage rack HERE

The previous wood storage shelf


These red metal freestanding shelves have been used to store reclaimed wood in my workshop for a few years. Up until now, it’s been very successful! While this shelf doesn’t have adjustable shelves, I do love  how the wood is stored vertical at floor level, so everything is within easy grasp. With added storage options along the top too!

compact garage workshop

Part 4: Antiques workshop you can park in

The tricky part came when I decided to revamp the workshop into a space I would park my truck in as well.

Yup, my wee single car garage is a fully functional workshop with nothing to set up as soon as I pull my truck out! That was quite a makeover!

How to park and work in a single car garage series


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To this day, it’s working out very well, except for the red metal rack which tends to stick out a little too far when I wish to walk on that side of the parked truck.

Plus, this current shelving left very little room to store garbage cans which have been scattered here and there just to fit inside the garage.

I had planned to build some new shelves to better suit my current needs from scratch, but just didn’t get around to pushing go on that installation quite yet.

Until this past weekend… but with a major twist!

new garage shelving before

Landing some new, free shelving!


These wooden shelves were being offered up for free in a local Facebook group, so I didn’t hesitate! I bolted for the garage with tape measure in hand, then we were flying down the road in moments when I felt they would fit! Dream garage storage, here I come!

I mean, for free it was certainly worth the risk, right?! Plus, if they didn’t work out, I could give them away again and load up the big red beast once again, bonusing from a recent purge and clean.

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metal garage shelving before

The current shelving as-is


So while shoving the newer shelving in a corner, it was time to gut the red metal shelving. Here we go…

metal garage shelving empty

Out with the old and in with the new! Thanks for the memories, red shelving! But my needs are now a little different and patience won the race this round.

I also like to give back in the community, so while I landed the other garage shelving for free, I also gave this red metal shelving away for free as well. It went to a new home nearly as quickly as I listed it!

moving lumber and reclaimed wood onto new garage shelving

How to sort reclaimed wood


But I admit I was feeling a little leery on my decision when the looming pile of wood was before me. This would entail some work! And I reasoned I’d probably lose some space over what I had for wood storage, but I don’t use all this wood anyway, so this would force a small dump run at the very least. 

To keep from getting overwhelmed from the clutter, I piled up all the wood in like-minded groups so they’d be easier to place on the shelf later.

So before you think I’m Wonder Woman here, this entire assignment was rather large. Breaking it up into several days was the thing that kept me going.

How to take on a big project:


Here’s how that played out:

  • Day 1 – I picked up the shelves
  • 2 – unloaded the shelves into these piles
  • 3 – painted the wall
  • 4 – built the shelves
  • 5 – loaded the wood onto the shelves

Then on Day 6 I went to my chiropractor. LOL True story. I knew my back needed a little help so I decided to book all that in after this was dealt with.

Back to the story…

new wood garage shelving panels

Taking all the shelving apart


So let’s tackle the new shelving next!

Here’s how the garage shelving arrived. The shelving panels measuring about 20″ deep x 8 ft long each were attached to framework, with the legs separate.

Little did I realize how heavy these shelves were! Holey moley. There was no way I’d be able to pre-build the shelving on the floor, then prop it up like I had initially hoped with my son’s help. Whadda dream…

So I did the next best thing… and didn’t need any help at all. The shelving panels were unscrewed from the frames, making everything so much lighter. Thank goodness for builds with screws!

Key tips when building or installing shelves:


  • If you need to move something in, consider taking it apart so it’s manageable.
  • Always build with screws if you can, so adjustments or future dismantling is effortless.


Tools and supplies you’ll need to build shelves


Makita Cordless Drill

Bosch Miter Saw (visit my own miter saw review HERE)

Bosch Variable Speed Orbital Sander

Visit all my DIY must-have tools in THIS POST

Construction level

Heavy-duty measuring tape

Safety glasses

Rubber dipped work gloves

Quality Hearing Protection

Wall paint, drywall fill, brush and paint roller

garage shelving frames

Repairing the shelving framework


The garage shelving frames also needed some repair. Luckily I had ONE board in my pile that was sized the same as these frames. So they were quickly cut to size, then replaced on all the ends that needed it.

Let’s add some legs next!

installing the garage shelving frame and shelves

Installing the shelf frame


And that’s when I realized how tight the space really was. The shelving appeared to fit, however it was necessary to build it while standing it in place, thanks to the garage door rails in the way.

In case you’d like some guidance on how I installed the shelves, here’s what I did:

How the shelves were installed:


I figured out how tall I wanted the first shelf off the floor, (it needed to clear the garbage cans) then pencilled in that measurement onto 2 leg posts.

While on the floor, one shelf frame was attached to two front leg posts.

The wall was quickly drywall patched, then painted in bright white for a fresh start and allowed to dry overnight.

All the wall studs were penciled onto the long part of the wall where the shelf would be placed.

The one shelf frame and 2 legs were then propped upright into place, and the shelf was screwed along the wall into the studs. 

Then the other leg posts were added.

heavy duty garage shelving

Installing the shelving boards


Each shelf frame was positioned, then screwed into place, one-at-a-time.

To help with the garage shelving positioning, I created a 12″ 2×4 jig. Which is a fancy way of saying, I cut a 2×4 into a 12″ piece, then used that as a measuring device against the wall and legs to mark where the next shelf would go, as well as a prop to hold the middle of the shelf frames up while the frames were attached to the legs. It worked amazing and made this entire task very doable for one person.

After all the framework was up, I placed the shelving panels onto the shelves.

And this is why you aren’t really getting a full tutorial. Because I didn’t know what I was doing!

installed garage shelving

The installed shelving


I kinda messed up with the top shelf, because the garage door rails were in the way to utilize it properly. But I don’t really know what else I could have done.

But here’s a mistake that did work… the top shelf panel jammed in place while I was trying to get it positioned, so it’s only partially covering the frame. This glitch ended up being a blessing in disguise. This grand overhead storage spot can store 8′ long boards, but since the shelving wasn’t completely covering the frame, I can spot what and even add more long shelving from the floor without using a ladder!

Guess it was meant to jam after all. Heh.

showing the underside of the garage shelving coated with washable material

Even the underside of these shelves are gorgeous! The shelves are about ¾” plywood covered in a hard white coating of some kind. They are indestructible! And totally scrubble and easy to clean. What a score.

installed garage shelving in a workshop

Don’t they look great? And now the fun part… let’s load them up!

My personal storage needs for this shelf was for lumber. But imagine what else this valuable storage space could store! These shelves are heavy duty with a large weight capacity!

Other storage ideas for shelves:


  • Holiday decorations in storage bins
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools in bins
  • Great replacement for garage cabinets
  • Garden shed needs
  • Pegboards along the back if the shelves themselves were stacked sparsely

The flexibility is through the roof! I could personally fill these things up 100 times over. What would you use it for?

garage shelving with layers for reclaimed wood

Loading up the garage shelving with wood


So one-by-one, each board was stacked on the shelving in like-minded piles. Really long planks on the very top you can’t see from here, posts and molding next, then newer building lumber next, and finally, ending in reclaimed wood.

I am amazined how this variety of materials just all fit so well on these garage storage shelves!

stacked wood in garage shelving

These open shelves make the wood so easy to grab! Plus, nothing will fall over this round. What an excellent solution!

I’m also not too concerned about the risk of falling items. The shelves are only spaced 12″ apart so the piles of wood aren’t exactly towering. 

Could your own workshop use a little extra shelving? Here's how put some found garage shelving to work to store wood in my own small workshop! Maybe this kind of storage could work for yours! Here's what I did:

Garage shelving and workshop table


And here’s the end result, with shelves fully stocked, garbage cans in place, with room for the shop vac, plus a small wooden box filled with smaller wood scraps. It’s perfect! 

PLUS, I even have the ability to pull out the garbage cans to fill while the truck is in place!

I am just so pleased I got to choose the adjustable height desired for everything!

a clean workshop with new garage shelving

Plenty of room to park


So as you can see above, the garage shelving units are much more shallow than what use to be there, allowing for lots of walking space on the other side of the truck now.

This girl is stoked she didn’t require any professional installation services to get the job done! All I needed was a 12″ 2×4 chunk!

workshop table with miter saw

Workshop table with miter saw


This workshop table is still a tad bit deep for my liking, but I can still back my truck inside the garage effortlessly. The size of the workbench may get modified at some point.

However for now, it’s time to get to work inside a clean and organized garage workshop with swanky new garage shelving!

garage shelving before

From my messy before…

garage shelving with workshop table

To a much tidier and more efficient after!

Now that was a shelf worth picking up, don’t you think?

Video – landing and putting up the garage shelves



Visit above to watch the story on how the shelves arrived and the trials to put them up! You’ll feel like you were right here with me!

adjustable wood paint shelves



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14 thoughts on “Adding garage shelving for wood storage in a workshop

  1. Wow Donna! What a great score! I love that the garbage cans and shop vac fit underneath.
    Your organized garage is mazing.
    Great job once again!!

  2. What a great score..right item at the right time.
    Amazing organization on your part. Love the new, so neat.
    congratulations to you.

  3. WOW!!! That’s awesome!! Your new and improved garage looks amazing, Donna!! What a great find!! Question….. what Facebook site are you a part of that has FREE items listed?? I’d love to find a similar FREE site where I live!! How did you find your site??

    • Thanks Rebecca! I’m thrilled with the outcome!

      Try and search up a ‘buy nothing’ group in Facebook. I am not entirely certain the initiative is also in the US but I have heard they are.

      Or just try ‘free’ and you’ll likely find other groups in your area that trade things. It’s such a great way to repurpose and also give back to the community. I give a ton of stuff away to mine too!

      • Hi Donna. Thank you for the helpful advice! I’ll certainly look for those various sites. I appreciate your help. I absolutely LOVE seeing all the wonderful projects you create! You are so talented and skilled at what you do! Thanks again!

  4. Wow…so impressive that you figured out how to do all that yourself! Good for you. It looks great and very functional. Free things can often be the best!

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