A winter ladder plant stand, with memories attached

  I wasn’t ready to take down the Christmas decorating when I did. The house was decked out so full and pretty, with the Christmas ladder tree, and Christmas tree forest in a crate, and nothing was really in the way. However once I started cleaning up, it felt strange to have only parts disappear. […]

Merry Christmas with toy inspired decorating by Creative Cain Cabin!

Merry Christmas, friends! This is a post for those too full of turkey to move an inch! Glad you dropped by! I have something really pretty and inspiring to show you today. I love slightly quirky, creative decorating, and at  Creative Cain Cabin that seems to be the norm. Lucky for us! Dawn has been […]

The making of a Stepladder Christmas Tree

By now, you FJI regulars have caught a glimpse of my stepladder Christmas tree this year. You kind of have to do a double take. There’s a stepladder buried in this picture. Here, let me prove it. After the fiasco of landing two bad real trees last year and them both dying within a week, […]

Creating an old world cultured stone fireplace without massive destruction

Creating an old world cultured stone fireplace, without massive destruction is possible. Here’s proof!   Once upon a time, the fireplace was your typical outdated brick variety with a teeny weeny little mantel. When my home underwent major renovations, my buddy Dan asked me what plans I had for the fireplace. I cringed, wishing I HAD […]