Gitter Done ~ Volume 3 / Travel trailer cleanup

Welcome to

“Gitter Done!” – volume 3!

I gave you permission HERE to walk away from the computer to get some overdue DIY or non DIY tasks done and over with so you could blog allll about it.

Today’s the day to reveal all your hard work! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got. πŸ™‚

I wanted to surprise my son to 5 days of camping after he returned home from camp.

However.. ugh.

Basically, the travel trailer was just a mosh pit of all things RV with no rhyme or reason. Then 2 days before his return, I realized if we went camping, I would have no project to submit for Gitter Done because, you know, I was busy doing nothing, remember?!?

Well DUH!!! Get THIS done already! And that made me move.

I tossed out all the crap for starters, plus yanked down all the blinds and screens. Everything seems to sparkle when your windows are clean, so I did it right. EVERYTHING got cleaned.

Next up, Teddy Bear helped me spread out clean sheets on the beds. (why are cats so mesmerized by clean sheets on a bed anyway? I don’t get it: same deal in the house too)

Well now, gotta pack ‘the toy!’ πŸ™‚ (this proved to be a wonderful movie viewer!)

The boy got his toy too.

All nice and clean! And then I packed it full of food and clothes and deemed it ready.

But before heading out, I had to quickly practice towing this thing again. It had been a year. Hookups went awesome. As for driving, I proceeded down a quiet sports field road, however their gate at the END of the road was closed and it was a no exit area. Doh!!! With no room to turn around, I got my practice in for sure, ending up vertical on a horizontal road. That was fun. πŸ˜› But rather than panic and yelp for help, I just took it nice and easy and got out. I’m a towing pro at this point!

Oh.. back to the trailer..

In such tight quarters, there isn’t alot of room for pretty decor accessories, as there’s barely room for the necessities. HOWEVER… I did buy beadboard wallpaper last summer with full intentions on starting a small reno project inside this thing… might be a great upcoming fall project to involve you in. πŸ™‚

This Gitter Done project paid off BIG! We did indeed make it to a lovely campground an hour away from us.

(funny story? I felt so ‘caught’ with this apparatus on the picnic table, so I brought it inside again out of pure guilt.. and ended up using it very little thankfully. We were camping after all!)

We tried out a new place (to us) in Hope, BC Canada called Hope Valley Campground, (yes, I would go back!) and had a huge private campground with full hookup…

… a gorgeously VERY warm pool we got to ourselves quite often…

… plenty of beautiful grounds to meander about on…

… as well as a fully stocked store AND arcade games room…

… and I ’bout died and went to campsite heaven when manager Gerry was making picnic tables one day! My son knocked some sense back into me and told me to haul it on back to the pool as we were on VACATION. *sob* He knows me so well.

However, this wonderful guy took me through the ropes of all things picnic tables and inspired me to start on my computer table once I returned home. So you see… DIY will even follow you all the way to a remote campsite in the middle of nowhere if you allow it to. πŸ™‚

Oh. I’ve already blogged about this one, but my other big time Gitter Done was finally getting my hair done! I was nearly down to my natural GREY colour I waited so long on this last one. Know the sign of a good haircut?

You roll outa your travel trailer bed, dry blow dry it and you’re ready to go! Thank-you hairdresser Crystel! πŸ˜€

Your turn. πŸ™‚

Next Gitter Done Event is
~ Wed Sept 1 ~

 So think of a long overdue project you have on hand and … Gitter Done!

Rules for the Gitter Done Challenge:

1. This is an exclusive linkup event. Please link up only if your project was inspired by GD.  
Please bring your general linkups to SNS (on every weekend) as we’d love to have you join in then!

2. In your post, please tell us how GD inspired you.  
This will help me determine which are GD linkups vs general DIY linkups not suitable for this event.  (which will be deleted.. sorry!)

3. Your linkup does not have to be DIY related, just something you’ve been stalling on. You’ll thank me later. πŸ™‚

4. Please include a before and after pic, so we can appreciate all you did!

5. Please link back to the event by text or button. (see BUTTONS section in header area if you desire)

6. Please keep the ‘jest of your project’ new to the net until your GD reveal. (teasers or shoot off posts are fine!) This will give us all a reason to wish to tune in to see what’s brand new!

Linkups that follow all of the above guidelines will have the chance to be featured, so watch the sidebar during the event! The link feature will be active for one week, so keep linking and checking in. πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to see whatcha got done. πŸ™‚

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32 thoughts on “Gitter Done ~ Volume 3 / Travel trailer cleanup

  1. I don’t have a blog, but I finally got started on the china cabinet I’ve had sitting around here since March. I got the primer coat done and am going to spray the color on next weekend. (or sooner!) Thanks for the kick in the pants! πŸ™‚

  2. I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If it were not for this series I would have not done my kitchen, or started the process of opening my own shop! You inspire me more thank you know!!! Thank you Donna

  3. Looks like you really had a great time in your freshly washed and organized camper. Way to go. And thank you for making me stop working on my guest room and bed room and finally get something ugly taken care off. Of course I was working on it yesterday at 10 pm but without this deadline it might have taken me another six years. So thanks again!

  4. Your hair looks fabulous!!! And congrats on getting the camper whipped into shape. Looks and sounds like you both had a fabulous time!! How wonderful that you two enjoy each others’ company!

  5. I was reading along, enjoying your post, and all of a sudden I see the guy with the chop saw. My immediate thought was “Oh my god, Donna has talked that guy into building her desk!” lol

    It’s so good to see a mom and son enjoying so much time together. You’re lucky to have a little guy that appreciates you as much as you appreciate him. The times you create with him now are what he’ll be telling his own kids about some day. I bet you’re a fun mom.

    I miss having a camper set up at a campground. I tried talking my mom into setting one up again and unfortunately she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Her camper, so I’m out of luck.

    I aspire to be you.:) squeeze

  6. Not exactly roughing it but wow they do take a lot of erroft to clean up. So proud of you for figuring out your tow dilemma.
    My Gitter Done will be posted tomorrow.
    I have tried to take part in several blog parties and something always comes up. Of course the one I want to join this week is not finished, but today I will Gitter Done!

  7. After school starts I need to get my tush in gear and get some stuff done! Until then I will just be looking at all of the wonderful things YOU get done.

    Of course, after reading your post I want a travel trailer!!

  8. It looke like your vacation went great, nothing like having fun with kid(s) (or with out too!)
    Seeing pictures of your trailer reminded me of my childhood, we always went camping that way….so much more confortable than tent camping!

  9. You did a heckuva job cleaning out the trailer, it looked like it sparkled. You can sleep better at night, right? Campground looked awesome, having the warm pool must be heaven when you are “roughing it”. Every campground I ever went to had a lake…I wanted to tell you thanks for sponsoring this kick in the butt event because for some odd reason it does make me finish old projects or start ones I am dreading. Not sure what the psychology is on that one, but thanks!!

  10. Amy, try HOSTING a kick in the butt event. It’s a double whammy of “I’d BETTER Gitter Done or I’ll be fired!” πŸ™‚

    Honestly, I agree with you. Whenever I sigh at something I do NOT want to do, I think of this. I think that it’s simply out there and inside our heads now that that’s a huge encouragement to just end the misery already and just do it so we don’t have to think about it ever again.

    I revisit undone projects so many times a day I grow weary from it. One by one, I’m pulling stuff out of that horrid garage to get it over with. I may have a workshop one day yet!

    Oh dear. But today is hot and sunny. We’re heading to the beach. Doh! (true story)

    I’ll get on it tomorrow. πŸ™‚


  11. You are so cute Donna! Great job getting the RV cleaned up and camp ready. With six cats in my house I can so relate to the problem of making beds. It does not matter to my cats if they are fresh sheets or the regular making of the beds in the morning – they are on them, under them, jumping on them. Your Teddy Bear is a cutie. He reminds me of my Diego (aka pequeΓ±o diablo).

    ~ Tracy

  12. My family always makes fun of people who shower and blow dry hair and wear makeup when camping because camping is supposed to be well, un-convenienced (though not inconvenienced)… uhh … not you, not you. Lol.
    Nice job with the camper. I wish I could add my lingering bathroom reno to the gitter done project … I haven’t worked on it in over a month despite hating to shower downstairs int he tin-box.

  13. I just posted a campout we did for a birthday on my blog. Camping is a lot of work! You have beautiful photos of your location. And I wish I had a camper like you do. πŸ™‚ Love that little black kitty…awww.

  14. #16 Twyla, I feel sorda the same way when I see 8,000 feet units pull in, all the slideouts set just so, and then they hike up the TV antennae, never to be seen until they pull out again.

    It’s all relative, depending on where you’re sitting yourself. πŸ™‚


  15. Looks like you were really “roughing it” (LOL!) with the computers! Teddy Bear is sooooo cute! As for building, if you haven’t already heard of it or checked it out… is all I have to say! I hope you are relaxed and refreshed after your vacation!

  16. I was thinking about gitter done yesterday when I was without computer. I thought, what will I do? Now that I see it up, I am like CRAP!!! Do I have time??? What should I do(notice I don’t say what can I do, got lots)? I like this, it challenges me, but if you choose to eliminate it for more time for you, it’s all good:)

  17. Erin, I won’t discontinue the event. If it helps even one person, it stays. I don’t care about having a million linkups. So not what it’s about. I want to help YOU.

    So… GITTER DONE already! πŸ™‚


  18. Isn’t it an amazing world when you get traffic for posting before pics? πŸ™‚ Glad to help, Melissa!! But YOU did all the hard work here.

    Anita… welcome!! Starting a project can be more difficult than DOING the project. You fit into GD perfectly! Go go go! We wanna see the results!


  19. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your trailer. My husband and I had a 25 year old trailer that was just as ugly as the day is long, but the inside had been whitewashed and had perfect storage for our family of 4. It was only 19ft. We got lots of looks at the campgrounds from those with deep pockets. Someone actually gave us $5,000 U.S. for the thing and we had paid $2,000. I love the smell of a new trailer, but BOY I wish we had that old junker back. None of the new ones are built as well. SIGH.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  20. just wanted to thank you for giving me some peace.we have to move out of our home with 3cats and 2 dogs.we have a trailer almost like yours.has b.beds in backwill use for storage.we are leaving indiana going to TN.but we can’t afford a motel until we find a house and go thru all that stuff.but if you can take a child i can make it with the few animals.i can
    animals,i just can’t put them down. this will be different than just a week-end!

  21. Hi Donna, I really like your camper! My husband and I bought a camper in October. A Keystone Fireside; 19 feet inside the trailer. We love it! We camped in it for the weekend and had a great time. Thank you for the pictures and wish lots of happiness in your travels.


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