A curbside metal rack welcomes me home

Oh my friends… what a weekend I have just come from!

My venture to Toronto has come to a close. I will admit, I’m a little overwhelmed in a good way from all that transpired, so I need to sit on all that for a bit before I can start to tell some stories. Just know? It was amazing. Every last second of it. So much more soon!

So I just got in last night, and woke up today hitting the ground running. There’s a project reveal due for next week, so I wasted no time because THIS weekend I’m taking off yet again. My son is going to camp and I found a sweet little cabin in the woods kinda getaway to stay at during that time. (you know I will share that!) So coming soon, junkin’ in a new town!

But I was kinda feeling blah about not having a junk blog post for this week.

So heading to the hardware store, I was wishing I could maybe find something cool on the road, but scoffed at what a longshot THAT was.

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net

(screeeeeeeeeech!!!!!! that 4-letter word gets me every time)

I mean, I don’t even have room for one. more. thing. Lots from the Crafty Affaire followed me home and my basement did not empty like I had hoped. I have LOTS to pick from and so much I haven’t even shown you. It’s kinda like Christmas morning in the basement!

Trust me. I don’t need a thing. But… 

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
(squeeeeeeeeze…. you. shall. FIT!!!!!)

… I dunno. It’s kinda like when you go shopping and wish you could come home with something new anyway. Just for the fun of it. To trigger fresh inspiration maybe.

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
(I swear that word has subliminal power over me)

LONGSHOT. There is never anything on our roads.

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
(I ran. No, I RAN to this pile)

And so as I moseyed on home after the hardware pickup, a deep sigh led me to realizing that I should just be happy with what I have. Go unpack a box (or 30) and just start tinkering on… something.

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
So tinker I did. But not on anything from home as you can plainly see!

This black metal rack just had to come home. But the casters were all broken, so I made sure I picked up some new casters at the hardware as well.

A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net

And because orange isn’t my choice of wood tone, the plywood was flipped upside down. Now we’re talkin’!

reclaimed wood / A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
As for that wood? Yowza! Aqua, chippy, snapCRACKLEpop!

black metal basket / A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net

And a few other little choice items came home from that pile too.

black metal basket / A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.netAs for where to put it? Well…

After I measured, the rack was too large for any regular doorway. Oops.

Which leaves the garage.

That’s it.

No harm in that! This thing will help me further organize my dream workshop!

As soon as I remove the freezer first.

In which there is also no room to relocate.


Ah well. Nothing like tearing another room apart just for this new monstrosity I apparently desperately needed.

 A curbside metal rack welcomes me home / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
And until all that transpires, I decked out the desperately needed, newly castered fabulous black metal rack with dried hydrangeas, for my neighbours’ viewing pleasure.

Right after I cleaned up my (hoard) piles before I left.

I’d bet they are SOOO glad to see me home again…

– – – – – –

Would you have brought this thing home? What would you use it for?

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36 thoughts on “A curbside metal rack welcomes me home

  1. Hey Donna…did you ever think of opening an online shop, to share some of these !? It seems to me…you like creating and building things. They’re one of a kind. I could totally see that rack in an Urban Outfitters, or someone’s cool loft apt, with no walls. You’re amazing

    • Aww Mimi, thank-you! Yes, I have thought to open something, but haven’t figured out how yet. I’m seriously out of room to redo things with no place to store. I’m thinking of a different approach in the near future… lots of thinking wheels are indeed turning! Thanks for your suggestion and support!

  2. Add some hooks to the bottom/underside of the middle shelf so you can hang baskets or anything from it. It would end up in my garage too, so you could hang extension cords from the hooks! I would not have been able to get it home though–no truck! Maybe the next vehicle!!

  3. Hello Donna. Discarded treasures at the curb are the best: the price is right, and the exercise value is met due to increased respiratory and heart rates, as in finishing a rigorous workout session! Too bad that gem won’t fit through the door. If so, turn it upside down, relocate the castors, and use it for an entertainment center. It has a simple, yet perfect form. Enjoy!

    • GREAT point! I’d much prefer this kind of workout than anything found inside 4 gym walls! And workout I did. I even ‘hired’ a neighbour to pound the old welded casters off with a hammer. Nothing like spreading the workout love around alittle… πŸ™‚

  4. What a great way to be welcomed back to your city! Great finds. I think my favorite is the chippy wood! Looking forward to the exciting posts coming up. Take care Donna!

  5. I would definitely take it home!! Anything that potentially holds other stuff and screams ‘organization’ HAS to be taken home. If only to organize all the other stuff that is in the trunk at that time!! Junk on!!

  6. This aqua chippy boards all side by side there – would look great nailed or glued to one of those flat surfaces of your storage cart. Course – if you’re only using it in the garage – who care. but yep – would look great. And Yes – if hubby would have permitted – Id’a picked it up too. And prob. it woulda landed in my garage too. Great find! (aren’t they all? That word is a car stopper!)

  7. This would make a great shirt/skirt or slacks hanger…just add hanging device between the legs on the bottom rack…the upper racks could be used for shoes and put baskets on the top to hold misc. articles of dressing! And then you have an instant and portable closet!

  8. I would add old baskets or buckets to the top to put winter hats, gloves, scarves in. then I would hang a dowel rod under the shelf to hang coats. the bottom would be a place to put my snow boots, maybe a bag of salt. then I would hang a few hooks on the ends of the dowel rod to hang a snow shovel or two. Walla! a winter storage unit.

    • Toronto? I miss my city lights so much! Fabulous experience for this country mouse.

      The rack is more of a storage height, I should have stood beside it to show the scale moreso. This thing is massively amazing! Now I need a massive use… πŸ™‚

  9. I’m a junker too, I recycle junk and sell it my savings is up to well I will say aaaalllooootttttttt
    So with that said another persons trash is another persons treasures….
    I love picking stuff up from the curb. If a dressor is not with it but the drawers are they go into my truck…..
    Oh my that cart I have so many ideas to use it for/ for one I have a neighbor wanting a kitchen island that’s moveable her budget is 200.00 bucks so I would totally fix it for her and make some more cash…
    Love love your blog I’m a follower now and forever..
    Keep junkin πŸ™‚

  10. In a millisecond !!! You have some awesome finds!!! wish i could come upon just a few of the things you get to find!
    As for what i would use it for ?? a workbench of some kind

  11. Such a cool find, Donna! I can’t resist FREE stuff either. It was so wonderful to chat with you on Friday night and you were such an amazing speaker. Feeling very inspired you. x

    • Today I ran across three antique boxes (One Dr. Pepper Box) and 2 home made full of Mason Jars and glass electrical insulators. Oh the joy I am going to have with this find. I looked over and this guy was just looking and smiling as I stopped got out of my truck and started piling them in. I also picked up an old wooden frame from the same stop.

  12. Hahahaha! Love this post! It’s almost like reading about ME! My basement is full, and my garage, and my front porch and under my back porch…. My furnace went out the other dayh so of course I had to move A LOT of stuff so the furnace man could work on it. I told him I’m not a hoarder, I’m a collector and pack rat!!! He just smiled.

    As for that darling rack, I’d use it to put paint supplies on so I could wheel it around in my garage to where ever I’m working (after I move my car out)

  13. OK, this time you totally cracked me up…..especially the screeeeeeeech part! Love your shelf but mostly love your adventurous attitude and creative spirit. Keep n junkin’ and I’ll keep on readin’! = Cheryl

  14. YES, I would’ve brought that thing home!! πŸ˜€
    I don’t know what I would use it for either, but I definitely would’ve found a use for it SOMEWHERE! That frame is SWEET, and the colors on that old wood…MMMMM!

  15. Donna…yes I would have if I owned a truck and a garage or a shed. Finding that thing was awesome. I mean you can store on kind of things on that. And I definitely could use some organizing in my life. The pot rack and the wood…wow all of that is awesome. There really is never ever anything on street. So, right now I am all kind of envious of your finds.

  16. Oh My Donna!
    I feel we are definitely kindred spirits of the junk world, πŸ™‚ this week I felt like it was christmas when I screeched my SUV to a halt when I saw what looked to be a carpenters workshop at the curb! complete with a hand made rack on casters & rungs made with pipes & 3 stacks of brand new plywood squares all wrapped up in plastic wrap, wood shelves, an old wood tool box, but how am I going to get this all home? & how could someone put all this out for the trash? Well, thankfully I had my tools with me, I had to take everything apart to make it fit in my SUV & while I was disassembling it all the Garbage truck pulled up, the guy said “they left you by yourself to put this stuff out?” I said “Oh No!! I’m trying to save it from going in your Truck! this is like gold to me” I was so excited! and alas my neighbors too must endure my latest finds in the driveway until it all gets put away somewhere.. I really do need a Pick-Up Truck, & perhaps a bigger shed πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read about what the future holds for you! Best Wishes

  17. Oh Donna, what great finds! I would take the storage cart and paint it some nice bright colors, then turn it into a sports storage center. Stretchy netting around the bottom portion would keep kids play balls in place, but easily accessible. Baseball mitts and other toys could be stored on the shelves. Maybe a couple of hooks on the sides for baseball bats or wiffle ball bats. You could sell that baby!!LOL

  18. Could possibly turn it upside down so the smaller shelf section is at the bottom? Then it might make a cool entertainment center ? Not sure about the dimensions but it seems odd to have the large section on the bottom.I know you’ll make it wonderful and useful!

  19. What a score, Donna! It sure does look like it will come in just as handy as your big red storage rack once you find the right place for it. I’m so intrigued by those red hand prints!! Wondering if that was on purpose, or somebody just trying to get the red paint off their hands, lol.

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