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vintage platters

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Today ended up being kind of a maintenance kind of day. My son needed to have some work done on his braces, so I pulled him out of school for a quick hour. 

What makes our little treks into town special is always stopping at Tim Horton’s. I get a dark roast, one and one, and his thing today was an ice cap. Small pleasures…

After I ran him back to school, rather than returning home, my truck did its own subliminal thinking and veered me towards a couple of thrift stores.

Our thrifts aren’t full of cool vintage stuff for the most part, but I decided to peek in anyway, to gear up for The Olde Farmhouse vintage market on May 30th, and a little more shopping for the upcycled dollhouse project.

And I needed Barbies after all.

junk shopping-8644
Once I got home, my truck felt FULL. I’m kinda glad I never put this workshop table away in front of the house. It comes in handy when you empty your vehicle!

I’m not sure my neighbours agree. But in my defence, I did clean up a huge pile of wood in front of the house today.

We just won’t discuss how many days (weeks?) it took me.

So lemme show you what I found!

white pitchers for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Show
These two little white creamers aren’t old, but they are darling. I loved their special shapes and am always drawn to collect them. They are sweet for freshly picked spring flowers near a sink or on a window sill.

They will come to the market with me! If I can part with them.

mini saw, vintage light and meat grinder for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Show
And I did find a little bit of junk. The hand saw is really TINY! It’s a mini. I’ve never seen one that small.

The meat grinder is… well, a meat grinder. But I’ll make it do something fun at the show. I just love LOOKING at them. That wavy lettered up handle and metal patina… #addiction

And I loved the glass vintage light cover. Compact and cute.

All show stuff. Well… that saw… (slapping hand)

See, this is why I shouldn’t sell stuff.

Seriously! I could hang it up in the workshop with a couple of magnets on it to hold up receipts.

Trying to be strong.

vintage platters
Have I ever told you I have a dual decorating personality? I do love my reclaimed wood and rusty metal but…

My Grandma had a kitchen with thickly painted white cabinets. She was always baking fresh bread, and the hum of her washing machine at the back door was ever present. She had the cutest little clothes bag clipped to her wash line that had vintage flowers all over it.

When I see pretty vintage platters like these, they remind me of my Grandma and her warm little kitchen.

After today, I decided to fuel my love for ‘pretty vintage’ and will have a section for this kind of thing at the show. Are you a vintage platter person too?

Let’s hope they make it…

mini sized wooden crates
Now we’re edging into dollhouse territory. Those Barbies are so lucky to land all these crates! I can’t wait to stencil them up a little and have them do something cool.

I also thought they’d make the cutest reclaimed wood coaster holders for the show. 

Or create ‘crated pitchers’ with flowers…

But then I’d have to keep the pitchers and the crates. Maybe one?

tea light for a Barbie doll lamp
This is a little tea light, but it was so perfect as a lamp for the dollhouse, it had to come home. I can’t wait to try a battery operated tea light inside!  After it’s painted.

wooden pieces for barbie doll dishes
These were little wooden decorative pieces meant for some kind of trim work. 

I felt the ones on the right could be painted like white dinner plates, and the ones on the left to be painted up as a pizza and a pie.

Barbies get hungry too.

paper hole cutter and stationery needs
And I was pretty happy to land a few stationery needs for myself. The stuff was brand new and for pennies.

Now… I did find two Barbies that I fell in love with. But I’ll save them for the house reveal. You can wait till March 24th, right?!

I also found one more thing…. which needed to be tried out IMMEDIATELY.

yellow and cream vintage platter with girl guide cookies
Yup. Those platters work really well!

I’m always up for a good review.

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8 thoughts on “Vintage show and upcycled dollhouse shopping

  1. I love vintage china, as well. So many pieces have had to come home with me. Yes, that mini-saw has to stay with you. At least for a while (20 years maybe).


  2. Great finds Donna! So excited for your dollhouse reveal! Thrift Stores can be gold mines if you hit them on the right day…sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t…it’s fun trying! That mini saw would be hard to part with if I found it…can always keep it and when you find another one, sell it 🙂

  3. By the looks of that haul, your thrift stores are none too shabby! I just love the little white creamers…such a classic shape! I have a secret crush on meat grinders, too…they look so cool…but I wouldn’t know what to do with them. Now was it really fair to make us wait til the ultimate reveal to see the Barbie you chose? hehe! Can you tell I’m excited for March 24? Just a wee bit! 😉

  4. I can’t even count the times I have past over a meat grinder. Seeing it here gives it a whole new (old) beauty! Of course that handle is fabulous, I can see herbs coming out of the top. I have the perfect table in a sunny window to clamp the little herb garden! Thanks for the inspiration Donna!

    That little Saw is a keeper!

    Can’t wait to see the pictures of your space at the Market! Best of luck!

  5. I have a thing for vintage china platters too – but I hold off until I can find the small ones. They’re the perfect size for my family of three. You have a wonderful imagination!

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