White slipcovered IKEA ektorp 3.5 sofas living room tour

White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood oar wall decor

White slipcovered IKEA ektorp 3.5 sofas living room tour

View the entire Ektorp sofa series to-date HERE

Q: Do IKEA Uppland slipcovers fit the now discontinued Ikea 3.5 Ektorp sofas?

A: Update January 2019: Ikea has now discontinued the Ektorp 3.5 sofa series. I am currently trying to find out if the new Uppland sofa slipcovers will fit the Ikea 3.5 Ektorp. I came across some information HERE that suggests they will fit but are a little loose.

Update March 2021: Stay tuned for an IKEA Ektorp 3.5 white slipcovered sofa Q&A with full review.

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While many of us are revamping our homes with winter decor, I went one (ok, several hundred) steps WAY beyond!

Friends, I have some dreamy white slipcovered furniture in the house, and boy on boy am I in LOVE! 

Visit How To Assemble An Ikea Ektorp 3.5 Sofa HERE

Why 2 white slipcovered sofas?


I’ve always wanted white slipcovered sofas, however the white part has always halted me. I was concerned how it would stay clean.

The Ektorp series back then also felt a little small when you sat in it as well. So I chose the Stocksund series which offered roomier sitting areas.

However as time went on, some of the Stocksund framework wiggled loose and the furniture started to rock. IKEA made good with it and gave me a credit.

So I decided to bite the bullet and replace the Stocksund with the IKEA Ektorp 3.5 sofas and go for the white… which is what I had wanted in the first place!

So two Ikea shopping trips later, here’s the tour!

White slipcovered IKEA Ektorp

3.5 sofas living room tour


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White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood oar wall decor

The full living room view


Welcome to my new dreamy white slipcovered IKEA ektorp 3.5 sofas living room tour! It’s light, bright, and gorgeous!

White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood oar wall decor and a rusty junk lamp

Window gate screens tutorial HERE

x 2!

Yes. I purchased two white slipcovered IKEA ektorp 3.5 sofas and a pretty new off-white carpet and a whole new living room look I absolutely adore!

And know what? I’m now glad this wait transpired, because this NEW size for Ektorp called 3.5 made all the difference!

Update: The Ektorp 3.5 is now discontinued and has been replaced with the IKEA Uppland series you can find HERE. They appear to be very similar in size, so hopefully this tour can still help guide your decision!

What is Ektorp 3.5?


Ektorp 3.5 sofas with 3.5 Vittaryd white slipcovers

Apparently North Americans kept requesting larger scaled furniture, so IKEA came out with what they call a 3.5″ for the Ektorp sofas and slipcovers only.

So if you want a chair, love seat, sectional or footstool, as of Jan 23, 2019, you’re out of luck. They only upsized the sofas.

I struggled with this… my plan had been to get a sofa and chair, but there was no way I would be happy with an itty bitty chair beside a monstrous sofa!

So I bit the bullet, and got two sofas. It was a super gutsy move… I wasn’t positive the room would manage it. But now that it’s all set up, it’s absolutely lovely and so cozy! The room was too bare before, so it sure is filled up nicely now!

White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood oar wall decor and a rusty junk lamp

White IKEA sofas


All I know is, I’m smitten. These sofas are big and scrumptious! As in, when you sit down, someone 5’5″ will have their feet a foot off the floor. ADORE oversized! I’ve missed it.

Here is what I had previously just at Christmas so you can see the difference.

And of course, they are slipcovered which easily comes off to be washed when desired.

White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood bench

So I reasoned, sure they can be washed, but I don’t want to have to wash if I don’t have to, so I picked up a few throw blankets to sit on instead!

White Ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with rustic wood bench and rusty junk lamp

Rusty junk lamp tutorial HERE

Which makes the experience even cozier. Goodness me. Why have I never sat ON blankets before now? 

I had planned to pick up two slipcovered footstools as well, however they were out of stock with the white slipcovers so I’ll make my way back there another time.

They will be a little lower, but I’m ok with that. I think it’s more comfortable than one the same height as a sofa seat anyway.

reclaimed wood bench coffee table in rustic winter living room

Rustic furniture touches


Wood bench tutorial HERE

There’s still more work to do in the room, like land more pillow covers and do something slightly different about this (now) itty bitty bench, but it works for now.

Although I could see myself making a larger version of this wood bench… I just love all the rustic wood against all that white. And a part bench allows for the footstool…

But no big coffee tables will reside in this room. The room needs the floor space more.

Winter faux trees on a black stenciled Antiques trunk made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

winter faux trees on a black stenciled Antiques trunk

A few other winter touches came into play too.

The Antiques trunk you saw with my Christmas tree 2 years ago is back with a cute little winter tree arrangement on top.

Antiques storage trunk with winter trees and snowshoe for winter decor

And because I’m newly obsessed with snowshoes, one came back into the room.

Or should I say, never left the room since the Christmas forest scene!

wood scrap string wrapped winter trees on neutral books and houndstooth stenciled tv tray made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Winter accessories


Remember my little string wrapped wooden trees?

I brought them out a little later because I liked their winter vibe and looked pretty cute placed on neutral stacked old books.

wood scrap string wrapped winter trees on neutral books and houndstooth stenciled tv tray made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Along with the Houndstooth TV tray with its wood and black touches, perfect!

Since the sofas are so tall, the TV trays ended up being a normal side table height!

Thank goodness I had this one and my Homestead Blend Coffee tray handy!

Rock floor to ceiling fireplace with metal accents with an oversized twig wreath in a rustic winter living room

A cozy rock fireplace


Fireplace tutorial is HERE

Remember my minimalist wish for my Christmas fireplace that did NOT happen?

Well, for winter it did! One large simple twiggy wreath I got at Lucket’s in Virginia a few years offered the perfect no fuss winter look.

Pallet wood and vintage crate big screen TV media stand in a rustic living room

Rustic pallet TV stand with vintage crate storage


While some say, “Hide the TV!” I just embrace it and put it on stuff I like.

And the pallet wood TV stand with the two vintage crates chimes in so nicely with the whole wood, black and white theme.

Some projects are just keepers I suppose. I’m super fussy about TV height. I have to be looking straight at the screen otherwise I get a kinked neck.

White Hjortsvang Ikea carpet that has a woven weave resembling a bulky sweater. 100% wool and gorgeous!

And then there’s the carpet made in Heaven itself.

I fell hard as soon as I saw it in Ikea.

IKEA Carpet details


  • This white woven IKEA carpet is called Hjortsvang
  • 100% wool
  • 5′ x 7′

…and was $400 Canadian. Ouch.

So I petted it. I hugged it. I cried over it. I groaned over the loss of it while I was still right beside it.

Then I heard myself saying, “Oh what the heck!” and threw it in my already overstuffed Ikea cart.

My old carpet was so badly frayed and I had been hunting for a new one the past 2 years anyway. Not sure why I felt spending $400 at Ikea was ok and not elsewhere but that’s the way it went.

Who am I kidding?! I ADORED THE WEAVE. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like an oversized sweater laying on my floor and I die all over again every time it’s within eyesight! 

White Hjortsvang Ikea carpet that has a woven weave resembling a bulky sweater. 100% wool and gorgeous!

And so cloud soft underfoot! I didn’t expect that. Yes, you feel the weave but it’s still soft.

So far my cats hate it!

Update: cats eventually liked it and have pulled up some sections here and there. I tuck them back in by hand.

white ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with wood oar wall decor
I had just landed two more oars from a shopping trip a week ago, so they ALL came out and made a beautiful little woodsy impact against all the white.

And I honestly could not be happier.

white ektorp 3.5 Ikea sofas in a winter living room with wood oar wall decor

Now that’s winter decorating, PLUS!

And now to figure out how to move ON with my life other than sitting on one sofa to the next all the live long day…

Funnest (sp?) sitting yet!

What do you think of the look? Would you go with white sofas?

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68 thoughts on “White slipcovered IKEA ektorp 3.5 sofas living room tour

  1. They look beautiful in your room!!! I had no idea they made a bigger sofa. Good to know! They look beautiful near that great trunk! So cozy! I will have to think about that size next time! I love the carpet too! I just had to roll up all my carpets and put them away because we just got a puppy :/ No carpets in my near future!

  2. I have the Ektorp sectional and love it!!! I bought it with the white slip covers but after a year of fighting dogs and muddy paws, I bought a set of gray slipcovers. I got tired of washing the white every week only to have the boys dirty it up within an hour! But once my daughter graduates college and takes the boys with her to her own place…..the white is coming back out!!! Enjoy! Gorgeous room.

  3. Can u tell me where in Canada you bought the rug? And I love the winter look. So pristine like after newly fallen snow. Ahhhh!
    Thanks for all the ideas ,too.

    • Hi Jena! Everything in the post was purchased from Ikea in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Pretty sure they’d have the same stock Canada wide. The carpet had a NEW sticker on the tag. There were still a few in stock when I went. You may wish to call prior if you have a substantial drive ahead of you.

  4. Nothing better than a room that has a ton of natural light during the day and can be made cozy and comfy when the sun goes down during the winter months.

  5. I love your new living room! It looks so comfy. And I took your advice and painted my kitchen the week before Christmas in time for the family visit. I love it so much, I’m starting on the living room tomorrow. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

    • Way to go Cheryl! I’m right behind you… ready to get out the paint to hit some walls myself. Or maybe board them first… or maybe paint the kitchen cabs. My list is LONG! haha Gives us lots to do, right?!

  6. Probably a good thing that there is NOT an IKEA close by in my area…a planned day trip away. So many great items to aid our lives and just great to look at. Loving your new look…great job.

    • Thanks Eloise! My Ikea is about an hour from me so just far enough to stall me… I’m not fond of the traffic out that way. I’ve just discovered the online shopping… this could spell trouble. haha

  7. Oooh, very pretty. The white looks beautiful. I adore white sofas, but I have a leather sofa with denim slipcovers in blue. We have a 70 pound black lab, so white is out of the question. Your room looks so inviting and cozy!

    • Oh I get that! It’s nice to be able to breathe with all that goes on at home.

      I just discovered my cats snuck a nap on my sofas for the first time…. how dare they! haha oh boy. Time to have that vacuum nearby… perhaps a hand held one is in order… hmmm…

  8. Hi Donna, love the white! We have an Ektorp hide-a-bed in our office. Our main couch looks a lot like your old one (also ikea), my husband loves the Ektorp but for me it doesn’t feel like it is deep enough to kick back in or sit comfortably for my long legs. I feel to upright. Could you tell me the depth withand without the cushions? I’m wondering if it might be deeper than the old Ektorp because I do love the look ? Thanks, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, ohhhh it’s WAY deeper and larger in all directions! I suggest to visit Ikea, specifically ask where their 3.5 sample is (they look the same at a quick glance at the store but they are not by far) and feel it out.

      Measurements are on Ikea’s website online. I’m not certain where you wish for me to measure, however the inside frame (where you sit, not including cushions nor arms) measures 32″ deep x 78″ long. Hope that’s helpful!

      • Yes it is Donna, thanks 🙂 btw we are practically neighbors, I’m across the water on Orcas Island in the San Juan islands in Washington!

      • Hi Everyone!

        I know I’m about 2 yrs too late to add to this post. But I REALLY want that white sofa & chair with ottoman, however, when I went to my Ikea about 6 weeks ago, they informed me the Ektorp 3.5 has been discontinued & so has the regular Ektorp. ((heavy sigh)) Then the girl said “but Uppland is replacing it” It looks exactly the same as Ektorp 3.5. Just waiting for someone to buy my barely used sectional. I’ll have so much more room in my apt. I’ve never had a white set before and I have a black & tan dog but don’t care.
        Trying to open a new chapter in my life.
        Seeing all the amazing & clever projects Donna creates makes me happy. It’s so nice to find someone who loves funky junk like I do & I have fun trying them out.

  9. Donna, your room is just stunning! I am so glad you just went for it and got what you really wanted. In the long run it really is much cheaper than buying several things that do not make you happy. Good for you!

  10. Love your new sofas! I have wanted this style of sofa and chair for so long! Unfortunately for me I have to wait due to finances (we’re slowly remodeling our kitchen and baths as we have the cash so slowly is not an understatement lol!)and a very clumsy 16 year old. Some day!

  11. I love everything but your TV stand. You should make a beautiful tall rustic old wood TV cupboard with doors. You can buy hinges so the doors fold all the way back. Think of all the cool things you could put on top….

    Nice couches! Can never have too many couch throws.
    Made a coffee table like yours. Love it.

    • Haha, yes, I read your comment on my Christmas post saying the same thing about the TV in which I responded with…. my room will not allow for another big piece of furniture. I’m actually ok with it as-is! I like the look of the old crates around it and the big black screen at least matches the room! haha

      Maybe my ‘next home’ will provide proper space for a big screen TV. This home was built way before all that was going on!

  12. Beautiful “oh so cozy” room! Love it! Love the rug especially….glad you treated yourself and also glad the cats hate it!?

  13. I too have always loved and wanted white sofas and suffer with the same angst as you. However, you have inspired me so perhaps I will take the plunge too. It’s also great to know that Ikeas has a new larger size. I need that!

    You can come down to the Sierra Foothills [Placerville, Ca] and be moral support and design assistant to my husband and i as we gut our huge master bedroom and bathroom. He retired two years ago and we moved to a larger ? home. HOWever it needs an entire update.

    I LOVE your blog and your new room and look!!
    I have followed you for years and always love your style And inspirations!!

  14. With my husband… white is OUT. Because it wouldn’t be white very long. We have a dark leather sofa that pops the colors of the pillows and throws I have on it.

    Yours is a stunner! Two sofas is great.

  15. Love Ektorp! I’ve had the original sectional, chair and ottoman for 10 yrs. Replaced covers a couple of times. Sectional has always been white. Covers wash well. I agree about sitting on a throw when I’ve been sitting outdoors during the day. Outdoor furniture always has a thin layer of dust. If you spill, pull the cover off immediately and toss in the washer. Use caution with drying temps and time. I have used the ottoman with different trays as my coffee table. Enjoy.

    • YESSSS! I can see blankets and sheets nearby will be a permanent fixture, I’m good with that! And I also love how large and flat the ottomans are so they can double up with trays too! In fact, I’d make a special tray just for it! Can’t wait to get the rest of the pieces. Glad you’ve been happy with your set all these years, that’s a wonderful endorsement!

  16. Love your living room Donna. The rug is definitely you. The thick weave does look like a big sweater. I would so love to have slip covers in white. At this point, not yet. But, oh someday in the future, yes. And a question for you, if it’s okay. Over on the wall facing the top of your stairs there are stenciled signs hung up vertically. I like it. I have a collection of stenciled signs made over the years and sometimes I move them around. Was thinking they would make an impact clustered in one spot. I just have this road block of not thinking outside the box. Now here’s the stupid question. Will they look okay if the wording is running long wise down so you almost need to turn your head to read it. I mean yours look great and natural, but somehow I don’t know if mine will. Some are on plain wood and others are painted and distressed. Think I should try it? Now, I think I know the answer. And you know what, I will try and maybe take a photo and send it. Sending photos is a whole new concept for me. Thanks, and thanks for showing your home to us.

  17. Well this is a timely post I am dying for a fall into it comfy sofa. I was wondering about an Ikea one but don’t know anyone who’s got one. That style comes in a grey cover too, I love the look of white but think I’d be too hard on it.

    • Time will tell how I feel about the white for certain! But I couldn’t play it safe this round, I knew I NEEDED it (haha) and will just use sheets and blankets to sit on. The new taupe (starts with an L) was really gorgeous as well.

  18. The room and sofas look fabulous and so inviting!! I tried to find the rug at IKEA in the USA and it did not show up. Maybe it is just offered in other countries. I love it!!

  19. I know exactly what you mean, because I have the Ektorp white sofa too! I had mine now for six years and it’s been many times. It still looks great and I love it. No worries about finding something to match the color of the sofa. LOL

  20. My Rug!!! I have been looking for a rug like this for ages! Sadly it is not yet available in the US. Sniff! Hopefully soon.
    My husband doesn’t care how I decorate as long as the couch is large enough for him to stretch out on for naps. He is 6’2” I think the new larger size may fit the bill.

  21. I’m so jealous! We don’t have IKEA in the southern USA. ?. Love those big white chunky sofas, and that rug is to die for!!! You hit the mother Load! I’ve been thinking about a white slip covered sofa because I love how you can change out your look so easily with just pillows. Plus it looks so good with any colored wood, well maybe not that red mahogany you find in so many antiques. Seems like the white would be too stark looking against that reddish undertone. I’m so happy for you and your new stuff! ???! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Enjoy that fluffy furniture!
    PS loved that lamp by the couch too!

  22. Donna I have been waiting for this post. You know I followed you on your journey when purchasing these and I am so happy to see them in your home. They look fantastic and fill up the room nicely. And the rug is pure heaven. I am also in the market for seating and was considering a sectional but now that I see this king-sized sofa I may just change my mind. I’ll have to go over to Ikea and have my son sit on it. Thanks for all your tips!! And yes, it’s ok to just sit on your sofa and admire the view. I do it all that time!

  23. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white sofas! I’ve tried to replicate that look by using drop cloths over my brown leather sofa but they slide around so much. Maybe I will get brave too and buy the white sofa someday! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing creations!

  24. About 5 years ago, I got a Pottery Barn sectional that’s a kissing cousin to your sofas. I love it! I’ve had several questions about using white with cats and visiting kids. I told the doubters that I’d been admiring my friend’s white slipcovered couches for years – they have survived her grandchildren and always look bright and fresh, and that’s what gave me the courage to try it. Periodic trips to the washer with bleach have kept the white denim looking great (put the covers back on wet – just prop them up to air dry).

    I love changing out my pillows for the seasons. Best investment I ever made was buying real down pillow inserts (pacificcoastdown.com). I make my own covers, and I wanted squashy comfy pillows that would recover their shape and fluff up easily (unlike poly fillings that are stiff and go flat over time).

    Love your new look! You’ve given me some great ideas for refreshing my room.

    • What a great endorsement for white, Pam! I agree with the feather inserts 100%! Do you have feather inserts in the sofa backed cushions as well or is that just throw pillows? I sat on a sofa with all feathers and my goodness it felt like a complete cloud but I wasn’t able to sit up as straight as desired…

      • The down is just the throw pillows. By the way, I first tried a down and feather mix, and didn’t like the crunchy-poky feel of the feathers. Pure down makes wonderful throw pillows.

  25. OOH…love it! Love the combo of white and black and rustic. And that fireplace!
    I love your site too. (is that too many ‘loves” in one paragraph? lol)

    I’m Canadian too (from Ottawa) but have live in SF Bay area of California for almost seven years. Want to move back…miss our grown kids…hopefully soon!


  26. Hi Donna,
    I just love how your living room turned out! The Ecktorp sofas are my favorites and I especially love the paddles/oars you found for the wall. I’ve been looking for some here in Maine but I’m fussy – want them to be old and unpainted (or paint cracking off) like yours. You have such a good eye for scale and texture. Always have loved your blog but don’t always comment – this living room is an inspiration! Have a great weekend, Cheryl

    • Hi Mary! Thank-you and yes I still do really enjoy them! The frames are as sturdy as a house which thrills me to no end as my last Ikea sofa was no where near made this well. I don’t know if I’d compare them to super high end comfort but they are still cozy. 🙂

  27. Donna, thank you so much for this post. We are looking at using Ektorp 3.5 sofas in the new living room of the house we just bought. I’m curious if you can tell me the dimensions of the room where you have yours. The dimensions of the space we are able to use in our new house are about 16 1/2‘ x 16 1/2‘. Do you think I could fit two of those sofas in an L shape there? I just went to IKEA yesterday and tried out both sofas and we definitely liked the 3.5 better. Thank you for any advice you might have for me.

    • Hey Michelle!

      I think it really depends how much you want to fill your space with ‘sofa’ vs. other furniture.

      My total room is about 16′ x 17′. I’d measure the sofas vs your room to decide if you have enough space and not go by what I did. My upstairs is an open floor plan so I don’t have to fight walls or doorways as much as a closed room.

      Maybe start with 1 sofa and see? They are quite large.

      But you will LOVE them!

      Happy shopping!

  28. Hi Donna,
    Your room looks amazing and so cozy. I love it! I have a PB basic grand sofa, which has been discontinued for years. I hate the upholstery and would love a slip cover for it. I was curious if you would be willing to measure a seat cushion and a back cushion. I’m wondering if the ikea covers for this sofa would fit my sofa. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

  29. Moved into a new (new to me) house in March 2020. Had always wanted the white Ektorp sofa with chaise and matching chair and footstool. Since only me and the cat, I ordered them. My brother and I assembled and I could not be happier. They are not only comfortable but really accent my new “white farmhouse” look. Perfect.

  30. I love your creative brain! I’ve been looking at that couch for a while and trying to come up with a reason why I should get it. I would definitely have to sell my sectional in order to pay for it.
    I really wanted to comment on your black trunk. I’m in love with it & am so mad at myself for selling a large ammo box I had in basement way too cheap!!!
    If I had seen how to redid yours, I’d still have it. I actually have a spot in my living room for it. Where did you find yours?
    Thanks for all your amazing ideas!

  31. Hi!! Do you know the dimensions on your Ektorp 3.5? I actually just got two of these on clearance, maybe a wrong move but too late!! Also I’m wondering if the Uppland slipcovers will fit this 3.5 one?

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