A vacation decorating people watching post.

Well mah oh mah… I can hear myself think! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of you have been asking how my little alone time is going with my son in camp. And on Facebook, I asked if you preferred a deep OR decorating post. Most said decorating. So how about we combine the two and bring you a vaca-decorating post? ๐Ÿ™‚

Backing up, the day I dropped off my son at that wacko hour of 5am, I went home and fell into bed, which is where everyone else in the world ought to be at that hour of the day. I mean, come ON. Go to bed, crazy driving 5AM people! And slept till noon. Beautiful.

I woke up a new person. And got fancy. I celebrated my new found freedom by putting on my blingy bracelet to match my swimwear (oh yes I did!) and matchy shorty shorts (I do have SOME pride) and sat out by the pool with my homemade ice cap. I felt like a QUEEN.

Then, deciding it was hot, I attempted the pool. After I froze my ankles off trying to get in, I decided hot was a-ok. And then I got a little visitor. And she was hot. So I told HER to jump in the pool.

And so she did. Isn’t she cute? I want her hair. Miss S comes to see me fairly often. She thinks this old chick is kinda cool I guess. And being that Miss S is very strong, she moved my tramp for me so I could mow under it. Miss S, xoxo!

The next day I went to work on two firetrucks (I stripe and letter them). But honestly? I was done like burnt toast. I blasted through my work until 7:30 pm, then promptly booked off 2 weeks. (forgive me customers, if you read this!) I just needed to stop. And regroup. My head was banging and I was just… done.ย  I wanted a REAL holiday and by golly, I made it happen! One week alone, and one week with my son. Perfect. ( Cliff, if you read this, I’m taking YOUR advice, so you can’t fire me! )

So the NEXT day, I gasped. My place was a disaster. STRESS. Just saying NO, I packed up my tote and left the train wreck behind for the day and head to a local beach resort for some R and R.

I have a really nice photo shoot to show you, but I’ll save that for the ‘deep post’ day. :). I was gonna give you abit of decorating this round so here we go!

ย But let’s go junkin’ first!ย  Now I gotta tell you, this is my new purse. I bought my first new old purse in like… 6 years?!? $6. Know why I love this one?

Other than it’s small and compact, it’s got some junk on it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good potential here. See that lock and key? That is cool. You just wait until I can swap that lock and key for vintage ones! Oh yeahhh… and add abit more junky junk to it.

Here’s a staged photo. I call this one, “HELP ME CHANGE MY TIRE, I’M STRANDED!”

It was the only shade I could find on short notice. I was getting weird looks while getting caught shooting photos of things most would regard as common.. like a $6 purse. On the ground. I needed to leave. I swear they sent the thrift store security to pace the sidewalk to watch me. I think I’ll invent some blogger ID.

Ok, here’s the decorating part of the post. One of my stops at the beach was the local coffee house. I like how they shaded the skylights from the direct sun. Burlap held up with bamboo poles! Simple, very effective and wonderfully rustic casual. Oh.. and stamped too!

I also loved this coffee bar. The owner made it from scratch so you can’t purchase it anywhere. But don’t you love how beefy and rugged it is with the big bolts and stuff? The tapered legs are pretty nifty too. Is this guy a furniture designer coffee dude?!? This wasn’t just a hack job, it was really nice!

And since all of blogland is chalkboard crazy, I thought you’d appreciate how they hung these two narrow chalkboards for their daily quotes. I like it! The arrangement themes the wall nicely yet serves a function too.

So, after I made yet another fool out of myself getting caught snapping pics of my mocha, (admit it, the post would have been tainted without this!),

I head out to the beach boat dock area. That last day of work? All I could think about was THIS spot. For if you turn around, you see…

…ย ย  3 level condos with the beach in your backyard. Ground level entry even.ย  With 2 for sale. ย  I always wished I was one of the lucky ducks that owned one of these,ย  so it could be my summer home. (lah dee dah) THREE patios. FACING the beach. ON the beach. That ought to be illegal I’m so jealous! Priced between $400,000-$550,000. I asked.

Whatever. *sob*

Yeah well… notice THIS dream is washing away before I barely imagine it.ย  Ah heck. Maybe I’ll start up those lottery ticket purchases again.

ย My visit was wonderful. The solitude gave me alot of thinking time, which I’ll share with you next, along with the rest of the ‘nature’ photo shoot. Here’s one of those artsy shots I’m talking about.

On the way back to my truck, I couldn’t help taking note of people as opposed to nature. People watching can be fascinating.

This guy, wearing what appeared to be his work clothes, found quiet solitude in reading a book in front of the lake. I loved that. Rather than whip up dinner, he went for the lake and the book. That would be me to a T. He probably lives in MY condo. Hmmm… if I were smarter, I would have asked him if he was single! Doh.. (but I did ask to take his pic and he was cool with that)

And if I didn’t know better, this cutie pie would totally rate Miss Funky Junk of the decade! Isn’t she the sweetest? She made me smile. She’s a gal that doesn’t take life too seriously. We could all grab a lesson in that one.

All in all, I’m taking time to hang out with myself as well as incorporating other people in. But it’s nice to have the choice. I rented 5 girlie movies tonite, so it’s time to go plug one in and stay up late. Cuz I’m on vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

I do miss my boy if I dwell there, so if I just change the station, all is well again.

(beach photos were taken in Harrison Hot Springs, BC Canada)

Got any summer vacation plans? Where do you like to go?ย 
And… have YOU ever had thrift store security after you for taking peculiar photos? Yet?

I just saw my Christmas post over at Gina’s today! Weee! It’s all about… junky Christmas decorating of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

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30 thoughts on “A vacation decorating people watching post.

  1. LOVE this post. You are so fun. I want to spend the day there. I’m committed to start taking things less seriously and enjoy my life more (after I get out of this HOT Oklahoma weather).

    Just get out and enjoy LIFE. Your day sounds lovely.

  2. The beach photos are fabulous! I am so jealous…and those condos!!! OMG! So want one of those!!!
    I could use the latte right now…yours looked so good!!
    No I haven’t had security after me…but I haven’t taken pics in a thrift store yet…notice I said yet! Ha!
    My summer vaca plans are to get some gardening done. Have yet to do that!! Sigh! Where is the time going?? My vacation won’t actually start until Sept when we jump into the car for a three week road trip!! woohoo! Can’t wait!
    Enjoy your vaca!!

  3. Love, love, love your writings and pictures. I think we’re kindred sisters for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ I love taking the time taking pictures of the ordinary and making them extraordinary. Good stuff!!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation! Being a Preschool Teacher, I’ve been on Summer break since the first week of June.


  4. I feel so relaxed after reading that. How fun! The blog ID badge would be great. The chalkboard about the lisp made me chuckle since I’m a pediatric speech therapist in my professional life ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. love the post! isnt it glorious to lounge in bed till noon??!!! lol

    the beach and people images are beautiful. every summer i so wish i had a summer getaway spot. if i ever hit the lottery thats probably one of the first things i would buy.. a place big enough to invite 12-13 people at a time to just hang out and enjoy life.

    keep posting ……. i love to read them.

  6. Looks like a perfect break!! OMGosh…note to self…buy chalkboard paint! I’ve got a stack of framed out long wooden ‘signs’ that long long ago were going to be painted with quotes. Love the chalkboard idea so much more!! Thank!!

  7. What a great post! Thanks for taking us along on your first day of vacation! I hope you enjoy every single minute of your time alone. Bliss!

  8. Honey child, I have to tell you, YOU are one lady whom I admire..your eyes for delightful magical shots..that purse…I have never really had even 1…not a purse lady but this one…ok, this one I could handle…if nothing else, place it by my scooter and do my own shot lol… I thank you from the bottom of my heart to be living in the same world, at the same time as you occupy it…How lucky for me..
    blessings this purseless madame x

  9. So glad to hear you hit the poolside in your cute outfit and blingy bracelet!! Woo Hoo! You didn’t mention if you had on a bikini though! lol
    Sounds like you were having a fun aimless day and went wherever the spirit took you. Very replenishing!

  10. That is a fun post,those chalkboard quotes are great. What a great time you had! We had company for 2 weeks they just left and now…..because we garage saled and flea marketed our butts off I am going to “play” with all my new finds….and drink coffee. Have a lovely day.

  11. We love Harrison Hot Springs too – love the solitude that it has there versus the craziness of Cultus. Glad you are having a little r&r to yourself!

  12. Hi! Totally love your blog! I just found it and must say itโ€™s pretty cool! I love finding like minded people and I’m always in search of blogs similar to mine. If you ever wanted to, please check it out, thedecorative paintbrush.blogspot.com Thanks, and can’t wait to see more of your creative thinking!-Peace M

  13. You go girl! Sounds like a great idea to take some time off. I can only imagine the funny looks you garnered during your various photo shoots. lol But thanks for doing it — enjoyed your photo essay ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s winter where I’m at, and we just got back from a week at our country place where we hunkered down by the wood stove and enjoyed some card games, reading time, good food, and long walks. One of the things I love about winter here is that we have very few overcast days. Usually the sky is clear and sunny. Gotta love that!

  14. Taking time off is just the thing for summer days. Sounds like you are doing just what you need to do.
    Love Harrison Lake – and the people watching!

  15. How awesome for you to get some ‘free to be me’ time, as I call it. After the whirlwind year you’ve had so far, you certainly deserve a vacation.

    That gals pants are a hoot! I bet she is as well.

    And yes, I actually have had store security come up to me and ask me what I was doing. A few mintues of pity talk later, I got him to hold a mirror for me while I took a picture of it that wouldn’t reflect me. Sucked him in with me.

    Have a great rest of your vacation!

  16. First off, I am in shock how cheap those houses were!! WOW! And in Canadian dollars? Or US??

    Two, I want time to myself like that! It NEVER happens, though! Wah! Poor me! :p

    Three, I have totally decided I need a blog business card, to hand over, when I want to take pictures in dubious spots…make me all official-like, you know? ๐Ÿ˜€

    And now I need COFFEE.

  17. Thanks for sharing. Cuz we all know you could just be sipping those foamy beverages and curling your toes in the sand, but instead you’re sharing it all with us!!!

    Your neighbor is adorable!!! The sweetest smile!!!!

    Love the guy on the bench. And I was thinking the same thing (for you!) – “was he single?” I don’t know how one goes about finding that out? Do you? “HI, I’m Donna. I blog. Are you single?” “Hi, my name is Donna. I like junk. Are you single?” Anyway. Just as well. Maybe next time, huh???

    And that young woman at the beach definitely has got some “funk” going on!!!! Love it!!!!


  18. Looks like you are enjoying your alone time. And good on on you!
    Our thrift shop doesn’t have security but I know all about the looks people give you when you start pointing your camera on blogworthy but otherwise mundane objects.
    Enjoy your summer!

  19. Great post! I could certainly use a vacation! So far I have not been given the eyeball by thrift store security but have been give some strange looks when taking photos of food in restaurants! What a cute girl in her unique jeans! As much as I love nature, people watching can also be extremely interesting.

    Enjoy your vacation!

    ~ Tracy

  20. Kolein, if I knew, I wouldn’t be single! ๐Ÿ™‚

    All kidding aside, I can find out all kinds of things without asking direct. “Nice spot to read! Does your family live in Harrison?” That would be a start. IF I was shoppin’ that is. ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. It was fun tagging along with you. I especially love the photo with the sign and rope in it. I hope you are enjoying yourself.

  22. I find it hard to believe that he didn’t turn around and fall over because he saw this stunning woman standing in back of him wanting to take a picture of him sitting there on the bench relaxin’ and all…if he was single…which I’m guessing he wasn’t and turned back around like a very good committed man and continued reading his book.

    So you’re ONLY shopping for junk these days? Not a man??

    And yes, you certainly can find out a lot. Way more creative than I could ever or would have ever been when I was single!!!!! Hee!


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