Staying Organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable)

Staying organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable) via
Every so often I get asked, “How do you do it all?”

Truth of the matter is, I don’t.

I am just like everyone else. I have more things to do than minutes in a day. I could honestly spend all my time on my kiddo, house, stencil biz, blog, paperwork, yard work… never mind trying to do a little of everything! So trying to do everything is really tricky.

However, there are some special helps that keep me on track for the most important stuff. So I thought I’d share a few ways on how I pretend to stay on task…

Staying Organized will be a series over several posts. I’ll also show you how I segment my day, and my super easy and effective day planner you can customize from basic office supplies yourself!

Today’s #1 trick?

Staying Organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable)

Staying organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable) via
Since the bulk of my work is online, this clipboard sits beside my computer, and is focused on the things I need to pay attention to each day.

Ever hop on Facebook or your email, then 3 hours later, finally remember what you actually went online for? Yes… that! Happens all the time here. So if I rattle off course yet again, I make myself look at the clipboard to get back on track.

It works! Wonders even. I doubt that I’d pay any bills if I didn’t have it on the list! 🙂

Most days I barely get through half of this list. BUT… at the very least, my eyes will go over all these important things, and I will be reminded of something I may not have thought of otherwise.

It’s very motivating checking things off too! Kinda like my own progress report.

Staying organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable), stored inside an antique wooden file holder via
There’s more than one clipboard on the go as well. They are so handy grouping like minded things together, and are easily within grasp in this old wooden file holder behind my desk.

Pages - a word processing program for Mac |
My clipboard check list was designed in Pages, which is a price efficient word document program for Mac.  I really like it for its simplicity, and has a handy grid tool making check lists pretty effortless.

You can also make one for free in Google Docs, but of course, it will take a little bit of time to figure out.

I highly recommend setting one up on the computer, so it’s easy to change out tasks as your life / needs change, and easy to print out when desired.

Daily Check List - free printable from


Printable above

However, if you’re ok with hand done, feel free to grab the above template to use if it suits.

Just right click / save to desktop, then print. Let me know if that doesn’t work, and I’ll try and figure out how to offer a proper download.

And I even went shopping to see what cool stuff was out there. Below, far right, I always use to carry around that black clipboard case, so if you love to take your lists with you, that one’s a gem!

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pallet wood blog office redo-1525
Sawhorse pallet wood desk for a blogging office at
Take the blog office tour HERE

Now you too have no excuse to not stay on task!

Guess we’d better get off then, Facebook, huh? 🙂

Any tips of your own for staying on task daily?

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8 thoughts on “Staying Organized with a daily clipboard check list (with printable)

  1. your workspace is awesome! gotta love a mac!

    I do wonder how you get it all done, so I appreciate your tips/tricks to staying on track. Most of my work is still done away from my desk, but when I need to spend time online I have started to use a timer. I thought it seemed silly before, but I have found that I relax a bit…I wonder less 😉

  2. I love this checklist and I’m going to test it out for sure! I need some clipboards too. I wish I had advice to give about staying on track but, I’m lost most days 😉 Thank you for this!

  3. Thanks for sharing your checklist and planner. This year I have been using a “Bullet Journal”. I like your planner idea! I always have too many pieces of paper/sticky notes. I also am really bad about not checking my master list and daily list.

    • Thanks Linda! I think if something works, then you know it’s for you. I just couldn’t figure out anything that worked that I could totally customize for my own needs. This seems to do the trick!

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