Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

These days, I have to be reeeeaaallllyyyy careful how quickly I spin around in my office chair.

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

It appears my favourite little girl found a new favourite spot to perch. And I couldn’t be more pleased!

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

I love Teddy’s new spot on the back of my chair. She’s positioned at the perfect height to slow down while going about my business,  giving her a quick little nuzzle against her warm, purring neck.

I. Melt.

You should see her with all four legs hanging down! Hilarious! And darling.

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

This little girl right here runs my show. And my heart. My whole entire heart, plus.

And she comes with a little story today. You see, I’m feeling most fortunate to still have her with us. In August, she got really ill to the point where I had to carry her outside, laying her down on the warm summer driveway so she could enjoy her possible last time at home.

I did the whole nine yards. Took tearful pictures of her, spent time with her, until it was time to leave. My heart broke.

I prepared myself for the absolute worst. I was suppose to take off for Bella Rustica in a month’s time and I didn’t know what I’d do with such a sick cat. My gut told me it was time. I was just beside myself.

But the bad news turned into not so bad news. It wasn’t her time that day, but chances were slim she would make it until Christmas. (her thyroid issue took a turn for the worst)

As luck would have it, her tests showed medication would be the fix for now. I was at a loss… I didn’t believe it!

So we brought her back, fully shaved after her tests. This was her ‘Lion’ nickname phase. Adorable, but so incredible thin and fragile. One sick little girl.

(oh, and then my dog died right about here!)

Luckily, I landed our house sitter Hailey, who stayed with her in my absence.

Well, Teddy continued to improve. The meds were working!

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

She came back to us in her perfect, gorgeous, glorious glory.

Well, she isn’t in perfect health, but she’s perfect to me. She’s my little miracle cat.

This girl is loaded with quirky goodness! This chair rest nesting place of hers was caught in a google hangout. She jumped on the back of my chair as I was filming live, did a big stretch, and went to sleep right behind my head. I stifled laughter the entire time, attempting to carry on like a true pro.

She only drinks water outside. It has to be ice cold or no go. So she needs to be let out where water bowls galore reside. Hey, whatever works!

At night, I wait for the pitter patter of her little feet thumping down the hallway, then ‘thump’… she’s jumps on the bed, starts her purrrrrring routine, nudges me, then slips under the covers for a snuggle.

I fall asleep like that every. single. night.

I. Die.

Her newest name is Monkey. She gets these bursts of power and bolts like a greyhound dog is after her. It’s her thyroid that kicks in every now and then. Hence… monkey.

Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch, via Funky Junk Interiors

Well, my little monkey is welcome to snooze on my chair anytime she wishes!

And guess where she is right this minute while I type this up… {nuzzle…}

It just felt like a good day to celebrate her. And celebrate it with her.

Here’s where Teddy ripped out our downstairs carpet

more info on that thyroid issue

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46 thoughts on “Teddy the cat, and her quirky office chair perch

  1. Donna, I love this. Your kitty just pulls at my heartstrings. Such pretty pictures.

    I had a kitty when I was a teen that developed Leukemia and we were able to keep him relatively healthy for years with medication. It was heartbreaking when he died, but I am still so thankful for those extra years.

  2. I am so glad your baby made it through…she is so very pretty! What a precious story…I dread the day that our baby gets sick…we were just realizing the other day that she will be 5 years old this year…time is going by way too fast! I love being a cat person & being owned by our darling Tigger. She is crazy & quirky & we wouldn’t have it any other way. She doesn’t ever go outside but the only place that she will drink water from is our bathtub. And I can’t just put the plug in & add water…it has to drip slowly & she has to play in it a little before she drinks. We don’t go to sleep at night either until she does her little routine & plops on the bed. Funny!

  3. Jinx does the same thing! He likes to be spun around and when that gets too much he’ll slide down to the seat and lay and let you spin him….silly cat. He also get those crazy spurts of energy and dashes around the house….i always say ‘hes got a kink in his tail ‘when he does that..lol Hugs! deb

  4. LOVE, Love, LOVE IT! I TOTALLY GET IT! Cats are awesome & this is coming from a dog person who has 2 rescued stray cats! lol…My little poodle passed away 6 years ago at the age of 14 & one nite my brother comes over with a stray 5 mos old kitten he rescued on the side of the road…that was 5 years ago! Since then I have added another stray into my household who just wandered up so I made it my mission to tame her enough to at least make contact with her…no easy feat either! But my life has never been the same…& I’ve never had kitties before! I am sooo glad your baby is recovering & I KNOW you are enjoying the repreive you have been given one day at a time. God bless & thank you for your wonderful site…I just love it & you! I find it sooo inspiring.

  5. Awww Teddy is so cute! She looks just like my Pickle, but it’s Pepsy who loves to sit on the top of my chair & tap me every so often to get another petting. I’m so glad the meds are working for her.
    Debbie 🙂

  6. Goodluck treating Teddy! I know all about cats (and people) with thyroid disease. My 17 year old cat, Audra, died from complications of hyperthyroidism a few years ago. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism not too long after that. Mine is under control, but we never could quite get her levels right. She put up a good fight though!

  7. My daughter’s cat used to get those same bursts of energy so I called him Kramer because that’s what Kramer would do, just bust into Jerry’s apartment door! Glad Teddy is better!

  8. Donna…SO glad that Teddy aka Monkey is doing better, now. She is a beauty! Your new lens is really making your photos stand out even better than ever and yours were always great!
    I just had to “pin” her, for you!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh my gosh……Maui has been sleeping on my chair like that for years. When she wants a little pat, she reaches over and taps me on the shoulder. Aren’t they so funny?

  10. Wow, did I do a double-take when I saw the photos of your kitty! My male cat, Winston J. could be her twin. We, too, have had a harrowing experience a little over a year ago and almost lost him. He quit eating or drinking and had stomach issues as well. All tests came back negative. He had just been to the vet for his annual visit and rabies shot and also had a matted area removed from his fur. For this they had to give him a little gas cause he is a “don’t mess with me” kinda guy where grooming is concerned. Well, as best we can tell, it was a reaction to the gas which is very rare. You haven’t lived until you have had to syringe feed a long haired cat! Food ended up everywhere…me, Winston J., the table, chair, and surrounding wall. It worked though so it was worth all the clean up. Like you, he sleeps with me and likes to be cuddled at night. Yes, he, too, is the boss of the household. And I love it.
    I still can’t believe how identical he and Teddy look!

  11. Your sweet girl is beautiful! I have a long hair tortoise shell…she’s a goof. She “talks” to inanimate objects and growls when the doorbell rings! 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I’m so glad to read that she’s feeling better. I have a sick cat as well. He’s epileptic. I was told that it would get worse and worse, that my life would be a nightmare. I decided Shadow was such a good cat, it was worth trying. The medicine seems to be working… And falling asleep while he’s purring in my hair is priceless… as well as waking with his eyes locked on me!

  13. She is a beauty! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our cats, three of them. I found out just how attached to our pets we get when we lost our Border Collie Mix/pound puppy this last Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to have Colby for 14 years! I love that our cats just melt our hearts. I loves your story. Thanks for sharing.

  14. She is such a beauty. I love that she is black but not really, because in the light her fur shows that gorgeous brown shade. She looks exactly like my cat Jamaica that I had years ago. She hung on chairs like your baby all the time. Side of the couch, chairs, anything that she could hang. If I bent over to do something, she jumped on my back and lounged the same way on me. What a love. She had thyroid problems also. We could not get it under control tho. On her last day I took her to work with me, gave her all the tender vittles she wanted and we had ice cream together. I cried for 3 months. Give her kitty kisses for me, sigh…… Janice

  15. Oh how my heart melted when I saw the 4th picture in your post. Your Teddy looks so much like a cat I had. He was a miracle too–was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was 10 years old, was given 6 months to live but stayed with me for 18 months! His favorite spot would be on the back of the couch right above my head! So glad you have had this extra time with your sweet girl!

  16. Teddy is so sweet! I’m glad she’s doing well now. We have a 15 year old cat who has to have a pill for thyroid once a day, and we thought we were going to lose him a few months ago (before the condition was diagnosed). Worrying times!
    Another of our cats – also a fluffy black female! – has taken to sleeping on the study chair…unfortunately in the seat. She blends in and has nearly been sat on a few times! So seeing your lovely pictures of Teddy on your office chair is a very familiar sight!

  17. Teddy is a beautiful cat. After reading her story, now I am wondering about my cat. He has so many of the same characteristics, but not losing weight right now. Those quick burst of speed and constant eating though… I’ll have to ask the vet.

  18. She is beautiful. I have an 18 year old cat that does the cuddle under the covers when it is cold. She gets under, turns around and settles her head on my arm. I let her stay until I have absolutely no feeling in my arm and even then can’t bear to make her move.

  19. Awe…sweet kitty kat! Our furbabies have personalities that some people will never understand, don’t they. We lost our beloved basset, Baxter, very suddenly and unexpectedly a couple days ago. We have other pets but his personality was so huge it will be very hard to get used to that void in our house. 🙁

  20. What lovely pictures of Teddy, and I am glad that she seems to be feeling better. A few years ago we had a beautiful black short-haired part-Siamese named Mongkut (for King Mongkut from The King and I) and he became diabetic, but came out of it, and lived another couple of years without shots. Cats are pretty remarkable creatures, and we have 3 at the moment!

  21. I love her. She is beautiful Donna. I’m so glad she is doing better. I had a black cat named Mortisha. I named her Mortisha because she slept on our “Mortisha” wicker chair. I miss her dearly. Thank you for sharing your kitty with us!

  22. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… I love this story, and i’m so happy you now have more time with her. I found you through Marian, (Miss Mustard Seed). I was having a little chat with her, and showed her i photo i found on Pinterest of some absolutely gorgeous hydrangeas, and she said it was a photo done by her friend, which was you! I asked her if she thought you would mind if i tried to paint it, and she said to ask you…
    I love your blog and the way you express yourself, so i’m so glad that connection was made!


  23. Hey!!! Your ‘Monkey’ is the same fur kitty baybee I have!! ‘Ms. Diamond in the Ruff ‘ as I call her came to the house last year. She was only 4.2 lbs, half her hair was missing, she has scars alllll over! The tip of her tail was still fluffy and her feet and head…that was it. After 3 months of me carrying her around like you have done for your baybee, Diamond is soo fluffy and full of piss and vinegar. She is about 1 yr old. She is some sort of Mountain kitty, just like yours, I can never remember the exact name!! I gave your baybee here a smooch as I read your story on FB And now here!! Good luck with her my prayers and Ms. Diamonds’ prayers are with you as well as our 2 dogs and 4 other kitties!!! Big furry paw hug to you all!!!

  24. Hello 🙂

    You’re cat is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Do you kind if I ask what breed she is?

    All the best! Good to here she is well again ,


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