Ammunition crate workshop cabinet

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /
Little crates have a special place in my heart.

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /

 Or… in this case, an ammunition crate workshop cabinet!

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /
I purchased this cute little ammo box from the flea market in preparation for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.

But may I admit here and now, I priced it high so I could bring it back home again?

Such a sales person… 🙂

Adding a shelf / Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /

I was still cleaning up from the market, when this little ammo box spoke to me…

“Use me for something! Don’t hide me away…”

Since I was fiddling with my workshop at the time with the pallet section hammer organizer, I flipped it on its back, and cut a plank for a shelf.

I really needed a place for craft paint I use for stencils, so that determined where to position the shelf.

A couple screws from the outside did the trick.

Painting inside a cabinet with black green acrylic craft paint / Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /
While I love lots of things in their natural state, the inside was just a mess. Strange patchwork was here and there and it just felt odd.

A little black / green craft paint did the trick for the sides…

Painting inside a cabinet with Fusion Mineral Paint's Fort York Red / Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /
… with a blast of Fusion Mineral Paint’s Fort York Red I had left over from other projects. (Thanks for letting me try it, Fusion!) 

Ohhh my goodness, I LOVE it!

The shock of red inside reminds me of my fav funky wall cabinet with lime green inside.

Ammunition crate workshop cabinet using Fusion Mineral Paint's Fort York Red /
The little stripe on the outside of the ammo box was orange, and since my preference is red, it was just taped off and repainted.

The metal handle was rusty, so that was lightly touched with a little red as well.

And now the ammo box is a cool, little workshop cabinet!

I’m kinda crazy about it. It looks like it’s 100 years old.

Pallet workshop tool organizers / Ammunition crate workshop cabinet /

Which resides beside the pallet wood hammer organizer and enhanced pallet tool shelf.

Route 66 workshop cabinet /
And near the Route 66 pallet wood cabinet on the same wall.

I love funky little crates for cabinets! Especially when you don’t have to build them from scratch… 🙂

What would you use this little ammo box for?

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5 thoughts on “Ammunition crate workshop cabinet

  1. I love the fact that you closed the door before the red paint was dry and got red paint on the cabinet itself. That is so ME!
    BTW, thanks again for telling us about Napilli Point. Best vacation ever!

  2. I love ammo boxes, I had one that was from world war 1 and it was beautiful, unfortunately I sold it and I do regret it, I keep looking for another one but no luck, so you were smart to price it to high and bring it home.
    I love your little cabinet, it is adorable and perfect for your craft paint, great job.
    I don’t live very far from Ft Knox and back in the 20, 30’s and 40’s people built there homes from Ammo boxes, and I have been in one and it is just gorgeous, and has stood the test of time, through tornado’s and floods.

  3. My father in law would love this. I’m sure he has a couple of useful crates from back in his day shoved back in some dark corner of his garage. I’m forwarding these to my wife so she can send them over.

    Very interesting post, thanks for sharing!

    ps, I agree with the previous poster, you do have a very strange, yet lovely, garage!

  4. Oh gosh, just LOVE how you think, girl! I see these ammo boxes quite often and have always been tempted to pick them up, but never know what to do with them as horizontal space in my little house comes at a premium, but seeing this used in terms of vertical space has me eager to pick up the next ammo box I spot! Also love that you switched the colour up to suit your tastes…like, why the heck not…if you have to live with it, you should love it, right? 🙂

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