When the river runs dry.

Drying Fraser River beaches make for some fun adventures! This one's in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Hello there! Wow, it feels good to tap some keys again!

You may or may not have noticed I took a week off from all things blog. I could see my own tap was just running outta water and my mind needed to just live life without blogging about it for a spell.

The little break is feeling good! I’ve continued to take lots of pictures so there are stories to be told. It’s just been nice to just get up, go make coffee and enjoy it on the patio without thought of much more. Just taking the days as they come.

We have been experiencing what I would deem a mini heat wave. I have heard the complaints when I’ve been in Maui over the past few summers, grateful to be in a more comfortable place. When our little valley locks in the heat, it does it well.

I have no regrets over travel like we have in the past. It was the right season for all the right reasons.

However being home this summer has brought so many new surprises. I had forgotten what our summers were really like.

Drying Fraser River beaches make for some fun adventures! This one's in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
For one thing, our river is literally running dry. These shots were taken during my most recent bike ride.

I have never seen the water level this low. The riverbed is the new beach front where you can basically take your pick on which little still-water lake you desire!

River ramp down into the drying river, in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
The pathways to the river down below are generally submerged. But with this new drought-like situation, no more. I haven’t been able to leave my bike unattended when on my trail riding so I’ve bypassed stopping for a river gaze. Now I can take my bike right on the rocks wherever I desire!

This is what I call a ‘something-to-do backyard’. If you can wander into new territory, that IS an adventure right there.

The drying Vedder River makes for some great still water beaches, in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
I’ve made a few pitstops to the river, and even brought my chair twice to a little sandy beach all to myself. I’ll be doing that again for sure.

It was difficult to sit for long lengths of time, so I did more wandering than reading. 

I am clearly not in full-out vacation mode. Yet. However I will continue on working on settling my over-thinking mind so the good stuff can rise to the top again.

Eerie red sunset through the forest fire fog, taken at the Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
For the past two weeks during our hot weather streak, we even lost our sky.

Regional forest fire smoke filtered into our valley and wouldn’t budge. The first AM I pattered out to the patio, I coughed and went right back in! Over time, you just got use to it… or the smoke lightened up. Maybe both. Not even sure. However the next day I was out on the bike again and did fine. 

The haze did make for some unique sun and moon sightings. They both looked red all day and all night long. Pretty eerie.

Drying Vedder River bed makes for some great beach settings! In Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
Drying Vedder River bed makes for some great beach settings! In Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
You also know of my pondering house hunting thoughts from THIS post.

So I’ve been looking around online just to see what’s out there.

All these musings made me realize a few things I hadn’t taken the time to actually see in a long time…

My current home offers some really tough competition. I may not have a river in my backyard, but a 4 minute bike ride to get to all these free beaches is nothing to sneeze at!

Staying home all summer (aside from my cabin getaway) has been frustrating yet enlightening. My mind felt I should be somewhere else, yet my soul was pretty happy enjoying endless summer bike rides, movie watching at night, and relishing in the humidity right in my own backyard without requiring airport lineups.

I do love humidity…

Bike riding the Rotary Trail along the Vedder River in Chilliwack, BC Canada - part of When the river runs dry. | funkyjunkinteriors.net
So after experiencing one crazy train July, I have some advice for myself or whomever else may need to hear it before August comes to a close…

Stop fretting over where you think you should or shouldn’t be. Take your days as they come and make the most of them. Live for right now. Right where you are! If you want to adventure, go! If you wish to stay home and sit in the sun or tinker on a project, do that.

Quit punishing yourself that you ‘should’ be here or there or everywhere else. According to my therapist, the word SHOULD or SHOULDN’T shouldn’t exist. : ) It implies pressure to perform, bringing on guilt. Try “I want to… or “I don’t want to” or “I need” instead. It offers permission to treat yourself right without shame.

My little river may have been running dry over the past while in more ways than one, however many new blessings have come of it.

Perhaps we are right where we need to be after all…

How about you? What’s going on with you this summer?

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21 thoughts on “When the river runs dry.

    • This is so true. I don’t think most of us know how to truly vacation at home. I think that’s because we can’t seem to stop working when we ARE home! I certainly am totally guilty of this. I’m going to attempt some posts on my area seen through vacation eyes… which I know will be a challenge!

  1. What an inspiring blog! Today I plan to stop and breathe! I plan to make this an “I want to” not an “I have to” day! Your posts are a blessing to me!

    • Cheryl, that tip sorda had me thinking at first that we just ‘say’ those things but don’t really mean to cause ourselves harm with them. However I now am in tune to how the words broke me down. Over and over again. I get it now, but I certainly didn’t before this conversation!

  2. It is always great to take a break and realize the beauty that surrounds us. We tend to take advantage of the surroundings of which we live, always looking for the “better place” to be … your “territory” is truly beautiful! I pray that water returns to your river, but in the meantime, it is still most beautiful site…just a different pretty site!

  3. Oftentimes God is beckoning us to just “Be”…. to Be still, to be satisfied, to be trusting, to be happy… to lay back and float in his ever present, sturdy and strong embrace. To trust…. to see and look with fresh eyes at the fount of blessings pouring over us. To be “ok” right where He has placed us for this moment in time. Live with the intention of “being” present in each and every moment.

  4. Our lives have been disrupted by this massive 168,000 hectre Elephant Hill forest fire that began July 7 in our town. I watched it as a small puff of smoke. I have 6+ friends who have lost everything. Some days you can barely see across the street. All of this waiting in limbo for 6 weeks has shown me I really had it pretty good before. We look like a blackened moon scape, birds quit singing, thousands of cattle burned, family pets gone, wild animals burned. I just want life to be like it was before, perfect…when I didn’t even realize it.

    • Sandy, I can’t even fathom how horrible this is for you. I’m so sorry and just devastated for everyone affected.

      I may have whined a few times about the smoke that refused to lift for 2 straight weeks, however I quickly reverted to being extremely grateful the flames were not flickering in my own back yard.

      I will continue to pray for those affected.

  5. Donna – You do really have beautiful scenery where you live. The dry river beds are gorgeous. Sometimes taking a short hiatus from our norm restores the flow of creative juices. Or it just gives our brains a much needed vacation (haha)! Be well my friend, and most of all, be happy!!!!!

  6. Lovely.

    We live around lakes, both the Great Lakes and little lakes, and fewer rivers. I always wonder what life must be without the water views. Having grown up around water and spending all my years by it, I cannot imagine. I live less than a block from one of the Great Lakes, and see the gorgeous water as I cross town. It never gets old.

    And, like the ebb and tide of life, water levels go up and down, even on big water. Much like life, I suppose.

    In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.


    • For many years, my son and I went full season camping at a nearby lake resort. My baby basically grew up on a beach.

      When we stopped camping, it was really tough to not have that water to play in or even look at! I didn’t view the nearby river as good competition at the time. I’ve since opened my eyes and see it much differently today.

      And agree… our paths will be directed if we continue to acknowledge Him. Puts everything back into proper perspective, doesn’t it? We really don’t HAVE to worry!

  7. Donna ~
    I’ve had a “stay-at-home” summer too. We had a horrid winter, a very short and wet spring, and then several months of awful heat. Too hot to even play in the garden after about 10 AM!

    And I hear you on the smoky haze we’ve had here in the PNW ~ we’ve cleared out quite a bit now, but I saw that most of it had gone north, almost all the way to the Arctic circle! Yikes!!

    Keep on keeping on ~ be very gentle with yourself.

  8. “Stop fretting over where you think you should or shouldn’t be. Take your days as they come and make the most of them. Live for right now.”
    Perfect for today. Thanks.

  9. after an incredibly stressful, humbling, painful year of being unemployed, I finally landed a teaching job starting next week. There were days I could relax with my 19 year old daughter, who picked up the slack financially when unemployment ran out, but sadly, I was mostly panicked, stressed and unhappy. So I am trying to spend these last few days before school starts reflecting on the year, spending time with her cooking, watching movies and just being grateful.

  10. Well, my summer has been largely trying to find some way to keep the bank from foreclosing on my house. It feels like a huge distraction from everything I’d really like to be doing, but can’t. So much paperwork, file-hunting, emailing, evaluating….and on and on. All my least favorite things to do. I find myself just so tired of thinking about what to do next, but I don’t want to have to move because there is no place I could go that would accept my big black Labradoodle. Even the places who accept dogs wouldn’t let him in because he’s too big. So I am trying every solution I can think of to keep the house. I am hopeful about the last solution I’m looking at, so perhaps it will be over soon. This has been the Summer of the Foreclosure!

    So my relaxation days have been few and far between and I haven’t spent nearly enough time in my flower beds or on my deck just relaxing. Because of this I am not looking forward to Fall. I hardly ever am, anyway. I never want the summer to be over and cold weather to start. But perhaps the plus this year will be that I am done with all the paperwork and can get on to some indoor projects I want to do.

    Enough about me. I love your photos. Such lovely places you have access to. I hope you are refreshed after your little “vacation” and we’ll see some interesting projects soon. Take care of yourself first, though.

  11. to be content is a beautiful thing…a simple word with a powerful meaning. watching your stories I love your surroundings & home. However, I totally understand if you feel a pull.

    I know for us we don’t have a river like our cabin and my hubby often longs for that, but we know that our home is perfect for us right now. location, property

    i think you nailed it..being in the moment of right now! for us we don’t see when or where we will end up…back on the west coast at some point…who knows…but for now, we are right where we need to be

    hope you find that same feeling of being content, xo

    • Isn’t it funny? I look at your stories and your place and lustfully wish I had that barn full of junk and lived in your country setting!

      It’s so easy to live through another’s story without the hardships that come with it all.

      Learning to be content right where we are I think is so key for any future happiness that may come our way. He listens and knows the desires of our heart, and if it’s to be, He’ll make it happen!

      One miracle at a time.

  12. Wow. Talk about a river running through it–that is some scenery! That really is some balm for the soul. (And I want a truck load of all those beautiful round river rocks.)

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