A visit to the Christmas tree farm… under protest.

Visiting the Christmas tree farm / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I was planning to take my boy away somewhere cool for Christmas.

After last year’s Disney experience (which was amazing, although exhausting), I thought it would be neat to experience my beloved, glorious Maui during the holidays. You know… relaxing! We’ve seen the sights already last summer, so this round, it would be about moseying out to the beach with a kona coffee, watching him ride some waves.

I thought it was gonna work out. I even landed a condo ground level (my FAV!), that wasn’t a ridiculous price.

But when I landed TWO DIRECT FLIGHTS, I thought it was a done deal. 

It must be a sign, I told myself… 

My palms got sweaty. As I was about to book the works, my son said…


Actually, it was more like,



What is this “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” you speak of?!

Who else wants to be my son for 2 weeks? I’ll trade!

Visiting the Christmas tree farm
But my sister said it was whale season, and then there’s the cool, and high surfing going on this time of year. We can’t miss that!

But, no. That’s all I got.

So after I was tempted to book it anyway, because we all assume moms always know best, I held off. I’d convince him soon, yes?

Gearing up for ‘the big sell’, that’s when a string of the strangest things happened shortly after.

Visiting the Christmas tree farm  - rusty red metal roof on a barn
1st… I got sick. One of those sicks that linger for a very long time, but not enough to stop you from actually doing everything. You just don’t feel well enough to do ‘much’. And you just can’t go to a luau and turn down all that food.

2nd… His wisdom teeth started bothering him. So I ran him in, and found out surgery was needed sooner than later. In fact, they had an opening during ‘our Christmas vacation’. Hrmph.

3rd… We discovered he really needs some extra school tutoring, in which we’ll have a visit or 3 during that time as well.

And just when I was mulling over other potential options to still make it happen…

4th… my son got sick.

Visiting the Christmas tree farm  - doug fir sign
Visiting the Christmas tree farm  - doug fir sign
Guess the writing was on the wall this round. Me – zero. Home – for the win.

I decided to finally listen. You know, before MORE went wrong.

So I closed off all my beloved vacation windows, (tears were shed)…

Visiting the Christmas tree farm  - carting the tree home in the back of the truck
and paid a visit to the Christmas tree farm… under protest… instead.

I went to the same tree farm we went last year, the local tree farm just up the hill from us. I like their trees because I can actually carry them myself.

They’re the spindly type, which I prefer, so it doesn’t darken the room too much while it stands in front of the window… the only place it’ll fit. My son told me to go while he was in school (I delayed this too!), so the strapping young lad in the first pic is the kind gent that cut and carried the thing for me.

But unfortunately, it is not flocked. If you want a good flocking read, Bliss Ranch’s adventure HERE will have you rolling! Informative too! I want to do this next year! I mean… if we don’t go anywhere…

Visiting the Christmas tree farm  - tree farm clippings... score! / funkyjunkinteriors.net
So anyway, a super nice perk to getting your tree from a small, local place? I asked if I could ‘clean up their yard’ and they said anything laying on the ground was mine…


Well, I guess it goes without saying, we were suppose to stay home this year. Why I do not know.

But one thing I do know… do not wait this long to purchase lights for your tree. Because just like clockwork, half the strings didn’t work once on the tree.

As it currently stands, I’ll have to remove the lights off the fireplace mantel to complete the tree…

And now it’s my turn for a big, fat…


– – – – –

Ever have the powers that be dictate what you do for Christmas?

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11 thoughts on “A visit to the Christmas tree farm… under protest.

  1. Love the tree and what a neat selection. We decided to do a small charlie brown tree – heading out to our farm later today to cut down a pine branch. Excited – that’s what my son wanted to do. He said, “Keep it simple!”

    I had that same flu too – really messed up my month. After finally feeling better I think I’m taking off to San Antonio for a few days to enjoy the river walk at Christmas with my Hubby. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Is it weird that I’ve never even heard of “flocking a tree” before? I guess it’s because here in New England we have plenty of flocked trees outside. Too funny! Love the idea though because I do love a snowy pine tree!

  3. It was a sign Donna! Christmas is meant to be celebrated in cool weather by the fireplace. Not with your bikini on, dancing on the beach. I moved to a warmer climate many years ago and still pine for the snow of New York. I can’t stand hot Christmases and can’t for the life of me imagine Christmas in Australia. The tree is lovely. Don’t worry about the lights, you have the white walls to brighten the place up!! 😉

    • Haha, yeah, I totally get where you’re coming from. We had a hot Christmas by day, while cool at night last year at Disney, so it was neat to have a little of both. At least Disney was well decorated for us. LOL

      The strangest holiday was spent in the tropics during Easter one year. Seeing easter eggs nestled at the base of a palm tree in the sunshine, vs gloomy, rainy april shower skies was very different!

  4. How I wish for colder weather. Living in southern Georgia is nice, but I miss the snow from my earlier days.. It just isn’t Christmas unless it is snowing or at least cold.. Yesterday 78. UGHHHH. My hubby and I are headed to Gatlinburg Tn. in 2 days for a short 4 day jaunt. Cant wait.. They say it will be in the 30’s/. No snow but cold enough for Hot Cocoa. I will say hello to Dolly Parton for ya all.. Cant wait to see all the lights up there.

    • Funny what we get use to, isn’t it?

      I’ll admit, hot tropical weather is very different from hot desert type weather. I’ve visited both, and by far, the tropical breezes and water nearby saves the day!

      But I admit, a snowfall during the season is pure magic!

  5. Hate to mention this, but when teenage boys reach a certain age They want to hang out with their friends during the holidays. Sorrry….
    Just saying, having raided three of them.

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