Reorganizing the junk stash

Reorganizing the junk stash. Decorating bulk components stored on floor to ceiling Ikea Gorm shelves for easy access.

I’ve started a few new good habits lately.

One is walking every evening. I put the bike riding away for a spell because I wanted to see if walking would offer a few more health benefits. So far I do feel stronger, and have a little more spring in my step! Yay me! I think I am a lazy biker.

I’ve also considerably upped my water intake. I leave one glass out on the counter, with a sticky note, then mark off how many glasses I inhale a day. It’s a good reminder!

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is cleaning. It actually never stopped. I just stopped blogging about it because it wasn’t very pretty stuff.

I’m reaching deep corners that needed attention since moving here. That means, I’m slowly claiming this entire house! Progress feels SO good!

Our weather has been pretty cold and rainy, so that’s given me more time indoors, which was needed anyway. But I did manage to mow the lawn once so far…

So anyway, this past weekend I was simply minding my own business, vacuuming all the floors in the house, when I came across my downstairs office.

Big sigh… too much stuff to vacuum around, so I cleaned one area and resolved to just go watch Nashville. Priorities you know…

But I couldn’t help myself. I kicked a few things out of the way to vacuum JUST a little more, when…

2017 junk stash organizing-6979
I ended up with this. This is called shuffling, not to be mistaken for actual purging and cleaning.

When I was getting no where fast, I knew there was only one way to tackle this and do it right.

Let the gutting begin.

Nashville would have to wait.

2017 junk stash organizing-6981
This shelving was built from the Ikea Gorm series. 

The very first thing that was done was to add a few more boards for make shift shelving, as I didn’t have any surplus of small shelves in stock.

It worked! One plank came from my Pantry shelf.

Because I appear to repurpose repurposed projects. A lot.

A collection of silver tea kettles and creamers on a storage shelf full of staging components for decorating.

Then everything was placed on the floor in groups. This was the worst part. But it really allowed you to see how many silver creamers you really had.

A collection of old bells and rusty metal clamps on a storage shelf full of staging components used for decorating.

Or rusty metal clamps. Don’t ask… don’t even ask.

A collection of vintage glass mason jar lids, typesetting stamps, and a mini toolbox on a storage shelf full of staging components used for decorating.
Anything you see here is grabbed for any given photo shoot. If I still LOVE it, it stays.

2017 junk stash organizing-6989

Then piles of stuff I wasn’t sure on got packed up. 

If the things I no longer wish to keep aren’t worth much, I’ll bring it all to a local thrift store. But if I find decent value in a few things, I may group them together and list them on my fav Facebook bidding site to earn a few bucks.

May buy a dinner, who knows.

Reorganizing the junk stash - before. Decorating bulk components stored on floor to ceiling Ikea Gorm shelves for easy access.
Reorganizing the junk stash. Decorating bulk components stored on floor to ceiling Ikea Gorm shelves for easy access.
Wow! This was not planned nor anticipated! But so nice to see accomplished!

Then I rewarded myself with a WALK to the local restaurant for dinner!

Then, Nashville. Of course.

Nothing like getting it ALL in!

Are you still busy cleaning, or have you hit the great outdoors instead?

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11 thoughts on “Reorganizing the junk stash

  1. What an accomplishment! I just love the look of that old metal tea kettle. It seems to be saying “put me in the garden”.

  2. Your room looks like mine.. I have got to get on it. It just takes me a whole day and I sigh and say tomorrow. Gotta do it though. You may have pushed me into it.

  3. I have moved to weeding my forest.
    Unfortunately, it’s true. I’ve stopped decluttering inside my house & am now tackling the invasive periwinkle that is crawling into my cedar forest. Weeding by hand. Because the spring soil is moist & weeding is easy. Until the blackflies come. Then I won’t be crouched down in the forest. Your purging looks good.

    • Good for you Gloria! I felt the same, staring at the wet soil thinking this would be a good time.

      Now it just has to stop raining first… always an excuse here. 🙂

      Guess I should rake last fall’s leaves first…

  4. Yep, you got it all in Donna. The reorganized and cleaned-up workroom looks good. When you mentioned that this is ‘shuffled’ and not organized, Kenny Roger’s song came to mind = ‘you’ve got to know when to fold up, know when to hold up, know when to walk away, and know when to run’. Well, you didn’t run and now you will feel good each time you walk into the room! Ha!Ha!

  5. I like when you post the before and after picture – really shows the impact of the job! Right now I’m trying to figure out where my “working space” will be; I live in Saskatchewan and I’m not sure carving out a corner in my farmer-husband’s shop is a possibility! The garage needs a serious purge, but only because I need a bigger garden shed. So for now, I do what I can in the house in the winter, and when spring comes, my mitre saw and tools come out!!!

    Thank you for the inspiration, it helps me remember that I’m the only person that can “make it happen”.

    • I totally get it Melanie. Lack of space is tough! But I think it makes for more streamlined storing. I have to purge my workshop frequently so it works, as I work in a single car garage. Lots of things I have to do outside due to space limitations, so that requires better weather. It’s a juggling act! But is do-able. 🙂

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