Enter to win a branch handled toolbox kit – giveaway! – now over. Winner announced soon.

Branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Winners have been deemed! Please check your emails:

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Thanks everyone!

I’ve made no secret about my love in creating with reclaimed wood.

And with that, came my funky little wooden toolboxes.

Branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

1. branch handled toolbox phone station

I love these guys. They are so easy to make, and can do most anything!

Branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Now, if you really look hard at them, they’re actually quite plain. Well… the drill handled one is a bit fancier I suppose.

Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
#3. Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox

But they REALLY come to life when you do something fun with them!

sand toned branch handled toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

#4. Sand toned branch handled toolbox

And although I confessed that sending packages is a massive weakness of mine… I’m going to make a special exception.

reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox-006
#5. branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox business card holder

I’d like to send a few away… to you. But… with a twist. I’m going to send KITS, not built boxes.

(evil grin…)


Readers making a branch handled toolbox on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Because I want you to pick up a plain, little toolbox kit, gather up your cordless drill, and use your imagination to make it yours.

I want you to build. πŸ™‚

Dream Box Building Challenge #26

Thank those that have helped you along your way.

And make them build something… πŸ™‚

31 days Dream Box Building on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

Visit what dream box building is all about HERE

Visit all dream box building updates HERE

Reclaimed wood toolbox kit on FunkyJunkInteriors.net

As my sincerest thank-you for following along Funky Junk, I’m going to offer 3 ways to win one.

Winners have been deemed! Please check your emails:

Jennifer2989 – from blog comments
red.heads_rule – from blog subscriptions
Denise K – from newsletter

Thanks everyone!

How to win a branch handled toolbox kit:

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#3 – In comments below, say which toolbox you love the most, and how you’d use it, and you’re in!
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Now go win! πŸ™‚

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Giveaway is valid now until Oct 31st, midnight pacific time. Names of winners will be deemed in this post and also in the newsletter and in a new blog post Nov 1st. A valid email must accompany your comment below. Once notified, you must reply back with your full address and phone number within 1 week. Giveaway is open worldwide. You must be over the age of 18 to win. Void where prohibited. Full disclosure is HERE.

As of Nov 1st, this giveaway is now over. Winner will be announced in a new blog post Nov 3 and back again in this post. Thanks to all who entered!

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291 thoughts on “Enter to win a branch handled toolbox kit – giveaway! – now over. Winner announced soon.

  1. #2 is my favorite. I’d love to win anyone of them. I’d have my girls put one together for my their dad for Christmas!

  2. My favorite is #3. I’m a graphic designer and can certainly use it to organize all my graphic tools and accessories.

  3. I would love the sand-toned branch handled box. It would look great in my remodelled kitchen. In the summer I would take my condiments out to the garden in it when we socialise with the neighbours. They would be so jealous.

  4. I’d love to recieve No#5 if I’m one of the winners.I’m using it in my office area which I ‘ve recently begun to decorate it.Thanks a lot for giving me the chance to become a winner of your beautiful toolboxes.

  5. #2 is my favorite. My dad had some “analogue” tools that I wished I had kept…i remember him drilling holes with his tool just like the handle on this one. I would use it to keep my household tools at the ready!

  6. I love toolbox number 2. I could use it for so many things but I think I would use it in my massage therapy room to hold some of my massage waxes πŸ™‚

  7. I love toolbox number 2. I could use it for so many things but I think I would use it in my massage therapy room to hold some of my massage waxes πŸ™‚

  8. I’m a #2 girl too! I need all the help I can get when it comes to organizing… What your garage/woodshop looked like BEFORE “the transformation” is what my little art room often looks like……….. I have almost no time for even email, but yours is the only blog I read and enjoy and struggle with deleting (after I’ve peeked, of course!) if I am trying to clean up my 10,000 plus emails. I love your “real-ness” and your cute vulnerability in the uncertainties of life, Donna. May the Lord encourage and bless you.

  9. I love #3, they’re all gorgeous, but that’s my favourite :-). I like it with the flowers, might use it for that..but most likely would use it to organize baking/ pastry tools (I have an old kitchen queen hutch where I keep baking stuff, it would look pretty cool there). Thanks for posting giveaway! xo

  10. Hi! I would love to win the sanded branch toolbox. I enjoy doing a little tole painting, and I’d add a few personal touches to make it mine. I would use it for the seasons adding pine cones and holly, small pumpkins and cloth ones I’ve made, spring flowers and tole painted bunnies, and seashells. Thank you….

  11. love them all! but my favorite has to be the branch handled one. I could see this holding seed packets in my greenhouse, or displaying small herb pots.

  12. The drill handled tool box is my favorite. As Christmas approaches, I’d
    fill it with antique snowmen or spruce tips, lights and pinecones or
    do something with mason jars in it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. No. 5 would look great on my little craft desk. I plan to use it to organize small paint brushes, scissors, pens etc. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  14. Hi Donna. What an awesome give-away! I love that you are sending a kit and not a completed tool box. I have always wanted to build stuff but haven’t mustered up the nerve to try. This would inspire my confidence! I love box #5 with the dividers. I am a paper crafter and would use it on my desk to keep stuff I use a lot. They are ALL so clever! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all.

  15. I actually like the one with the numbers! I love labels and signs (and even labeled our two buckets, Bucket 1 and Bucket Too). There’s something about numbers and words that don’t always “need” to be there, that make me smile or take notice.

    How would I use it? I think I’d make a postage station – stamps, address labels, envelopes, a pen, etc. On second thought, not the pen, since Luka, one of our cats picks up pens and take them away. Pens, flipflops, eye glasses… all Luka-prey.

    Thank you for the early Sunday fun!

  16. Gosh, they are all beautiful! Of course, the old hand drill makes that one unique. Probably my favorite. Love the old #4 and the twig heart! If I were lucky enough to win, I would toss my ugly black tin box and put my tools in my new Dream Box! It really would make life easier! I am ready to drill!

  17. My favorite is #3! I love all things rustic and the drill puts it over the top! I would use it to organize bills, pens, etc.

  18. What an awesome give away. I’ve always wanted to make one of these. I’d love to do #2. This would work great doing my weekly crafting sessions with my friend. Thank you for the opportunity.


  19. I’d love to win #4 and move from table to buffet to outdoor table when entertaining and fill it with flowers or cutlery, napkins, glassware or let inspiration take over!

  20. I love the sand-toned branch handle tool box. I’d use it 1) to corral keys, mail, and odds & ends that end up cluttering the kitchen counter. 2) I could also use it to keep make-up in the bathroom. I like the way it would look in there against all the sleek, shiny surfaces. Thanks!

  21. I would love, love, a chance to with the DRILL kit, #2. I have all my father’s old tools collecting dust (and one of those drills). The tools are from the 1930’s and have wooden handles. I have old glass, and brass door knobs from my house and license plates from Dad’s old cars from the 1920’s. I’d love to display them in this kit, it would be “Dad’s Toolbox”. Thanks for the chances to win.

  22. i love that these are actually functional- I’ve seen others for sale that are so flimsy that they are “just for pretty”. If I had one(Love the boxes with numbers), it probably would move around my house, as a silverware caddy for when we eat outside, a tote for crafting supplies, plus all of the seasonal ways to display it. Oh, the possibilities!

  23. Oh my I love them ALL!! I would love to make one and would probably use it to organize things on my work desk or maybe organize things in my kitchen or wait, maybe I’d just use it to display flowers… choices choices.

  24. I love every one of these babies, but I think the #4 stole my heart….the compartments are too cute! Pick meeeee!

  25. Hi Donna!

    I have been following you forever and you are such an inspiration to me! I am so in LoVe with #2 and #3 with the drill handles! I would use it for our phone station which we are badly in need of!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    P.S. HaLLoWeeN is my favorite day!

  26. The one at the top is my absolute favorite. (The one that’s decorated with the vintage #4, please, because I’ve always been partial to that number.) I’d use it as a stash box for my writing/revision tools: highlighters and gel pens, post-its and page tabs, scissors and index cards, etc. What a fun way to keep everything at my elbow.

    Thanks for this blog, which I stumbled upon just this morning! Love your creative sensibilities…and your personality, so evident in that paint-spattered picture. πŸ™‚

  27. Even though I love them all and just had to pick one…then it would hve to be – #3. Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox.

    I currently am a subscriber – for a while now and get the colorful weekly newsletter too!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  28. Rats! I love them all just saying! This would be my first 101 experience using a power tool. Plus, I envy you with your boldness to create, I think that is why I love you and your blog so much.
    Back to my favorite toolbox, my first would be the one with the old drill as the handle, then the branch one, with added touches.
    Now I like to go along with my husband when he visits Lowe’s and I look at all the tools, thinking one of these days I need to be bold….. you inspire me!
    Thank you, Debbie from the Northwest

  29. I love the look of the drill handled tote, I would probably use mine for my brushes, tools, leftover paints,and smaller hand tools. It would look great in my kitchen holding pill bottles and vitamins for my older dogs.

  30. I have loved all of them since I first saw them on your blog. I am trying to get up the physical ability to get back onto my garage and start creating again. I love taking “garbage” and “upcycling” (I think that is the P.C. term) into something we/somebody can/will use. That being said, IF I have to choose between the ones shown, #1 and #2 are tied for first place!

  31. #5 in my newly remodeled kitchen would look fabulous!!! I’d store knick-knacks, etc., maybe even my salt & pepper shakers. To be honest, I’d take any of them!!!!! Thanks.

  32. I really love all the toolboxes and would be excited to win any of them in the drawing. But I guess if I had to choose it would be probably be the one with the drill handle although I really like the branch handle as well.

    Either would look great on my Kitchen Counter or on my wooden Ironing board in the living room. Especially for Christmas and filled with greenery and pine cones with a few cinnamon sticks to add fragrance.

    I don’t usually enter the give aways, but I have been on the look out for one of these for a long time and just haven’t been fortunate enough to find one and I’m not very talented to make one. Even if I don’t win, I want you to know I really love your site and will continue to stay tuned for more junk ideas.

    Barbara Booth

  33. They are all so cute! I love #2 toolbox with the little piece of branch sticking up. I have a stack of receipts on my kitchen counter. It would be a great organizer for all the papers.

  34. #1 or 2 for me!! I have a habit of stuffing my pruning shears, the fish food and my garden gloves in my pockets when I go out to make my rounds of the garden and flower beds. My pockets are lumpy and bumpy and hard to sit on when I pause to drink my coffee on a bench. These wonderful caddies would make it so much more comfortable and stylish to stroll the green spaces of my yard!!

  35. Oh my goodness, what fun! Number 3 is my favorite! I can think of so many uses for it! I love it as it’s pictured so I may put hydrangeas in it! I also could use it for corralling all of the remote controls, or in the kitchen to hold napkins and mason jars with silverware inside! So much fun just to think of all the ways I could find to enjoy it! Love!!!

  36. #3 is my favorite. I would use it for my mail, sort of like my “organization center” I can see adding more pieces to complete the look but it would be centered around this as my starting point. I have to start somewhere….it’s a mess here.

  37. I love checking out how you use “junk” to create something beautiful, something with special character! If I had one of your tool boxes, I think I would use it in my kitchen! I have thought of flying out to the west coast to come see you at one of your workshops…just hasn’t worked yet! One day…I love all the tool boxes but if I would use it in the kitchen, I think I would choose #4 with the smooth handle. If I used it outside, I think I would love the drill handled one!

  38. Wow, how cool! I would love to win one of your kits. I totally love #5 and #3. lol Well, if I happen to be lucky enough to win, you pick. lol I’m subscribed to both, again, I must of subscribed with my old email address and not the newer one. I usually just pop in every day or every other anyways. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh, wait, I would love to use a tool box in my kitchen for utensils, coffee packs and sugars. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. I’ve been thinking, and I believe I could use the toolbox in almost any room.It would look especially sweet on my kitchen window ledge maybe with pots of parsley, cilantro,basil. Thank you for all the good ideas you share w us.

  40. I love the drill tote…begged a drill from my girlfriend(one of her late husband’s tools) but, as usual, that is as far as it got after I saw your post!

  41. I just love #2. I will be selfish and keep it for myself to use in my home office. It will go on a shelf next to my 12 pain window on the wall!

  42. My favorite is number 1. I find that the older I get, the more disorganized I become, and would love to use it on my desk. No more hunting around for a pen, or my glasses [which are either left in another room or they’re hiding on top of my head], but wait! I could also use this for my jewelry making tools! Whoa. The possibilities are endless…thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone else. I love their idea’s too. πŸ˜‰

  43. I love ALL the toolboxes and would be thrilled to win any of them. I would probably use the in my craft room for decoration.

  44. Sorry…I can’t pick one because they are all awesome but I can tell you what I would do with one…

    I would put small pots of herbs in it and set it near our sunny southern exposure window. It would help make using the herbs easier as those windows are not by the kitchen…easy transport when needed!:)

  45. I Love the one with the numbers. I would use it in my potting shed to hold tools and seed packets on the shelf I am building!! Please pick me!

  46. Well, my favorite is the drill one just because it’s so artsy and unique and cool. But I think I would have to pick number 5, because I LOVE the lichen and I would use this one right away at my booth at the antique mall to hold my business cards and my little style book, and my suggestion box. These are all so wonderful. I love your style.

  47. I got all excited and then honestly almost didn’t enter when I read that I have to assemble it myself! (even thought I’m already subscribed to your blog and newsletter) BUT, it’s time to turn the talent wish-I-coulds into I-can-do-this DIY! Maybe I can find somebody to help me if I win! Thanks for this opportunity! Oh! Almost forgot! I love #2! No, wait, #3! No, #5! How does a girl choose?

    • I forgot to say how I would use a toolbox! It would make an awesome caddy for my soon-to-be-finished craft room, holding pens, brushes, glue sticks, etc!

  48. I love them all! I would use all of them around the house for bathroom organization, organizing my remotes, parties for condiments or silverware, on my crafting table etc. So many possibilities! I recently started building my dream of having a craft business! Believe it or not, you played a part in that. I’ve been following you for awhile now and one of your posts about letting go of the fear and just going for it really struck a cord with me. You know how sometimes you read something and it’s like the author was directing their thoughts to YOU? That’s how it was! So now I am 3 months into my business endeavor and have a booth at a consignment shop in my town and did my first craft show in September and have scheduled three more for the holidays. Thank you for encouraging me to dream and just do it! πŸ™‚

  49. wow to own a donna original… i love them all but i guess i would love to have #3 the drill handle tool box because that way i would have 2 treats the box parts and one of the gorgeous old drills,my hydrangeas are still babies but i should get some more flowers next spring to put in the box also i would put Christmas ornaments in it and hang one on drill…heck fill it with mason jars and sticks and it would still look cool even empty i would enjoy it and every time i look at it i would think of you and your journey to where you are now.
    thanks for the chance xx

  50. #3 is my favourite…Well seriously I love them all, but if I have to pick it would be #3. I would use in on my dining table with flowers..what a great conversation piece. I look forward to your posting each day. Thanks for your creativity! You are very talented.

  51. I absolutely love your toolboxes. I would fill mine with flowers. My favorite is the one with the drill handle, so clever! I’ve been asking my grown son to help me make one but alas, it hasn’t happened.
    Carol b(Cln cors)

  52. I love the drill handled tool boxes – because I love old tools. But the branch handled ones are really neat, too, with the fun way you used the part that sticks up to hold tape or string. I would use it to hold my Dad’s rusted old tools, which I am in the process of reclaiming. Your tool boxes are such a great idea, and every time you post one I think, “I need to make one of those!”

  53. I love #3….But I will take any of them! My most favorite pic of the tool boxes is the #3 with hydrangeas and I think that is how I would use mine…as a centerpiece.

    You are so talented with using old things to make new things that I can hardly wait to see what you have created next.

    Thank you.

  54. I would LOVE any one of those toolboxes!
    Use it for remotes, use it for gathering counter items in my kitchen….lots of possibilities!!

  55. I love the toolbar handle tool box. I’ve been drooling over it for a long time. I would put some dried flowers in it and display it my foyer. Thank you so much for the giveaway I love your blog and I did receive your newsletter, but something has happened and I don’t receive it anymore. I will try and subscribe to it again.

  56. I would LOVE any of the tool boxes and could use them for many uses. My first choice would be the one with the drill. I’d use it in my craft room to hold supplies, or next to my fireplace in the basement with dried flowers. The one with the branch I would use next to my sewing machine–and put thread/bobbins in it. Any of the others I would roll hand towels in, put lotions and necessities in the bathroom, or put some of the buttons from my collection in so I could carry it around as I make button bracelets. OH….I am crossing my fingers to win this,. I never win anything but am not going to miss the chance at the possibility for this wonderful treasure. Thanks.

  57. My favorite box is the #3 Drill Handle Box! It has a funky industrial vibe, and is so unique! I would use it to organize mail and such beside my 1930 telephone…it would be perfect!

  58. I must say I like them all, but number 5 is my favorite. I would use it in my craft room. I would fill compartments with small mason jars to hold bobbins, pins and misc items. I could also use bigger section to put my favorite patterns ,tape measure, and scissors in. Would love to win it and put it to good use!

  59. I love the last one, the business card holder!!! It would be perfect
    For my husband to take to cattle shows and sit on his display table!
    I’m pretty sure if I don’t win, I will HAVE to make him one for Christmas!!!

  60. I would be delighted to win any one of them but I especially love the drill handle tool box – I just recently found a red drill at an estate sale that could be used! πŸ™‚ I would use it on my desk to organize my pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

  61. The drill handled one is my favourite, but I love numbers and bits of labels too. Thanks for the chance to win one πŸ™‚

  62. WoW! I could use any one of them for my art supplies; special pens, brushes, gesso, paints, sprays…you name it. It would be perfect to put on my art work table and keep everything in one container.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  63. I would love the one with the drill for a handle! It would be perfect for a buffet table with salt/pepper shakers, napkins and flatware! They are all adorable, though, and I would be happy with any one of them! Love , love, love your blog and your energy!

  64. OH MY!!!! OH MY!!!
    i don’t know if i can pick one!! So if i have to pick just one … Pick the one with the branch with the little branch coming off it.
    thanks for the chance to win one!!

  65. Im swooning over the one with the number 4 on the side. I am and always will be all things snail mail. I want to keep the tradition going with my daughter in this heavily tech filled world, so I’d use ths to set up a mother daughter letter writing station. Keep up the gorgeous work!!

  66. I love the antique drill handled box. I’d put it on my kitchen table with flowers in side or maybe filled with seasonal items. Who knows! You can be sure….it will be used. So cute!!

  67. I love the business card toolbox. I love how rustic it looks, yet it is so “dainty” with the heart on the side and the moss on the handle. It would fit perfectly on my reclaimed pallet wood dining table a friend built me. Love all of your projects.

  68. #5 is my fave. I would use it as an organizer in my kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity. Love how you share and encourage to get out there and create.

  69. I love them all, but I think #1 is my favorite. Thanks so much Donna for the chance to win. I’m always looking for something fun and clever to hold more stuff in my office.

  70. I have loved the drill press tool box since the day I first saw it. I searched yard sales until I finally found one πŸ™‚ I now need to get the nerve to build it. Maybe if I win the kit it will help me get the confidence to make the drill one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  71. I love the drill handle box–so unique–and I love anything with numbers! And the handle with the little extra branch! They all are just darling. And I would use as decor on our hearth with seasonal designs or in my craft room to hold extra supplies on my desk. Thank you for this great give away…

  72. #4 is my favorite. I would use it in my camper to store my personal stuff next to my bed, such as small flashlight, cell phone, eye glasses, etc. It would really come in handy when I make my epic journey around the country this coming Spring.

  73. I love Number #2 the wonderful branch handled ones with the numbers on them! Something about the numbers make them stand out to me. I would use it in my Husbands Bathroom to hold his brush, etc.

  74. All your toolboxes are so clever! I think the drill handled one is my favorite. I’d use mine in my craft room to help organize the space! Thanks for so many great ideas!

  75. Loving the #6 toolbox this would go great in my bathroom remodel for hand towels! ! I just hope if I win my mom don’t snatch it from me! Love your blogs and your home!!

  76. I LOVE #5, as I love and collect rustic things and hearts!~ It would look marvelous in our log home and in my office!~ ….or I might make it and give it away as a Christmas present πŸ˜€

    Thank you Donna~
    Joetta Colquette

  77. I LOVE the Drill Handled toolbox because it reminds me of my grandpa. He had a farm and was constantly fiddling around with different things in the shed. He had a few of these drills laying around and I was fascinated by them, probably because I wasn’t allowed to play with them! πŸ™‚

    Love your blog and your story! True inspiration! πŸ™‚

  78. Love the #3 Tool Box the best.

    What an inspiration you have been since we found you. We got our
    first truck load of pallets two weeks ago. Already had a truck load
    of old barn wood from an Estate Sale. We have been busy making
    all kinds of items for the house. Thanks for all
    your ideas about wood and about life.

  79. I really like all of the toolboxes! It would be fun to build and put one to good use in my craft room, which definitely needs a bit of organizing! I do really like #4 because of it’s simplicity, and #5 with it’s cute heart on the end.

  80. I had trouble figuring out which number or name was the box I liked. I think it is the Sand toned branch handle, the smooth one. But I like the one that has room for tape or twine on the handle too.
    I would use it for crafting and holding smaller tools for reguklar household fix up.


  81. It’s already running thorough my head exactly how to make one and how it would look. Love this giveaway idea of making it yourself. I already follow your blog though the blogger format of adding any blog.

  82. Well, picking one is impossible so I’ll go with all!! I love the ones you have the hydrangeas in…so colorful. I would use the toolbox for the pens/markers in my art studio to keep them all in one place. Thanks for the chance to try my hand at making one!! Happy Sunday

  83. Love to win one! I think I would use it either as a flower planter on my front deck or by the phone to hold all the “phone stuff” like you did.
    By the way, you’re not alone. My sister, a friend and I all have Fear of the Post Office Syndrome. We’re not sure why, my friend put out the theory that she may have been bit by the postman as a child.

  84. Love, Love, Love number three. Love the reuse of the drill!! So many different ways and places to use. Would use it in my workshop to hold all those odds and ends that always manage to walk away!!

  85. I love #3 and #5. I would use them on my patio and front porch to put in flowers, or carry out condiments for a backyard picnic. Lordy there are so many ideas popping around in my head right now on what they could be used for. Every room, from the craft room to the kitchen. They are all beauties and would be a perfect addition for what ever purpose you can find. Even outside with garden tools and seeds, or even a mini fairy garden. possibilities are endless. Thanks for a chance to win one of these beauties.

  86. I just love all the reclaimed toolboxes but my fav would be the Drill Handled toolbox. I am always looking for ways to repourpose items and the old drill is so cool and would be such a conversation peice. I also love changing how I use things so Im thinking of so many places to use this. I think it’s first job would be on the coffee table holding all the TV controls. Im always excited to see what you are doing next, keep up the great work!

  87. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the toolbox with the dark wood sides, has compartments, and the metal number on the side (#5)! I also LOVE the drill handle toolbox. I have 2 hand drills in my garage that are looking for a good home.

  88. I like #2. I chose it because of the #8, my favorite number. I make greeting cards, and one of these totes would hold my cards and envelopes, along with stamps and pens, nicely. I don’t think I have played with wood since I was a kid, and making this would be so fun! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  89. I love 5! If i had one, it would be the start of my jewelry making station and craft room. (Which you have provided many ideas for) i have found a reclaimed wood stash in my garage that i plan on turning into shelves. πŸ™‚ also, i plan on adopting some dried hydrangias from my aunts house because of.you. thanks for all the great ideas!

  90. I LOVE everything about all of these toolboxes. Using rusty old things and junk to build beautiful things makes me smile! You are so talented and I love seeing your new creations. You inspire me!

  91. I’m lusting after #3., the drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox. I’m cleaning out my father’s workshop, as he died a few months ago, and the deeper I go, the harder it gets. I find so many sweet things he made in there, and tools that were his father’s, probably originating around the turn of the 20th century in Kansas. Yesterday I found an elaborate wood box he’d made in a giant “V” shape to camouflage a pair of diamond earrings he gave my mom one Christmas. That was a tear-jerker.

    Some day, after I’ve finished digging and distributing his things to new, mostly family, owners, I’d like to redo the workshop and make it all my own, a cheerful place to craft and make. I found several beautiful and precise old tools that would be perfect for the small things I make, and I’d love to proudly display them in your drill handled toolbox. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

  92. branch handled toolbox phone station
    This is the one I just love. I been searching the net for a unique charging station and a place to hold all the electronics I own and this toolbox caught my eye. Beautiful, rustic and unique, just my style.
    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway

  93. I love them all, but if I had to pick, I’d pick #5. I just love the smaller compartments. They are so adorable. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  94. I love the business card box…I would paint some florals or a monogram on it and use it in my daughter’s room for Squinkie storage. If you don’t know what Squinkie’s are then you have truly missed a treat…look them up πŸ™‚

  95. Hello Donna,
    This is awesome. Thank you for your generosity. So happy that you are able to live your bliss and have only one job now πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend.
    PS They are all nice, but #3 is my favorite. My nostalgia obsession ;D

  96. I like #5 best but any of the kits would make me overjoyed! (I picked up an old drill at a garage sale and found it too heavy to use as a handle.) I would use it one of two ways: (1) On my sewing/cutting table for all the accoutrements that are necessary (weights, cutters, pins, etc.) but seem to constantly float away and need hunting. (2) In my guest powder room to hold small hand towels.

    Thank you.

  97. #2 BUT I love them all.

    Most likely I would set this up for my Herb and Flower cutting tool box to use for my harvesting efforts. It would carry my cutting tools, twine, rubber band cache for bundling, among other things. LOVE ALL OF THEM.

    OR– Inside as my wrapping supply box with ribbons, wrappings, bags, twine and scissors– Just perfect!

  98. Love love #1, the branch handled phone station…. never been very “handy” with power tools, always my sis’s area of expertise so would be amazing to win and step outside my comfort zone! Would add a #5 to the end for # of family members… would look so cute in the kitchen and maybe I would get to stop asking my hubby if he’d seen where I left my phone last!LOL

  99. How do I make a choice? OK here goes. I love #2. Yes, number 2. It’s rustic and interesting and waiting for some fun things to be added. No wait, I love #3. Yes, number 3 it is. Gotta love that hand drill handle, right? It would look so good holding my… Hold on, I love #5. This is hard. They’re all so cute. Do I put it on the desk next to the phone with note pads and pens? Take it to the cabin to sit on the dining table or porch for utensils and napkins? Use it in my craft room for scissors and glue sticks?
    Donna, you’re a sweetheart, but you didn’t make this easy!

  100. #3! It would be lovely on my desk in my studio, and I would also trade it out as a unique centerpiece for my dining table.

  101. I love the toolbox #1 the phone station, I would put it on my counter right by my phone with pens, paper all the good stuff you need when you are taking a message and can’t find any of these items.

  102. Donna, you are such an inspiration! Both with your craftiness and philosophically. I have admired the drill handled tool box and hoped to raid my dad’s garage in hopes of finding one when I go home to Missouri for a visit to make my own tool box. Since I love gardening, I would use it for hand tools and a pretty potted plant, of course. Not only would I love to win one because I think they are so cute, it would be a reminder of you and your gifts to all of us.

  103. What an absolutely wonderful thing for you to do. I love these toolbox’s and would absolutely love to win #3. Drill Handled reclaimed wood Toolbox. It would be great to use it for my “handy tools” (a small tool box, centrally located with basic fix it tools), instead of the plastic thing that I use now.

    I think it would be fun to give it a bit of a whitewash or colour washes, then age it a bit. Instead of being buried on the back of the shelf, it could be first view. I might even be tempted to put it on an open kitchen shelf! πŸ™‚

    I’m following you on Pinterest and G+, as well as getting your emails, so that I don’t miss anything. πŸ˜›

    Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these wonderful gifts. πŸ™‚

  104. I like box #2 but the smooth branch on #4. You’re right, they can be used for so many things. I would probably use it as a centerpiece on my dining table with vintage blue mason jars and flowers or to display some of my favourite pretty dishes and china or some of my vintage sewing supplies or baking tins and tools. I might dry brush some white or blue or green paint onto it. So many possibilities!

  105. Hello! All your ideas are so clever and spark my creative mind, but my favorite tool box design is the “branch handled reclaimed wood toolbox” because I completely and immediately fall for anything with any of the “R” words in its title.

  106. I really like #2. I would use it for cds , maybe mail, filling it with greenery, or bittersweet and gourds, or my African violets, or…oh! the possibilities!!!!!!

  107. I love the drill handled toolbox and would love to use it for my little collection of tools…unless I have blooming flowers! πŸ˜‰ But, I do love them all and wish I could make one myself. Thank you for the opportunity to win a toolbox. Roberta

  108. Any cute toolbox that would get me started with my drill would be delightful! They’re all fantastic! I would use one on my porch to display seasonal dΓ©cor. Lucky Day! Thank you!

  109. Oh, WOW!!! Thank you for this chance to win an amazing toolbox kit πŸ˜€
    Good luck everyone…but I hope it’s me hehehehehehehehehehehe

  110. Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox is my favourite toolbox.
    Have been following your blog/newsletter for awhile. You have inspired me and my husband to try a pallet project.We made a ladder back chair, did a bit of staining and added a grapevine wreath- looks amazing tucked into the front garden. We are changing the decorations for each season: potted vines and trailers for the summer, pumpkin for autumn and looking forward to some spruce and fir greenery for the winter season. Used to live in Vancouver, and every time I see a picture of hydrangeas on your site- it brings back so many fond memories. Much more difficult to grow hydrangeas in Calgary.
    Always look forward to reading your newsletter.
    Thank You – Lynn in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  111. Are you kidding? Choose a favorite?? Don’t think I can..I always like the more different, most primitive or natural..I love things that show they have “had a life.”
    Blind Folded I’m choosing #3

  112. I live in the Northwest too and #3 would look lovely (stunning really) on our outdoor table during those glorious summer months! I would use mine as a silverware caddy.

  113. I love #2, the one with the drill handle. I’d put it on my antique tool chest and fill it with the German Color Cubes that I made for our little visitors. I love to have ‘old fashioned’ toys in plain sight for children to play with while their parents visit!

  114. I would love to have one of your tool boxes! I covet the one with the large number on the side! I want one, too! Please! I have a Longarm Quilting Business and I would use my new tool box to hold quilting tools and helps- scissors, tape measure, pins, wrist pin cushion, blue tape, marking pen- you know, important stuff!

  115. Box Number Four is my favorite! It’s subtle, drawing the eye to the hydrangea and the ah-friggin’-dorable coasters and yet it’s present enough to be beautiful in it’s own right. I’ve been contemplating digging through my scrap bin to make a toolbox anyway- but I have to cut down a pallet first!

  116. Rats — lost my last post. Love your toolbox with 4 on the end — love it!

    As much as I want to be your neighbor next door, I will make my toolbox at home in NC. Will be so fun and I cannot wait to win my prize — just for me as no friends need a toolbox – so lucky me!!

    ThAnK YoU!!


  117. I love 2 and 3 the best but would like any one of them. I would put in there flowers. Book/magazine and a blue ball jar with pens and pencils and put in family room.

  118. My favorite is #1 as I could put my phone, remote control, crochet hooks, hang my yarn on the branch while I crochet. Love it and I’m glad I have the opportunity to inter in something your giving away. I love looking at all the stuff that you make.

  119. Hi Donna!

    I am following your adventures closely as you enter this new and very exciting phase in your career. You are foraging a trail for those of us still working our day jobs… I hope to join you soon…and would love the opportunity to win a tool box kit… I know just what will be going in it if I win one… It will serve as a place to gather my notes and dreams for my own full-time blogging adventure.

    Thanks so much!


  120. I like them all! I would use them to put silverwear and napkins to take outside for picnics or I would put pots of herbs in one to use on my porch or I would put art supplies so I could take then with me outside or beside my coffee maker with coffee fixings. As you see, I have no problem thinking of ways to use them! After I make one, I might decide to make others for my friends!

  121. hey! I love the boxes with the branch handles and absolutely love the ones with the old drill as a handle! I would start by using it as a killer table arrangement for Christmas, but then, who knows!?

  122. I absolutely love, love, love the tool box with the drill handle. I showed it to my husband a while ago and wanted him to make me one. It would be so awesome to win a kit to make one myself. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

  123. #1 is my favorite. Since I am an older “chick” I tend to accumulate a lot of items on the tables around my recliner. Guess I am too lazy to get up and down to get and to put away. Therefore, this tool box would be the best organizer that I can think of. I also have 2 hydrangea bushes and can picture it filled with dried blooms. Since I moved to Iowa from Missouri I have missed all the trees from home. The bark on this tool box will be special to me.

  124. I didn’t mention that I would use it for many different things. In my living room with flowers and a fwe old tools but probably more likely in my scrapbooking room to organize the project I am working on.

    • Donna I am replying this way because I don’t think I can respond to your E-mail. Yes I read all the people on the side of Thrifty Decor Chick. I also get a lot through Blogloving (not sure that is the name). I don’t know what happens but I will get certain blog for several months and then nothing. They are not in my spam folder and I didn’t do anything to my computer but I don’t get them anymore. I really hate that.

  125. My favourite is #3. I have a vintage/industrial theme in my back room where my very spoilt and well loved bird of 18 years, resides. I would use your toolbox to store my bird’ seed, treats and such, all contained in old jars that I’ve collected along the way.

  126. I’ve always adored the drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox. I’ve got some small bottles that I use to display fresh flowers in. This toolbox would be perfect for displaying the flowers!

  127. You are so clever with your ideas. My daughter and I love doing different crafting projects just to see what exciting new design we can come up with. Love all the toolboxes, but to pick one would have to be #2. They are all amazing. Thanks you!

  128. I have a vintage/ industrial theme in my back room where my very spoilt and well loved bird of 18 years, resides. I would use your toolbox to store my bird’s seed, treats and such, all contained in old jars that I’ve collected along the way.

  129. How can I pick which one I like the best, they are all so cute!! I guess if I had to pick one, I’d pick the reclaimed wood toolbox, oooo but than, the drill handled one is great too….. So hard to choose πŸ™‚

    I probably would fill it with dried hydrangeas, I love that look and have not taken advantage of my hydrangea bushes. This box wood be the perfect opportunity!!

  130. My favourite toolbox is #5 the reclaimed wood business card holder toolbox – I love the heart on the side and the country home feeling. I would either use this toolbox in my art room to house my drawing pencils, watercolour and acrylic paintbrushes, charcoal, erasers, felt tip markers, etc so that I could easily transport materials to each site where I create OR I would use it for my gardening tools as I have 5 gardens on my property and I could transport my tools easily as I moved from garden to garden! This is a great contest!

    • My Dad was a carpenter so my favorite is toolbox #3. I would use the toolbox in my office. Your creativity is amazing! Blessings!

  131. I love the branch toolbox…I would LOVE this for me craft room the options of how to use will be endless!!!!! Love LOVE LOVE this toolbox!

  132. Who cares which one! Muli-purposed use~desk with mason jar of pens/pencils, cell phone charger and with a side of flowers, kitchen table with holiday items, kitchen counter next to stove with wooden spoons, seasonings shakers, fireplace mantel with battery candles, bathroom to hold toothpaste and whatever…need for me to go on?

  133. Thank you for this opportunity to win a tool box! I love them all, but especially #5! I would use it in my sewing room for all my scissors, rulers, threads, etc.

  134. I would be so pleased to win the branch handled tool box. I love to make greeting cards for all occasions and that toolbox would be great for holding scizzors, glue, small jars of buttons, ribbon, etc.

    I receive your blog and newsletter and enjoy all of your enthusiasm for the way your life is progressing. I think it is scary and exciting all at the same time! The best of luck to you and thank you so much for all your hard work that brings such joy to my day.

  135. I love the brand-handled tool box with the number on the side. So many ways to use it! On my kitchen counter to hold uetnsils, on my mantel or on my porch to hold seasonal decor (greens and branches at Christmas that I gather for free at the city compost pile) , in the family room to hold the remote controls, on my dresser for all my statement necklaces…

  136. I love rustic look of these toolboxes! I think I would probably have to move it around my house so I could enjoy it in many different ways. It would spend some time holding some real tools, then craft supplies, then maybe remotes, then maybe decorative on the hearth by our fireplace, then… So many ideas!!!

  137. Love the drill handle tool box! I collect shells and sea glass balls so I would fill a tool box with my special shells for the guest bathroom.

  138. Oh the sand toned branch handled one is my favorite!
    Perfect for brushes and all kinds of grooming tools for our dogs!

  139. I would use it in the bathroom that we are remodeling with a southwest theme to hold the soap bottles and other items.

    #3 or #4 look like they would work good.

  140. I love tool box #2 #3 Drill handled reclaimed wood toolbox, I would add some plants to it and put it with my plants or I would put it in the bathroom it fill it with toilet paper rolls
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  141. Love everything you do! I have been in love with #3 the drill handled tool box every since I first saw it! I would use it for my project supplies since I contracted the junkin, repurposing bug myself. I’m no where near your caliber but it has become my passion and obsession! Thanks for the inspiration and my favorite daily blog!

  142. I love the first toolbox with the bark wood on the sides. But a very close second would be the drill handle toolbox. Love the shape. I would use it all over. Front porch. Back deck. Maybe even to hold napkins and such on my buffet or dining table. So awesome I would get to build it!! Thanks

  143. Love, love, love No. 5 and would use it for an office caddy to brighten up my desk at work, and smile every time I look at it! Your creations and writing style are so enjoyable – thank you.

  144. I would love to win #3, Drill Handled Reclaimed Wood Tool Box, its so nostalgic! Reminds me of the vintage tools my dad had in his tool box from my grampa. Would love to have one of these treasures from you.

  145. My favourite is number 3. I love the branches but the drill makes me think of my Dad. We had a bunch of tools that belonged to my grandfather and father but unfortunately they were stolen from our shed quite a few years ago. I may not have used a drill like that but it can be useful and full of memories.

  146. I love the drill handled but my heart belongs to the branch handle No 4 because it fits in with my wicker and flea market shabby bedroom where it can hold candle and flowers or maybe some jars to hold jewelry or maybe some china pieces to be my drop station for my keys and phone (essentials when you need to grab and run in a hurry).

  147. Each unique and awesome. Too hard to pick a favorite but I really do like the branch handle with the limb for a spool of twine, ribbon, tape, etc. How convenient!

  148. I love them all, but I must admit I love the drill handled one the most!! I can see one of these toolboxes on my desk, filled with pens, clips and such. Or, I might actually use it to hold some small tools!

  149. Number 4 is my favorite…but I love them all! I would use it as a catch-all on my kitchen island…to help with the clutter that always ends up there!

  150. they are all fantastic, but I would love #4. it’s simple, but Funky. and I would put it on my table with little flowering plants in it!!! thank you!!!

  151. #2 is the one that I’d go for, but I’ll take anyone of them. I’d use it to hold the essentials by my home computer. It would fit perfectly with the look I’m going for in there.

  152. Love the drill handle box!! I would use it in my little room that I have carved out as just a space for me πŸ™‚ call it my art studio.

  153. I would love one to hold jewerly. Bangles and rings in bottom and necklaces hanging from handle. I’m currently using old sewing machine boxes. Need somewhere to hanging necklaces to avoid tangling. Lov your junk!

  154. I love the tool box with the drill handle! I would use it to store my essential oils in. Then I would leave them on the counter so I’d remember to use more EOs everyday

  155. I would so love to build a toolbox, they are all so cute but I think I like the one with the drill the best. I keep looking for a reasonably priced one in my area, they are usually so costly. I think I would use the box either on my kitchen counter to coral my mail or on my coffee table to hold bottles of flowers.

  156. I would love to win the toolbox with the old drill handle. The drill looks like one my sweet Daddy had. My Daddy died about a year ago.
    I would use the toolbox to hold some of his things I have – tools, house plans, tools, and put it in my living room.

  157. #2 is my favorite. I would likely use it to organize smaller garden tools and the hand tools that I most frequently use as I putter around outside of my home.

  158. I love them all, but I LOVE #3 the drill handled toolbox. I have been looking for a fun way too carry silverware, napkins, salt/pepper, etc between the kitchen and eating area, and this would be perfect!

  159. Wow!! What a lot of responses… 188 already! That’s fantastic that there are so many ‘Funky Junkers’ out there. Obviously we can’t all win… but after having been inspired by you Donna, I’m just going to go ahead and design my own. Good luck to all the other toolbox lovers. πŸ™‚

  160. Love the drill handled toolbox…and I just happen to have an old-time drill like that! Would be so handy to have to tote my tools in, instead of the cardboard box they currently live in…or even setting in the dining room or my bathroom holding things – looks great with your flowers in it!

    • I’m recovering from cancer (Leukemia) and I am in remission as of late July. I’d love it as a gift to myself as a ” YOU MADE IT ” gift. πŸ™‚ (Not that I need reason to give myself a gift but this is a darn good reason, don’t you think?) God blessed me beyond all comprehension & I am so eternally grateful to my donor. NOW…on to this DARLING box! πŸ™‚

      I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the drill handled carrier. It’s so amazingly cute & I’d love putting it together myself. I’m in the process of incorporating reclaimed, repurposed, etc. to my Mexican style dΓ©cor & I just love how they mesh so well and go together. The rustic look of your dΓ©cor and the look of “rusty gold” as they call it, are such a perfect pairing, I am having a blast redoing my home. I’d use this for magazines and a plant on one end. (Where the drill sticks up.)

      Thank you for your time! I really enjoy your Facebook and reading it daily. You do wonderful work!

  161. Oh Donna – I love them all, but I would pick the business card holder #5 to hold my colored pencils/pens and markers…we are a homeschooling family with LOTS of writing utensils! THANKS SO MUCH {squeal} – here’s hoping :)!!

  162. I really do love them all. Each one speaks volume to its individuality. But my favorite would be the more funky, organic tool box. Depending on which one, I could find a purpose in most any room, from the land of living room controllers to the beautification supplies in the loo, or help keep clear the inevitable catch-all spot on top of my bureau (it would be nice to finally see the top of it catching some dust verses earrings, receipts, coins and that one sock(s) of a broken pair and anything else that doesn’t have an immediate home.)

  163. I love them all, but I would choose #5 because the compartments open it up to a myriad of uses. I would probably use it in my studio to hold vintage silverware and other supplies, but it would look lovely with seasonal floral arrangements too. Thanks for the chance to win Donna. I’d love to put one of these babies together.

  164. My favorite is the unfinished ones, I like to dream and play when I get something in my home. I would use it to hold some of my funky little finds I collect along my life’s path.

  165. I love (!!!!) the drill handled toolbox! It would look super cool in my furniture reform area! If I don’t win, I’m going to search for something similar and build one myself! πŸ™‚

  166. I love the drill handled one but would be more than content with any of the kits. Plan is to give as a housewarming gift filled with “new home necessities” for a couple who are buying their first home. Thanks so much for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed! (smowris at yahoo dot com)

    P.S. I follow you on bloglovin

  167. I like No.4, the sand toned branch handle. It is rustic, yet pretty and refined. Although the drill handle is awesome!

  168. My favorite #1. Honestly I could find a place for all of them! I think I would use it at my back door as a catch all for keys, mail, and anything else that seems to clutter my side table. But I’m sure it would float around my house as the seasons change too with flowers in the kitchen, or my daughters cherished rock collection on the coffee table. :o)

  169. I believe box #2 is my winner!! Not sure for what specific purpose – but off the top of my head – Christmas Card storage and display….decorate it a bit with Christmas whimzy and go from there!! Thanks so much!! Love your posts and your talent!!

  170. Oh my – I love so much about each one. I’d love to have one to use as a silverware caddy. I’d fill it with three canning jars to hold knives, forks & spoons for company supper.

    I follow you through feedly so I don’t want to add another daily email. I get your post as soon as it’s uploaded. Does that count as a 2nd entry? I’d love to win!

  171. I love all of them! my fave is the drill handled box… it would be super cute on my front porch but I do love the branch handled box with the branch sticking up so I could put my twine on it and all my present wrapping paraphernalia in it! would come in handy for Christmas gift wrapping πŸ™‚

  172. I’ve liked #3 with the drill for a long time; however, #2 is cute with the branch that sticks up to hold the twine/tape/or whatever. It would be great to catch all the mail and keys that seem to accumulate on our counter top.

  173. #5, the rustic branch handle is my favorite. I would fill it with some of my dad’s antique tools that I have — it would serve more as an inspiration piece in my work area than an actual tool carrier.

  174. #2 Drill handled is my favorite but I love them all! I am moving and this would be awesome for holding supplies in my new craft room!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  175. LOL! So hard to decide, I’d rather be surprised!
    But that isn’t following the rules, so I pick #2 as my favourite!
    My porch is my “other” living room (when its warm out!) and a tool box would be great to hold pen, paper, citronella candles (or plant!)…the phone…
    Oh, I would just LOVE to make one!!

  176. Hi Donna!!!

    I would love to win toolbox kit #1 complete with the number 8(Eight is my favorite number because it is infinity sideways; one of my crazy quirks):)I would use mine as a tea caddy complete with select teas, a Dundee Marmalade Jar and vintage sugar spoons πŸ™‚

  177. I love them all! But I would be so grateful to win #4. I would keep my dog treats in mason jars in it-too cute! Plus, I live very close to Yarrow…

  178. My daughter and I think it would be a fun gift to fill the toolbox with mason jars filled with homemade apple pie, peach cobbler, and cherry pie moonshines as holiday gifts for our friends and family members. We love them all! If we win a kit then we can learn how to make more for our moonshines!

  179. I love all the toolboxes…..but I would pick the drill handle toolbox if I was to choose.
    I love your website and projects.

  180. I love them ALL so l wouldn’t be picky! (Although I really love the drill handled one….)
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  181. #5 is my favorite…I’d add blue Mason jars and probably some of my dried flowers from my gardens! Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. I would be happy to win any of your tool box kits! I absolutely love #3…always have and I need to try to make my own. What I like most is the querkiness of the drill handle. I never saw anything like that. Even my hubby was impressed. :0)

  183. I love them all of course! I am in the process of moving into a new home and starting a new chapter in my life. I would look at this everyday and be reminded that we are never to old to get a new lease on life!

  184. I like the branch handled tool box kit since I too am a funky junker. I use lots and lots of tape for many projects, such as duct, electrical, frog tape for many things and would put the extended branch handle to a lot of good use from tapw to work gloves.

  185. FJ Donna’s toolboxes are her creative babies and just like real children, each is unique with different talents and gifts. I don’t think I could pick a favorite, but if I HAD to pick only one, the drill handle or one with clean, plain & simple lines would probably win since I’m such an OCD neat freak. (If you are wondering, being an OCD neat freak don’t guarantee having a magazine-perfect home or garden, no matter how much that dream fills our own personal wish box!) Donna is my inspiration guru. Thank you.

    • PS: I would find a good use for it in some focal spot as a wish box reminder and inspiration to follow my dreams.

  186. I love your site and your tool boxes. My favorite is #2. I would love to have it as an organizer at my office at work. It has a place for miscellaneous office utensils and a few current working files. I look forward to reading about your adventures every day. Thanks for including us in your life.

  187. Oh, I just love these toolboxes and it’s so hard to pick a favorite!! I especially love the number on the side and the beautiful flowers look amazing. What a great idea. I think a phone station would be an ideal use for me!! Crossing my fingers!!

  188. I like all of them… I would use it a silverare hold for partys. I would put it in the center of my table and put mason jars in it , then flowers… thanks

  189. Love them all, but #2 is most favorite with either a number 3 or 7 on the end. I would use it for small painting supplies in my newly created shop. Thanks for the opportunity to win one your lovely toolboxes.

  190. I love them all. # 2 is fantastic as is all the rustic branch handlded one. I love the divided sections that can hold flatware etc. Fingers crossed!

  191. I love the drill handled toolbox. It would work great in my mud/ laundry room /entryway to catch all sorts of stuff.

  192. I know it’s a “toolbox” but I would use mine on my fireplace mantle for display. How is one to decide on just one? I love them all!! If I was forced to choose, I would pick #5 – the wood toolbox business card holder because the distressed black wood would go perfectly with my country/primitive dΓ©cor (which translates to mix matched donated furniture! LOL).

  193. I absolutely love the tool boxes with the drill handles but all of them are really fun. I would use with mason jars as a planter on my screened porch. Love, Love, Love them.

  194. I love the tool handled box the most, as I love old tools. I once decorated my dining room wall with lots of old hand tools. Please enter my name in your contest to win a box.

    I will use it on my kitchen island to hold knives, forks, and spoons. Or I will use it in my sewing room to hold my scissors, and other sewing tools. Or I will use it in my office to hold pencils, pens, and my Cricut tools. Or, . . .

    I could use three or four tool boxes! πŸ™‚

    Thank you,


  195. wahoo! “Giveaway is open worldwide.” Like even the UK! I like #3. And #4 and the others…
    I need one to keep my craft knives in, and another one for screwdrivers.
    And I just had a thought about making one with driftwood which I seem to have a stack of …


    KIM πŸ™‚

  197. #1 would be awesome…it would fill it would craft supplies for my grandchildren….and having it sitting on the cabin kitchen table…ready to be used at a moments notice….and I can see a few grown ups using it too.
    Happy Day…what a sweet creative giveaway.
    I love creative people!

  198. Hi Donna, I’ve ssn your past blog on these toolboxs, all are very nice,Uhmm which one would I choose? Any of them but you said choose one. I’ll say #one. I’d use in my living room to hold,remotes, coasters and maybe pens and pad of paper.

    Keep up on the great blog! We love them!!!

  199. definitely #3. I have some old vintage tools from the family and some stuff I picked up at estate sales and flea markets. im a big wall hanger. I can not live with blank walls in any room. I have some of these vintage tools and such on the walls and #3 would be a great addition to my wall art. great job as usual donna. u made my day!!

  200. Oh my goodness, I am torn….. What is my favourite, well all of them have such a unique purpose to me. If I had to choose, probably….it’s between #2 for holding my garden tools outside my back door (now they just lay around and I don’t know how many hand shears I have lost because I can’t remember where I put them), and #5 to hold my own business cards at my next Vintage Market I have a booth in…..Fingers crossed…Bee Bop a lula <3
    Cheers !!

  201. I love them all but however, #3 brings back fond memories of my grandfather. I would follow him everywhere as a child. He had that kind of drill which he would use. He didn’t like the new fangled ones as he called them. So, this tool box would be a nice reminder of him and I would use it for my new fangled drill and other tools as I work in my house and dyi projects.

  202. My father was a carpenter ( wish I had paid more attention lol) I really love #3 I would put my dad’s picture on a chalk painted clip board with a potted plant . Gotta love a tool box !

  203. I love the hand drill handle! I have an old hand drill that is going to become a towel holder in my kitchen and the tool box would be perfect for the kitchen too!

  204. I would love any of tbe three thay all have such a beauty about them all Then I would use it in my home to display some if my treasures . What a dream..

  205. I like number 1–phone station. I just recently built a table out of pallet wood that is placed behind the door that leads to my garage and I have all the important chargers on this table along with keys, etc. so it is readily available when we head out in the mornings. That box would help me hide the chargers a little better and maybe not be so cluttered. Thanks!

  206. i would love to win the drill handled Recycled tool box. Love your site. So many ways to help me create new things from old things!

  207. I love them all, but the one with the #4 on the side speaks to me. I am a childcare provider and I would love to put the sign in /sign out clipboard and pens in there. Anyone of those toolboxes would put a little fun into the daily chore of signing in and out for sure!! πŸ™‚

  208. #5 would be my choice! I have these milk jars with lids that I keep candy inside for my grandkids and they fit perfect and the heart add the perfect touch for a grandma love to her grand babies. I love all of them!! Everything that you do is Awwweesome!

  209. Hi! I am in love with the drill handled tool box. My grandfather had a drill like that. I was always intrigued by it as a child. If I get this tool box, I will be putting it together and giving it to my mom, the original DIY-er in our family. She could do anything! Now that she is older, she is mostly involved with scrapbooking, so she will probably use the tool box to store those tools.

  210. Number #3. Because I love the hand drill and it would confirm to my husband that yes I’m a female sailor and I do know my tools and what they are used for (handles.) Besides that I would trick him into thinking that I made it and used his drill for my crafting! I love freaking him out! Giggles! After that I would let him know that I won it and acknowledge the true maker! And just ENJOY IT cause it’s so cute & and cleaver! And I have a feeling that I might even loose it to him! Actually they are all very nice, #4 is a close second! Hard choice I like them all!

  211. All the too boxes are awesome but I particularly love the one with the number on the side and the dividers. Dividers mean more stuff to put in the box!
    What would I use it for…well to start with I would use it for sewing “stuff” but then I would branch out and use it for Thanksgiving table decorations….maybe having guests name what they are thankful for and putting the gratis on cards.

    Thanks for inspiration….you make it look easy.

  212. I am a wine representative for small boutique vineyards, my office is small, eclectic utilizing repurposed treasures. My grandsons confiscated my tool box and put their crayons in it. I would love the drill handled tool box to store my wine tasting materials because the tool box is just so cool.

  213. I love your designs and love to “create”! This is a fun little project.#5 would be my preference, but any of them would do! I have a cluttered desk that needs some organization! That’s what I’d do!

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