A little burlap sandbag encouragement

burlap sand bags

Today I ran to our local hardware store and picked up 50 burlap sandbags.

That statement I’m sure either has you so confused you don’t know where to turn or you totally get it so bad you wish you were there to snatch them up before me.

burlap sand bags

These burlap bags are for the Out of Africa Meetup. With every Hometalk Meetup, comes a little swag. But because I sprung this event on Hometalk so quickly, there was no time to send anything. But, no prob! I have another plan of action in mind. Again.

And just like the toolkits for the Milner Village Garden Meetup, this one’s about encouragement too.

burlap sand bags

I created a few branded tags…

(I do some design work for Hometalk so I had their logos on file)

Oh!! That cool mason jar file was found from The Graphics Fairy! Thanks Karen!

The hydrangea petals are my own photos.

burlap sand bags

… grabbed a few of my own blog business cards and some twine…

burlap sand bags

and started bundling.

The premise? I’m going to be challenging the Meetup gals to bring one home to create with. And then hopefully see a parade of new creations afterwards at some point!

Imagine. 50 boring ho hum sandbags being made into works of art.

burlap sand bags

Everyone sees differently and there is nothing finer than seeing one express themselves through the gift of creation. I just LOVE seeing people create.

Here we go again. I feel like I’m about to watch my kids graduate all over again. Little boring burlap sandbags, you have a very exciting life ahead of you. And I can hardly wait!

Follow the Out of Africa Meetup via #HTMeetupYAC on twitter!

More info on the Out of Africa Meetup HERE.

What would YOU make with one?

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11 thoughts on “A little burlap sandbag encouragement

  1. I thought maybe your area was flooding like mine!! I live in the suburbs of Chicago and our area has been in a “state of emergency” since yesterday morning. So send some of those over here!!! 😉 We’re feeling very blessed to have only had a little basement flooding!!

  2. Hi Donna, I have read your guest post on so many Blogs. I don’t know why I have not signed up, before now, to follow your Blog. Thank goodness, I’ve come to my senses 🙂
    I purchased 3 burlap bags at a TX Flea Market, Canton First Monday. They were only 3 for $10. Oh, how I wish I would have picked up more. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful projects.

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