A blogger’s life while camping

 A blogger's life while camping - musings of a blogger while on vacation

A blogger’s life while camping is a most interesting one! Welcome to my view each morning. The day starts here. I brew my coffee at the campsite, then go in search of a hot wifi area. I chose a campsite out of wifi range because it was prettier.

A blogger's life while camping - musings of a blogger while on vacation

But not to worry, my little blogging area each morning is gorgeous! I face a small creek with plenty of friends to keep me company. 🙂

A blogger's life while camping - musings of a blogger while on vacation - old cabin

I haven’t been spending a ton of time online. I tune in each morning with my coffee to see what’s up (while the boy and cats sleep in) and in the evening. But during the day, we’re busy at the beach, junkin’, and going for campsite walks coming across delightful sights such as this ‘lost in the woods’ styled cabin. 

A blogger's life while camping - musings of a blogger while on vacation - the cats

And this is all new to all of us.

I’ve had cats all my life and could never have pulled off taking a cat camping before. My older cats were too set in their ways and fussed and moaned if they were anywhere new. With these two so young and into everything and anything, this has been a dream trip. They LOVE the trailer and it’s lovely air conditioned quarters when need be. They are very content to sleep during our short bursts while we do our thing and welcome our return with major romping around. It has worked out well!

More on all these topics soon!
But I must say this next part because the reality of it became a little more real. To continue being a ‘blogger’ while vacationing is dream material. I didn’t have to move major mountains to coordinate days off needed, I didn’t have to arrange this and that because it pretty much all came with us, and I can still continue to do my blogging thing from a campsite with good wifi connection. A blogger’s life while camping is pretty sweet!
A blogger's life while camping - Instagram Funky Junk Interiors
Just know, I told myself I’d disconnect from online while gone so I gave myself no pressure to perform. However, the short bursts on Instagram (sharing the most there) and Facebook have been just light, fun and a blast to share. It all just worked out.

Also have to say, thanks for your amazing response on my last post, The $1.67 travel trailer door repair… and a lesson. That is my all time favourite kind of post to deliver. Pure inspiration, without the need to have a pinning or sharing hit. Sometimes the need for the biggest and the best becomes far too important. It’s a nice change to just be…

… kinda like a vacation.
(Party Junk will be live 7pm pacific as usual!)
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17 thoughts on “A blogger’s life while camping

    • Yeah, maybe do it before their teen years if you can. Just do it! Once they reach this age, an afternoon playing in the sand on the beach doesn’t hold quite the same lustre for them. haha

  1. Sounds and looks like you’re having a great time! I love it that you take your kitties with you. They’re so cute and look so happy. We always take our kitty and doggy too. After all, our trailer is our home away from home and they’re part of the family. 🙂 I agree…camping makes for great blogging. I always find so much to blog about when I travel. Sometimes one trip can lead to many posts. Happy camping and happy blogging! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. Yep, feeling a tad envious over here 🙂
    Last summer I took my three younger kids camping for the first time since becoming a single mom. It was a great feeling to be in a gorgeous spot, just me and the kids. And a great sense of accomplishment to know we could put up a tent, get a campfire going, etc without “needing” someone to do it for us. I hope we can do it again this year! I’ve never heard of camping kitties, but I love that they are doing so well in the camper! Just too sweet.
    Enjoy this beautiful time with your boy!


    • I can relate. The first time I went by myself with my son, I was pretty impressed with me, although the trailer makes things a little easier. I just relied on other campers helping me through this and that where the trailers were concerned. For the most part, others are incredibly willing to offer advice and help out! It’s really helped me become more independent and not fear as much on my own.

  3. How lovely to be able to take your cats on holiday with you, I always miss mine when I’m away. Enjoy x

  4. Donna I told my husband about you repairing your RV door and he was very impressed! He is a DYIer when it comes to repairing things and if he doesn’t know how, he will go online to try and find out. My dad was like that also and I am glad to have found a husband that will try…I am amazed at how many young men do not know how to repair or make things. At least with all the shows on tv now, some of them are trying to learn. I think girls and guys can all learn to do the same things…it is just that we girls are not as strong as the guys. I am going to always try and remember what your friend told you about fixing things!

    So glad you, your son, and those sweet kitty babies are having a fun time!

    • Lin, I’m impressed that your husband was impressed! haha Seriously, I know my circumstances created the need to not fear this kinda stuff. I still do at times, but I just ask Google or friends for help when need be. I seem to get by.

      Now to have all this rub off on my 14 year old son! Working on it. 🙂

  5. I think the tire swing makes your hideaway PERFECT!!!!!! Don’t let the world find you. This looks like a special, just for you place. Enviable…..

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