Where the upcycled dollhouse went

Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net

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click click click click…

“Ok! The dollhouse move’s all set! Got all the tools packed?”

“Yes! Let’s do it!”

Bookcase dollhouse / Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
“I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s moving day!”

“I know! I wonder if we’ll be closer to a Starbucks… total bonus…”

Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
“I’m so glad neighbour Janette came by that one day and saw the house. She had the perfect lead!”

“Yeah! Moving our home to a daycare facility at a Learning Centre, attached to a senior secondary school to help support young parents? Total game changer!”

The bookcase doll house was totally easy to move! The roof unscrewed and this was the result.

Cordless drill and screws in a crate tray / Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
A cordless drill and screws were all that was needed to prop it back up again.

Barbie dolls building a dollhouse / Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
“Which screw do you want to start with?”

“Let’s go for the long one. The house will be attached to the larger playhouse area… it’ll be perfect!”

Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
With not even an extra inch to spare. Perfection!

Bookcase dollhouse attached to a play centre / Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Isn’t this play centre amazing? It’s like a little house with a kitchen inside. The left side has a slide. So cute!

Bookcase dollhouse attached to a play centre / Where the upcycled dollhouse went / funkyjunkinteriors.net
The Learning Together Childcare Centre was so excited to take the donated dollhouse! Their theory is ‘green’, so the upcycling done was absolute perfection, and the main motivation to accept it!

A little more about the daycare:

Chilliwack Community Services recently opened Learning Together Childcare Centre, a community daycare, that has spots specifically for young parents.

“The daycare is licensed for young parents,” says Giampa. ‘’And because it’s attached to the school, the [teen parents] won’t have to pay any of the top up – it will be fully funded for them.”

(Government subsidizes daycare costs for teen parents, as long as the daycare is properly licensed, and attached to a school.)

The above sourced info is from HERE.

Wow, right?! I’m thrilled the house went to this daycare. The house will get played with every day, all day. How wonderful is that?

The only thing that came back home with me were the Barbie Dolls, because they weren’t suitable for the younger children in this daycare. Instead, they placed their own little cloth dolls inside which were perfect.

Which was fine with me….

upcycled dollhouse reveal-006
I kinda got attached to these two…

And who knows. Maybe they’ll be back with another build one day. They are a pretty creative bunch… 🙂

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Visit the entire dollhouse series HERE
Porch Wayfair
This project was part of a volunteer project, sponsored by Porch and Wayfair. They paid for the materials, and my time was donated to build the project. All opinions are my own.

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16 thoughts on “Where the upcycled dollhouse went

  1. My daughter was a young teen parent, and a day care attached to her high school would have been ideal. We worked through it, though. I loved seeing the Barbies working on the installation…in their mega-high heels, in fact! I’m glad the doll house went to a most deserving place.

  2. Love the barbie pics! I should do something similar with my son’s dinosaurs and figurines! They’d get a big kick out of that. I always do something silly like the dinosaurs are eating them or other toys in pictures.

  3. Wow Donna – I love it when everything comes together! Just imagine how thrilled the children will be when they see it and get to play with it. I bet they’ll be looking forward to going to daycare just for the dollhouse. You are such a kind and imaginative soul – Bless you!!!!

  4. Donna, perfect, don’t you love how things come together and they work. I bet those barbies will never be lonely – good job!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Donna. It is so nice to see all the ways we can help in our own little communities. A lot of daycare facilities would love to have your dollhouses.

  6. I wondered whatever happened to your fabulous dollhouse. What a great daycare concept and the perfect home for your dollhouse. I bet it feels good knowing the babes of young Moms have received the gift of hours of fun play with your creation. It’s like it was built to measure for that space too…meant to be!

  7. What a great way to use your delightful doll house! I loved the conversation between the Barbies. However, are you aware that the scene with the 2 Barbies and the drill looks like a murd*r scene? lol

  8. I’m soooooo glad you decided to share the new permanent home of the dollhouse with us…this was one of my fave projects that you’ve ever done…that anyone’s ever done, actually…so it’s nice to see it go to a home where it will be well-loved! I’m kinda sad that the Barbies have been separated from their ultra-cool home, but looks like they are ready to build themselves another! I literally LOL til I cried when I saw the pic of the Barbies with the drill and screws…totally made my day! Thanks for this uplifting post, Donna…and brava on a job well done!

  9. very, Very, VERY CUTE ! And so nice of you to donate it, but you’re right ………..The girls gotta stay with you ( = Where they belong, at least for now. Thanks for sharing Donna, too cute.

  10. Aww, this is the best thing I have seen today. It’s so big! I just love it, and this is the perfect place for it. What a great arrangement for these teen parents. 🙂

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