7 – The day Miss Mustard Seed was my neighbour

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Part 6 is HERE

Miss Mustard Seed's button

We are here! We are ready to roll! The BIG Lucketts day has finally arrived!

And look who was setting up next door to the Hometalk booth…

I’ve only heard about Marian / Miss Mustard Seed’s Lucketts world via her blog, so it was quite something to actually see her doing her thing in action.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Watching her style emerge right before my eyes was pretty cool I will admit.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

All is calm, all is bright.

This was gonna be cool! I’m her neighbour so we’ll be able to chit chat next door to each other all the live long day, right? I mean, in between her selling and me doing my thing… shouldn’t be a problem! I’m sure there will be lulls and such…

Well, that assumption went right out the Lucketts window in a split second.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

KABOOM! Marian! Where are you?!

Oh, it’s ok, I’m sure things will die down eventually. Let’s go check out the goods while we wait!

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Ohhhh, definitely MMS all the way. Lovely and oh so enticing!

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Yes!! Webbing banners. I got one! I got one!

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013 - vintage school theme

Here’s her schoolhouse collection. Aren’t all these office pieces gorgeous?

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013 - the book Inspired You

Preserved boxwood wreaths and her book Inspired You.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013 - webbing

Oh goodness… you knew her stuff a mile away. As I was clicking, you can bet I was smiling BIG. My buddy’s world was right next door to me. Seriously… how did I ever get so lucky to be here to check this all out?

I honestly attempted to capture more but… well, there were a LOT of people. But I knew it would die down soon so I could maybe get a few more shots… NO PROB! Just wait it out…

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

There she is!

I LOVE this picture. This was Marian in her total element. And it couldn’t have been more enjoyable to watch.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013

Oops. Lost her again.

No matter. Marian has earned her success through her focus on what she does best and her perseverance to pull through on her goals. She is a total inspiration as a business gal, blogger and friend.

Miss Mustard Seed at Lucketts 2013
Marian / Miss Mustard Seed and Allison Hop / The Golden Sycamore

And it just so happens that Allison also just threw up a post on Miss Mustard Seed’s booth HERE. You will LOVE her photography!

The idle chit chat shall wait for another time. It was an extreme pleasure to watch you do your thing, Miss Mustard Seed!

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17 thoughts on “7 – The day Miss Mustard Seed was my neighbour

  1. I’m glad there are still more pictures. I’m thrilled to get a peek at what was in MMS’s booth and the view from your perch. I hope there are still more shots in that camera of yours waiting to make their way onto your blog!

  2. EEEEK! How fun! LOVE her schoolhouse vignette! Thanks for sharing – now I want to see more photos of your booth! So glad you’re having fun!

  3. I was there only on Sunday morning and her booth was pretty much sold out…I can see all the great things that I missed out on, but still managed to find a couple of things!…Marian is the best, as you well know..

  4. You guys need to be neighbors…you are on my blog side bar….plus Karen…and your all in the bed pic…needs to be in each home…still a fav…if you through in Bliss Ranch for some Sass….my idea of fun

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