15 super creative outdoor sitting areas – and how to make your own!

I never get enough of outdoor living spaces or sitting areas. I think something to do with having grown up on 40 big beautiful acres of farmland has me…

gravitating for the warm breeze against my face and the sounds and scenes of nature around me at every turn.

So it should come as no surprise that there’s a bench or a chair in plain view most anywhere you look. I just positively love that sitting areas work most anywhere and they don’t have to cost a bundle.

Here’s how to create a 5 minute sitting area with things you already have:

the garden shed tour

Consider location:

This little shed provides a perfect focal point to start with. Look around your yard, consider the view, choose your location and start!

Use elements YOU love

Incorporating special pieces that mean something to you will have you loving your space even more. Shop your own home or go thrifting for items that not only speak to you and look cool, but serve a purpose as well. A chippy bench for an outdoor coffee table? Yes please!

Cute or comfort?

Let’s face it. Not everything that’s cute is comfy, nor is comfort any guarantee of cuteness! My own goal is to try and hit a happy medium with both. Here, presewn burlap coffee sacks make the perfect ready to go covers for oversized pillows. Cute, quick AND comfy. For smaller seats, try pillows and pillow cases right off your bed! I mean, why sew if you don’t have to? 🙂

What’s your space for?

I didn’t use my patio for a year because it had a table and chairs on it. Reason? I desired a place to lounge with a book instead! Once I removed the dining area and threw up my pallet sofa, the patio got used daily. Determining your desired use for the space will save you from making expensive mind changes later.

Keeping all of the above mentions in mind, here are some of my very favourite outdoor sitting elements I fell in love with from HomeTalk:

#2. Inspired by Charm’s Michael created an amazing outdoor sitting area with the most delightful of junk. Each detail is stunning. I want to be there!

#3. Connie Be’s purple paradise just makes me happy! Isn’t this space amazing?

#4. Aquascape Inc., this pond and bench totally took my breath away…

#5. Not Just A Housewife’s Stacy created an old door privacy screen any old door lover would love.  Isn’t the pop of colour totally fun?

#6. Meet my sister from planet junk, Laurel from Chipping with Charm. These joined old rusty headboards make the coolest patio fence I ever did see. Check out what her plants are in…

#7. Linda from It All Started With Paint created a painted area rug in her own outdoor sitting area. Not only does it define the space beautifully, just think how easy it is to keep this carpet clean!

#8. Serendipity Refined created her own Pottery Barn version of lighting with random lanterns and candles hung at different levels. I’d bet this looks amazing at night.

#9. Peggy from Pig Logs and Tater Berries ( I love the name of that blog!) created her own lighting out of a tomato cage sprinkled with chandelier crystals and beads. Isn’t that the coolest thing?

#10. Courtney from French Country Cottage created an amazing outdoor rock fireplace that will make you gasp! And stay cozy warm too no doubt. What an amazing focal point.

#11. Cindy from Beaux R’eves has something on her porch that stole my heart. You see it right? The reclaimed lumber handmade daybed is totally adorable and the perfect place for an afternoon read.

#12. Deb is one lucky gal. Her father made this amazing arbor swing for her birthday. The climbing roses and treed area are pure icing on this already delicious cake. You rock, Dad!

#13. Laura from The Ironstone Nest, inspired by The Lettered Cottage’s own version,  flipped this chicken crate into an outdoor coffee table.

#14. And then, inspired by my own pallet sofa, her hubby whipped up this sweet version! (He sewed the cushions too!)

You can also check out the Porches and Patios themed link party on Funky Junk with 184+ beautiful outdoor spaces!

#15. And my own pallet sofa? It’s below!

After desiring something super comfy, I went about creating my own sofa created from pallet boards and reclaimed lumber. The trick is all in the cushion. 🙂 Full tute on the link above!

Do you have an inspiring outdoor sitting area you love? HomeTalk is going to create an album from features on their site going up Monday, July 16, 2012. Link up your own outdoor sitting areas NOW for a chance to be featured! Please link up at HomeTalk.com.

*Note: Chosen features will be based on those sharing more significant content than just one photo with a link. Please show us around and tell us how ya did it!

How to link up to HomeTalk – a tutorial

Disclosure: I’m a HomeTalk Ambassador however I chose to do this show and tell, and hand picked these gorgeous features because they blew me away!

No more excuses… go make your own pretty and unique outdoor sitting area your very own!

I do believe this post provided a wee bit of inspiration, no? 


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17 thoughts on “15 super creative outdoor sitting areas – and how to make your own!

  1. Donna, we’re in the process of buying a house – we move in a couple weeks and I can’t wait to do some decorating outside! I love your little shed – We’ll have a shed too – I wonder what I can do with it?! Thanks for sharing all these great outdoor spaces!

  2. I love all of those outdoor spaces! Thanks for including mine in your picks. Your shed is adorable and makes me wish we had acreage. Have a great weekend!
    XO Cindy

  3. Donna, you are an absolute dear! Thank you so very much for including my tomato cage chandelier in your showcase! All the ideas are great and I plan to use some of them as a spring board for the deck around the pool! Once again thank you so very much!

  4. Hello “Sis” 🙂 I LOVE all of those spaces…and am honored to have my headboard patio area included! Thank you so much Donna!! Chat soon, Laurel
    PS…You should see those ash pots now. They are spilling with purple flowers and fresh herbs…which is pretty much a miracle since I kill all plants!! It makes me so very happy 🙂

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    • I’m writing this publicly because I’d like everyone to know. Bloggers don’t approve the popups and in fact, move mountains to attempt to stop them. The best thing anyone can do is report offending ads to the blogger so they can take action. And please include what device you are using and your browser choice. It all plays a part. Thank-you!

  6. First, let me apologize for the tone of my comment. I had never posted a comment before and believed it would first go to you privately. Also, I did not know that bloggers are not always aware of what the advertisers are doing.

    I was interested in your blog and frustrated that I couldn’t read it. I’ve never come across a pop up which couldn’t be closed; not only that, but when I scrolled down to get away from it, it continually repositioned so that it was always right in the way. I am bombarded by unwanted commercials every day and this was just one too many; I lashed out. Obviously, I was out of line.

    My computer is a desk type Mac using Firefox. If there is any additional information I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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