Funky Junk’s best DIY of 2015 – then and now

Funky Junk's Best Junk of 2015! Reclaimed wood, old signs, and more!
Well junkers, this is a good time to look over the entire year in one big scroll.

So what went down in 2015? Ohhh…. well…

I purged, painted, collected old wood, made cool stuff with old wood, organized better, created more storage. Then I saw a little more of the world, then came back home and started all over again.

So without further ado, here’s Funky Junk’s Best junk of 2015… it’s one BIG post!

a paint studio before and after, with upcycled organizing /
a paint studio before and after, with upcycled organizing /
a paint studio before and after, with upcycled organizing /
The new paint studio reveal

Then – One of the most astonishing befores and afters to date! Most asked where I put all that junk! Most said don’t get rid of that junk… the post tells all. 

Now – The room continues to be one of my fav spaces today, even a year later! 

Route 66 pallet wood workshop cabinet for storage /
Route 66 pallet wood workshop storage

Then – When a little more storage space was needed for the workshop, this junk styled pallet wood cabinet was the perfect touch!

Now – The cover on the cabinet has sealed the deal on this one! I use it to keep my safety glasses free of sawdust.

Bathroom shelf made from old shutters /
Shutter and reclaimed wood shelf

Reviewing Melissa Michael’s book, Love the Home you Have, I was encouraged to love my bathroom just a little more. Using two old shutters, this cabinet was born. 

Then – It’s the perfect shape and size for the given space, and still remains in the bathroom today!

Now – I’m so in LOVE with this cab. The slim lines are truly perfect. I’m not sure I’ll ever change this one out!

I ended up making another one of these for a vintage show, and it sold instantly.

repurposed wood scraps into doll furniture and bookshelf dollhouse /
Doll house furniture from scrap wood and upcycles

Then – Challenged to make a dollhouse out of a bookshelf for charity, I took it one step further. All the furniture was made from wood scraps, thrift store finds, and a few smaller stencils.

Hands down, I’ve NEVER had so much fun on a given project to date! 

Now – The dollhouse is happily being used at a teen mom’s daycare in a high school setting. It’s helping young moms daily. Love that!

step ladder laundry room shelf for Country Woman Magazine /
Laundry room ladder shelf, built for Country Woman Magazine

Then – This shelf was created as a repurposed challenge for publication in Country Woman Magazine. I meant to hang it up in my actual laundry room, so I worked on my laundry room at the same time.

The room ended up being too dark, so I got a revamped room AND cute project idea.

Now – The shelf never did make it into the laundry room… see HERE what I did instead.

old coffee sign into a beverage station using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Crate lid styled coffee station sign

Then – Celebrating coffee in fine crate style, this sign was also designed with gaps to incorporate S hooks for cup holders.

Now – This coffee design became one of the most popular stencils of 2015! 

The sign itself was also one of the most copied projects this year. Cool!

old coffee sign into a beverage station using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Old Sign coffee station

Then – A vertical take on the S hook gap coffee sign design.

Now – I ended up selling this beauty at a vintage show. I miss it! Some are just keepers… 🙂

old coffee sign in a kitchen using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Now – I ended up hanging one similar in my kitchen in my summer home tour. I truly love this design and the fact that it can hang mugs for coffee near the coffee pot.

repurposed old cupboard decked out with Antiques and old signs using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils and Fusion Mineral Paint /
Antiques paint cart from an upcycled old cupboard

Then – Challenged to do a before and after paint project using Fusion Mineral Paint, a beat up curb side found cupboard become something completely funky! All 5 sides do something different. This one will surprise you!

Now – This has become a workhorse in my photo studio! I did change out the top because I was always afraid of getting paint on it. The top is just so pretty.. 🙂

The top now hangs in my kitchen with the shelf hard at work with plain wood downstairs.
An easy way to take apart pallets or fences with no fancy tools! / funkyjunkinteriors.netThe secret to taking pallets apart… without fancy tools!

Then – This tip works! I visited a farmer’s garage sale, and after he led me to the back of the barn for a tour, he showed me his secret weapon on dismantling pallets, with no fancy tools.

Now – I ended up taking a massive fence apart right after learning this technique. I would never have brought it home if I hadn’t learned this hot tip!

Reclaimed wood wall and Route 66 pallet wood cabinet in a workshop /
Enhanced pallet wood tool shelf in a workshop /
The dream workshop reveal… made for FREE

My dream workshop resides in a tiny, single car garage. It’s all decked out with free stuff for storage, curb found tables, etc. 

Includes a ton of storage ideas, and this enhanced pallet tool shelf.

Branch ladder flower stand with Flower Market sign, created from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Flower Market themed branch ladder plant stand

Then: Desiring to jazz up the patio a little but with not much room to spare, I went up! Using 2x4s and branches, this rustic ladder plant stand was born. The Flower Market stencil added a little flea market type flair to it.

Now: The ladder still stands proudly on my patio right now, with ALL the plants, except for the peach begonia still going strong. In WINTER! Wow.

Old beach, lake and bed & breakfast signs for summer hanging, created from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Getaway themed sign designs

Then – I was taking off for Maui, and wanted to make some beach themed signs for the condo as a gift. So I created this getaway collection that completely mixes and matches with each other to get the most milage possible. The set was an instant hit!

Now – The signs are also now on the back of my bathroom door holding towels. I move them around frequently. Love playing with these!

Signed up stairway, part of Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Tour, created from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
2015 Summer Home Tour – full tour of entire home

Then – When I was busy ramping up for a vintage show, I made a TON of old signs. With a summer tour due, I literally littered the house with them.

Signed up kitchen window, part of Funky Junk's 2015 Summer Home Tour, created from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Now – I loved the outcome so much, I made more so I could maintain the old sign look!

Vintage looking Grocery sign in black and white, created from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Grocery vertical sign and reclaimed wood message centre

Then – Loving vertical signs, this one was created from a horizontal stencil.

Now – I ended up selling it at a vintage show. By far, this was my fav distressing treatment and setup. Which is going to lead to a vertical stencil collection… coming soon!

How to make it when you're newly single / inspirational post /
How to make it when you’re newly single

Then – I had this post in draft for MONTHS, afraid to publish it. So one day, I just finally did.

Now – It’s been one of my biggest inspirational hits of 2015. I’m just glad it’s helpful.

Las Vegas Opulance - reclaimed wood and living plant wall in a store on the strip /
Las Vegas Opulence

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, this one’s a must visit.

If you have, enjoy memory lane. Goodness… this town sure knows bling.

Hiking at gorgeous Red Rock Canyon, near Las Vegas, Nevada /
A gorgeous hike into Red Rock Canyon

This gorgeous tour was a result of walking beyond the bling of Vegas. So much beauty to see in this area! A mini Grand Canyon if you will.

A tour of the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada /
Amazing Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas

When in Vegas… visit this museum! It’s a must see for vintage or sign fanatics. The guided tour allowed for great photos of no crowds. 

Repurposed rope and metal lights, part of a tour of store fixtures in Paia, Maui /

Paia, Maui repurposing, store style!

I’m so glad Maui had junk. This little town had the coolest hippie vibe… and best store junk ever! Fun tour of the inside of shops and their props.

Rainbow shower trees that line a condo road, near the beach, in Kihei, Maui /
The beautiful gardens of Maui and My Maui Backyard

Imagine walking into a fragrant, outdoor giant terrarium with everything in bloom…. this flower filled tour nails it!

Upcycled store fixures tour, with a pallet wood fitting room door and wall, in Makawao, Maui /
Store styled repurposing in Makawao, Maui

Did you know Maui has a cowboy themed town? It’s up country, in the middle of jungle! See the shops and more repurposed store props… like this pallet wood fitting room door. There’s some real GEMS in this one!

Bike ride through a natural heron reserve in the Fraser Valley, BC Canada /
Bike ride through a natural heron reserve in the Fraser Valley, BC Canada /
My bike riding adventures – series HERE

I got a bike this year… and now I get to go to these places!

messy linen closet before /
From Crap to Clean before Christmas – the series

My house was a mess. So back in September, I challenged myself and my readers to start cleaning before the Christmas tree went up. 13 spaces got the clean sweep! See the befores and afters, with lessons in each post!

pallet wood sawhorse blogging desk and office, with repurposed office storage /
A whiter, brighter blog office reveal

This was one of my fav Crap to Clean revamps. Fresh and white seals the deal!

patchwork Canadian map message centre - map from The Little Green Bean, staged by /
Quilted Canada map office station – gift from The Little Green Bean

I was sent this gorgeous quilted map from my dear friend Missy. It became a bulletin board too pretty to use! 

Old sign and crate front entry staging, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Old signs and crates mini entryway

A few old signs and crates teamed up became a pretty sweet, compact entry way idea. Signs were made from stencils… all links in the post.

Cabin Resort sign for a fall mantel, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Illuminated Cabin Resort sign fall mantel

Desiring something cool for a fall fireplace mantel, this Cabin Resort sign became the star of the show.

A tour of an old farmhouse under major construction /
An astonishing tour of my old farmhouse

A bike ride in the country took us to one of the most amazing stops ever. My childhood farm. See what the new owners are doing to it!

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Christmas and Winter 2015 collection /
2015 Christmas & Winter launch of the new Old Sign Stencils Collection

With Christmas having arrived, it was time to deck the halls with a few new Old Sign Stencil designs, Christmas style.

All the Christmas and winter projects are HERE

Find the stencils in the store HERE

Below are some highlights….

Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder with antique pulley, created with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Sleigh Rides Christmas card holder

Out of all the Christmas displays, this one was my fav!

Rustic Hot Cocoa Bar station with old sign and crate shelf, and reclaimed wood deer, created with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Rustic Hot Cocoa Bar

Setting the stage with the warmth of old wood, this hot cocoa station is ready when you are!

Ski Lodge old sign entryway staging with ladder and crate storage, created with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Ski Lodge Entry for winter

Once upon a time I was a real skier. Pretending is much easier with an icy cold ski lodge sign!

Christmas Blend Coffee grain sack pillow design, created with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
How to make a Christmas themed grain sack pillow from a $2 sand bag

This stencil design was worked around a vintage grain sack. It includes the lines so any design can resemble the real deal!

Sleigh Rides red old sign, on a Christmas mantel, created with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Santa’s Picnic – 2015 Christmas mantel

Sleigh Rides also became the star of the show in the Christmas mantel.

Twisted twigs Christmas tree hanging from a branch /
Twig Christmas tree

Just like my twig garlands from the past, this twig tree was made the same way. So easy to do!

Reclaimed wood Christmas tree for the front porch with rusty junk decorations /
Reclaimed wood Christmas tree

Thanks to a chippy old fence, this tree became the hit of the season. Find out how easy it is to make without measuring a thing! My kinda build… no math! 🙂

Evergreen window valance in a kitchen, part of a Christmas and winter full home tour /
2015 Minimalist Christmas Home Tour

Who decorates on Christmas Eve? ME! Apparently.

Since my house got cleaned, I quickly did some easy winter decorating. Take the tour!

Old signs and boarded wall front entry reveal, with old ladder and crate storage /
Old Sign Entry reveal – before and after

My front entry was quite a mess. Some boarded walls and old signs later, it became the coolest setup!

And that’s a wrap!

So what’s in store for 2016?

I plan to finish the house, room by room, doing things I haven’t shown you in YEARS.

– attack my teen’s room. Please pray.

– tackle the 1/2 done laundry room

– finish the workshop

– finish tiling some floors

– fire up some new Old Sign Stencil designs

And whatever else comes my way.

Thanks so much everyone, for your wonderful visits throughout the year!

Here’s to even more in 2016… :

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13 thoughts on “Funky Junk’s best DIY of 2015 – then and now

  1. You sure have been busy Donna. ANd you got to travel a lot which is always good for the soul! I’m looking forward to 2016 and to see what you do with your teen’s room. I have a couple of those myself, girls, but that does not mean they are neater! We’re off to a busy and inspired year!

  2. So great to look back and be proud of what has been accomplished! YOU have completed/accomplished a TON! You should feel good. Looking forward to your new 2016 projects. Crossing them off a list feels good and the pain of completing them goes away.

  3. Hi Donna: After reading through the best of 2015, I’m completely stumped at picking out my favorite post as they all show your talent and ingenuity!! I can’t choose. As a true cat lover, I get a kick out of seeing them hanging around you – how cute is the one in the basket – its ears just visible!

    The doll house must have been so much fun! I will always love your Christmas mantel ideas, your office and your kitchen – my eye always pauses on your flower-filled mason jars as they are so simple yet add so much charm and “soften” the various wooden items and rustic pieces – I love the contrast!

    By the way, has any viewer ever said they’re jealous of your hair? If not, let me be the first!! 🙂

    I so admire your skills at woodworking, measuring and cutting lumber and creating unique items all on your own – you show us what we women can do if we want it bad enough! Keep on doing what you’re doing!!

    • Donna, Your office do-over and the closet were part of my favorites—but your trip to Maui—was great. Enjoyed everything I saw of your brilliance and yet simplicity– and showing getting your hands real dirty—that’s the best part. Great year, THANKS! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2016, Sandi

  4. You wrote at the beginning:”So without further adieu…”. The correct term is “ado”, which means fuss or fanfare. “Adieu” mean goodbye in French. It’s a mistake I see frequently.

    You have had such a full and wonderful year. I think you’ve probably learned even more about yourself, and I love that you share your findings with us.

    You have been an inspiration to me for working on my clean-up starting in December of 2014. The garage in my new house is filled with stuffs for my spring (March – I live in North Carolina) garage sale! and, I know you have been an inspiration to others, whether it was to follow their heart and create their own business doing something they love, to copy a project that gave them confidence to try, succeed and do more, and to work on the inside to create a meaningful life. You have been so successful, and I want you to know that you are an asset to all of us.

    I can’t wait to see where you take us next! Best wishes in the new year!

  5. Yes Donna,

    You had quite a year in review here. Well posted and always like your photos you post with the things you create. Being I’m your neighborin the San Jaun Islands I hope some day to meet you for fun and business.
    Thanks for sharing your creations and great additude.
    Looking forward to 2016 and the things you create fun funky Junk.

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