Make this free up-cycled workshop!

Learn how to make your own FREE Up-cycled workshop with all found objects! Includes pallet shelves, crates on walls, tables for workshop benches, creative ways to store wood, etc! Click to visit all the tutorials! #workshop #storage #upcycle #repurpose

Make this free up-cycled workshop!

Do you dream of having this perfect little workshop with great tool storage solutions in your own home?

But lack space and funds to pull it off?

Don’t lose heart.

You’re about to see my dream free up-cycled workshop created from all free curb side finds! 

And here’s why I created this free up-cycled workshop…

A dream workshop reveal, in a single car garage, created for free from curbside finds /

Why an up-cycled workshop?

 I’ve long desired a workspace that was absolutely me to a rusty ‘ol T. My ways are not the ways of most. And I’m ok with that.

So I wanted to create a space that truly reflected me in every way. Right down to it not costing a cent!

31 days Dream Box Building on FunkyJunkInteriors.netVisit all dream box building updates HERE

But there’s a little more to this…

Over the next 31 days, I’m going to take you on a little journey with me.

* I’m going to show you the kinds of things that make me afraid, and how I punch through them anyway.

* How it’s possible to get excited about boring things.

* Hardships are actually the beginning of your own unfinished story.

All through home decor. Crazy talk, right?  

Thing is, I truly believe, we all start with this empty box, that is waiting to be filled with you. The real you.

Happiness is waiting! Are you ready?

And my new workshop is the perfect launching pad.

Ready for a crazy ride?

Awesome! Let’s tour this workshop!


Workshop – before

Where we left off…

The wall had been painted white and my long awaited tables set in place. 

workshop before
So what do you think?!

I kid. No wonder I didn’t want to build much.

Honestly, with a single car garage, space is always so limited!

But while I still have the same amount of space, the key was to find a good place for all that I needed to store. And here’s what I did to get there….

Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Dream up-cycled workshop – after!


My creative AND free up-cycled workshop is now a reality! It’s positively infused with all kinds of up-cycled workshop storage and organizing ideas, and yes, it was absolutely free thanks to all the curb side finds!

Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Wood scrap wall


Wood scrap wall – tutorial HERE

Painting the walls HERE

Creating a wall with wood scraps not only looked cool, it ended up serving a purpose!

The wood scrap walls allow easy installation of shelves or unique ways to mount things to walls.

Learn how to build this reclaimed wood wall for the perfect free up-cycled workshop wall treatment!

I like to change storage ideas around from time to time, and the wall has proven to help make that effortless!

A dream workshop reveal, in a single car garage, created for free from curbside finds /

Curb side found tables


And no more plastic folding Costco tables! Love the wooden table beauty found from the curb!

It was pure luck landing these tables in front of a local church. They were massive… and fit the workshop perfectly!

All they need is a coat of paint now and then and they’re back in shape once again!

Learn how to distress a newer shelf. Part of a free up-cycled workshop tour.

Chipping up a new shelf


How I chipped up a new shelf – tutorial HERE

A plain little shelf I landed got distressed like crazy, then painted out and waxed and chipped until it resembled an old relic.

So if you land something new-ish, it doesn’t have to stay looking that way! 

Twine storage on a branch / Learn how to distress a newer shelf. Part of a free up-cycled workshop tour.

A little branch holds the yarn and masking tape. I even tried it out tonight. It rocked!

Wood plane hook / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Hanging stuff when you can… on anything!


I love hanging up tools where I can easily spot them to grab.

My fav hearing protection is now finally hung right beside my miter saw, hanging off an antique wood planer.

Visit all my must-have fav DIY tools post HERE

Learn how to build this pallet wood cabinet used as workshop storage in this tour of a free up-cycled workshop!

Pallet wood DIY storage cabinet


Pallet wood route 66 cupboard HERE

This little pallet-made cabinet houses my safety glasses. It’s cute AND functional and chimes in well with the atmosphere.

Don’t you just love all those junky hinge details?

Learn how to create free up-cycled storage that's found in this up-cycled workshop tour!
Enhanced pallet wood shelf tutorial HERE

My all time fav tool storage piece is the enhanced pallet shelf for tools. It’s a pallet that’s outfitted with some components from other things making it perfect for power tool storage! Accessible, and cool to look at too! And yeah. Free.

Learn how to create a pallet tool organizer with cut sections of pallets, part of a free up-cycled workshop tour!

Pallet tool organizer

Pallet wood tool organizer HERE

Got a chunk of pallet handy? Make it into a hammer hanger!

This was a fun one! All that was needed was a jigsaw and it was made in minutes!

It’s very handy. Add a few hooks or nails or screws for instant storage of anything.

Learn how crates stacked with shelves can really enhance vertical wall space! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour!

Stacked crates


Stacked crates and shelves provide loads of tool storage and organizing ideas!

The key is to layer UP the wall, creating more space.

Love the little sections in the vintage crate, perfect for sanding sponges, tape measures, camera lenses… well, those are going back in the house!

And.. that’s a vintage toaster stuffed into a coin crate that’s holding the pens by the way.

Learn how crates stacked with shelves can really enhance vertical wall space! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour!

Most every little storage shelf serves as a function. Even the wheel, if you count that its duty was to make me happy. πŸ™‚

Antique toaster pencil holder / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Junky organizers


Oh hi vintage toaster… you are sooooo rusty perfect for pens, pencils, scissors etc.

I think it’s sitting inside a wooden coin holder…

The main key is, if some found object can hold something, it’s fair game. Gather up all your ‘holders’ and see what you can make them do!

Learn how to build this enhanced pallet into an instant power tool workshop storage shelf! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour.

Pallet storage shelf


Enhanced pallet tool shelf

This little pallet shelf was pretty perfect for my collection of cordless drills and screws.

If you’d like to know more about the kinds of tools I love to use, visit 5 DIY must have power tools HERE.

Now WHY would one bury all that beauty in a toolbox cabinet when you can admire them all the time?

Screw storage in mason jars and cups with funky numbers / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Screw storage in mason jars and cups with funky numbers / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

(The above 2 pictures are pallet shelf ‘befores’.)

And this little ensemble of mason jars, and stainless creamers and cups holds all my favourite screws. Lined with mismatched numbers for a little junk zing. Zen? Both.

Antique drain covers for sandpaper storage / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

A couple of antique drain covers were perfect for the bulk sandpaper.

Wood planer workshop hooks / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

Add plenty of wall hooks


Now… what’s going on here? Hmm… wall art? Pauline from My Altered State, I was channeling a junkier version of you here!

I did say junkier version… πŸ™‚

This little wall feature made entirely from wood scraps, pallet wood, any reclaimed wood along with antique tools for hooks, it’s cool, collected and handy!

Wood planer workshop hooks / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -

What a perfect spot for the sawdust brush.

Ammunition crate turned shelf in a workshop /

Crates on walls

Crate shelf in the workshop HERE

This little crate came into play later. I LOVE hanging crates as shelves!

Crates with lids especially are fabulous to store. The lids close to keep most sawdust out. Plus… you can hide junk you don’t want to see.

Visit how I store my reclaimed wood on found objects, such as this rolling cart! More ideas are in this post that shares an up-cycled workshop tour.

Wood storage ideas

Curbside found wood storage rack – visit where I found it HERE

I honestly don’t really know what this piece is… a TV stand? Just a rolling storage rack? Whatever it is, it’s super helpful for storing small cuts of wood in several layers!

workshop garage before
Learn where I found this red metal frame that I now store reclaimed wood in! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour.
Dumpster find red metal rack for wood storage

I also don’t know what this red rack was! But after landing it beside a dumpster, it was all mine! Isn’t it perfect to store various cuts of wood?

The key with odd cuts of wood is to find individual spots for them to gather in that are easily accessible no matter what their size is. And as long as it’s off the floor, that works for me!

Learn how to make a rolling cart that fits underneath a table, perfect for storing reclaimed wood! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour.
Reclaimed wood shelf under worktable tutorial

I also created a rolling shelf under the main worktable. It allows me to push the table closer to my work station when needed, without carrying the weight of the wood along with it.

It works so great! And offers a ton of wood storage that is out of the way.

workshop wood and metal organizing before

Before… whadda mess. Under the tables can become junk collections all to quick. 

But here’s what I did about it…

Find out what this faux crate stores! An easy way to hide things you need to store but don't want to look at! Part of an up-cycled workshop tour.

Under table storage idea


Faux crate to hide stuff

There was a big stack of tiles that were too heavy to push around. So instead, I built a faux crate around them. They can stay! But now I don’t have to look at them. PLUS… I get top storage as well! 

This post also includes tips on how to stack reclaimed wood to get the most room possible.

Then I sorted all the rusty junk into smaller separate bins so they are easy to grab and place on top of the work bench when desired.

workshop before

workshop garage before

From this…

Learn how to make your own FREE Up-cycled workshop with all found objects! Includes pallet shelves, crates on walls, tables for workshop benches, creative ways to store wood, etc! Click to visit all the tutorials! #workshop #storage #upcycle #repurpose

red metal dumpster find rack for storing and organizing reclaimed wood in a workshop /

To this!

I’m so in love with this little crazy train workshop area. It offers everything I need, in a weird, yet kinda wonderful way.

Now all that’s left to do..

Cordless drill at work / Reclaimed wood wall and junky storage in the workshop -
… is build.

Have I encouraged you to get out there and see what you can do with the space you have?

Visit ALL the steps of building this workshop HERE

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68 thoughts on “Make this free up-cycled workshop!

  1. Ok I’m inspired… my basement workshop looks very much like your before picture.
    I’ve got to get busy, pull everything out of there and start from scratch.
    I have one tip…. I found at our Harbor Freight (big hardware store) it is a long (about 4′) strip outlet. It plugs into the wall then attaches to the front of your workbench. Then there is a plug available to you all the way down the length of your workbench. It is the BEST thing I’ve bought for the workshop. It is called a 12 outlet power strip. πŸ™‚

  2. What an “awesomely” inspirational work area! I’m just working on getting back to my tools in the garage. (Took quite a long vacation from it bcuz of the job I had.) Can’t wait to get it all cleaned up & ready to use. I’ve already ordered new tools – just got my Kreg jig last night! Can’t wait to use it today!! Sure enjoy reading your blog – keep inspiring!

  3. Love ! I am so inspired to get my workshop in my basement done . Can’t wait to see what you do next as always xoxo

  4. Brilliance! That’s the best word I could come up with for how fantastic your wall is. You get an A+++ for your constant use of repurposed items. I see your a Bosch drill fan too. I love mine so much I bought multiple also! And the surveyors measuring stick — love. I’ve chopped up and used the few I’ve found in projects. They always pop. I can’t imagine why this post won’t get 100 comments soon. You go girl!

  5. Looks great – of course! But my problem is I wouldn’t be able to reach anything across the table and up the wall. Would need all my small stuff to be to the sides of the table. You’re blessed in height if you can reach all that! But yep – looks super great!

  6. Donna, This really blows me away. I recently read your whole story and I find your approach impressive, inspiring and quite unique. Kudos to you because you really have some special skills. I’m much more of a stylist/artist/decorator than builder, so I’m fascinated by things I’d just have no idea how to do. You’ve got a great eye, a knack for bringing things to fruition and a style all your own. Really enjoyable to observe!

  7. Just perfect in every way! Showed my hubby… since we are in the process of organizing our new space. He liked it! And.. i want to use similar ideas up in my sewing room as well, with my old sewing junk! πŸ™‚ THANKS for the inspiration! This winter will be busy! πŸ™‚

  8. Donna – I could read (hear) the giddy in your words! Your cordless drills all lined up in a row is priceless! What a wonderful space you have created! Happy creating!

  9. I blame you for my new possession!! lol! Seriously, I love your workshop. Mine still looks like your before pictures with sawdust sprinkled all over πŸ™‚ Thanks for your truly inspiration of all things organized junk! -Bev

  10. Any tips on how to inspire my husband to clean up his work space??? Your’s looks so neat and organized. I love how you used the pallets and all the neat ideas you have for storage.

  11. Shop is totally unique and I am liking it tons – giving me added ideas for my own.. Have a super safe creative time in your workable wood shop..


  12. i am sure not too many people would use the term gorgeous for this workshop but i think it is gorgeous i am kind of a freak for things like this and i would have to sleep out there for a night or two ha ha love it xx

  13. You have created a wonderful building space! I like it because it is made with all your resources you had on hand, it’s really great. I too love to build it makes it so darn easy when you have a place like this to create a little something special. When I see work spaces that have all new this and that I turn the other way! Happy Building! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air.

  14. Oh boy, this is perfect! You’ve just solved a huge problem for me… I’m going to make all my *stuff* work for me. Meaning, I’m going to use stuff to hold and organize more…well, stuff! time to make my corbels HOLD a shelf, instead of sitting on one. Thanks Donna! You inspire!!

  15. I’ve been following along since I found you about a month ago, loving your junky style. I’ve been working on some of that myself! Your workshop is a dream and I would love to come make some fun junk with you! Right now I a invading my husband’s space in the basement!

    So glad to see you were doing 31 Days as well in this category. Can’t wait to see what everyone has to offer!

  16. You. are. amazing. I want to come work with you in that space! But I guess I’ll settle for hanging out here for the next 31 days. πŸ™‚ This is my first time participating in the challenge. Pray for me. πŸ˜‰

  17. Oh, Donna…. you’re white box metaphor and everything you said about our story and being ourselves made me a little teary eyed… in a good way.

    Your workshop looks great! And I can’t wait to see the rest of the white box challenge unfold. XO!

  18. I love your new area. I used to have a fantastic shop in my garage till we moved, and now it is in the basement. Loved the garage more because with the doors open I could see nature.

  19. Oh my gosh! Am I ever glad I popped in! I started cleaning my basement woodshop a couple weeks ago and became so overwhelmed, I haven’t revisited it but I soooo want to do some woodworking like I USED to. After all, cold weather is coming soon and what better place to be than in the wood shop?!
    You’ve totally inspired me to make cleaning and organizing my woodshop part of my 31 days of writing!!

  20. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. My workshop is a mess and I am already remembering some treasures out there that need some attention!

  21. Maybe I haven’t done a thorough enough job of exploring your blog and the info is there. But I’d love to hear more about the workshop that helped you discover what you should be doing. Is it available online? I’m in a “transitional” period now and feeling a bit lost. Sure could use a “map”! Thanks!

    • Hi Debbie!

      I have forgotten what the course is called, so I’ve summoned for some help. I’ll find out the name and hopefully their artinerary of travel. I’ll include the info in another 31 Day blog post so stay tuned!

  22. Donna-
    It is a perfectly scrappy, funky-junky place to work and create! So you.
    More than anything. It’s what YOU like. It is a creative spark and jumping off place for YOU. I know you’ll encourage others to create their white box into their own space too!
    and that’s wonderful.

  23. You did an awesome job! I wished my hubby would clean his messy shop up! But that’s his territory, not mine. I need to make some changes in my craft room Then he can have my metal shelving for his shop.
    But, you did an awesome job.

  24. I’m speechless and that rarely happens!! I think you need to go into the garage organizing business and I can be your first client. I love every detail!

    • Hey Rebecca, the screws holding up the hammer penetrate right through into the wall. The bulk of the weight is sitting on the table. However if I were to install it higher, I’d attempt to locate the studs in the walls and ensure to screw in that area. Another great way is to create a long brace (board running from left to right across the wall) that is attached to the studs, then you can attach anything to that board.

      Hope that helps!

  25. Donna,
    I am thrilled with what you have done so far and can not wait to see more. I am on this journey too. Dancing in my craft room is my Box. It has been delayed more times than not but, I am still determined to find a spot for me in this happy world. I will be watching you build your dream box.
    Have fun,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

  26. I’m envious of your workshop and creative skills. It looks like a favorite old workshop that’s been there for 60 years. I really like your use of reclaimed wood and misc. hardware. I’ve gotten lots of ideas from your build. Thanks for sharing.

  27. My garage always looks like your before, and I won’t say the after is so cute, because then when I show my husband the possibilities he won’t think of his garage transformation as “cute”. But it’s cute. End of story.

  28. I am new to this site – just moved from California to PA — have an upstairs space that I want to turn into an office and artist studio and looking for cheap ways of doing it beautifully πŸ™‚

    Hope to find inspiration on your site,

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