Quick 10 min storage solution for the laundry room

I’ve been busy this weekend! My laundry room recieved a little badly needed love and I’d like to show you one small snippet of what I came up with.

I currently had no storage. The room had been gutted, floors redone, new washer and dryer, the works. But it was an empty room with just the washer and dryer. As much as I wanted to purchase cupboards of some type, it isn’t in my budget, so creative I had to get once again. So I went to visit my ever expanding storage center (garage) and decided to try…

… the bookshelf I had sitting there, waiting to be used. And I love it so much, it’s going to stay! Got this baby for $20 from a local garage sale about 6 months ago. Those pretty curvy lines along the top really make the piece look pretty and feminine, the perfect touch for a laundry room!

Here’s a shot a little farther back just to give you a better visual of the room and why the shelf works.

One day I’ll do a full reveal when it’s complete. But the moral of this short happy story is, don’t overlook bookshelves for storage of ANY kind in ANY room.

When I had a storefront for my biz once upon a time, I installed a tall bookshelf by the front door that held the coffee pot, a whole shelf for classic mugs along with books for browsers.

I’ve also used a bookshelf BEHIND the sofa from my past house and opening the doors on each side. It looked really cool.

Don’t overlook the use of a good bookshelf to provide many different solutions to virtually any room in your home!

Have you used a bookshelf in a unique location?


This post is shared with Reinvented’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday Sept 22 edition. Thanks for the fun party, Kimm! And at A Soft Place To Land’s DIY Day, Sept 23 edition.

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22 thoughts on “Quick 10 min storage solution for the laundry room

  1. Hi Donna! Great idea with the book shelf! I love the feet and the baskets! My laundry room is way down on the list right now…and it needs some attention (bare and boring) hopefully I will get to it one of these days! Thanks for sharing! ~ Ashley

  2. I have an area that is open and perfect for the kitchen garbage can. Only its right at the end of the counter. Its open in front and the side. I have this 3 shelf lawyers bookcase. You know the kind that has the glass doors on each shelf? I put it next to the open end of the counter and its perfect. It hides the can, is filled with my favorite cookbooks and the phone sits nicely on top with a pad and pen. Makes the kitchen look neater and I dont see the ugly can.

  3. I love your washer and dryer. I long to replace mine.

    I just redid my laundry room a couple of days ago. I put a farmhouse table in ($5). On top of it I put two rustic crates (gifts)to support a shelf I found by the curb. On the shelf is my enamelware laundry soap tin (gift)two sewing machine boxes for odds and ends ($5). A huge metal orchard sign (curb find)and an old screen (.99). Cheap and I couldn’t love it more.


  4. Kristen, you have caught my attention girl! I think we need a link to take a peek at that!

    Esther, that is such a cool idea and is exactly what I want to build my mom for her kitchen. She needs a cute phone station to eat up a massive expanse of wall. I think a trip to Ikea may be in order so it doesn’t take me 12 years to ‘find.’ LOL Feel free to share your link if you have a picture.

    Angie Mae, you are too kind! I’ll wait out the response. I’d hate to litter the blog with too much that doesn’t capture enough interest. I may do at least one more for a closing so to speak and to share what I’ve been up to.

    To you others, thanks for the kudos! Now that I have that silly shelf in the way, I need to paint those walls! heh..

    Funky Junk Donna

  5. The lines on that bookcase are charming and it looks great in there.

    We use bookcases for our nightstands. Not a crazy creative idea, but it works well for me since I do most of my computer work sitting on the bed.

  6. What a nice laundry room. Mine is in the basement and needs LOTS of lovin’. But there’s a whole lotta house that needs lovin’ first.

    I just purchased a bookcase at a yard sale similiar to yours. Needs cleaned and painted before it leaves the garage though.

    Tina in So. Oregon

  7. I really like that! I’ll definitely keep this idea in mind. I have a tendency to think in a box when it comes to furniture. Example, bookshelves are for books and knick-knacky stuff. I need people like you to show me otherwise! Thanks!

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