Wishing you a Merry perfect for you Christmas! – with video

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When our plans didn’t pan out to go away for Christmas, I had to swallow a big lump in my throat. 

I had something else completely different in mind. My toes would be buried beneath the hot sand while waves came splashing upon the shore. The humidity would be hugging my shoulders, and all would be well in the world.


We both fell ill.

My son is now also nursing a very swollen jaw from having all four wisdom teeth pulled.

And more.

And of course, when you are going through those things, there is no place like home.

Cabin in the snow Christmas Tree / funkyjunkinteriors.net
hristmas tree post

After I accepted our fate of staying home, I had to jump a few emotional hurdles. Christmas is very different with my parents gone, and my own family smaller. It’s basically my son and I. Not bad… just different.

Once I had a chat with my woe is me self, I just pushed all that emotional junk away, and started getting into it.

I think some of it’s a mind set. We can either be stuck in the mud at the bottom, or choose to run up that snowy hill for a fast and wild toboggan ride all the way down again.

I chose toboggan.

After that choice, everything just started to happen.

Christmas coke crate candle centrepiece - funkyjunkinteriors.net

Coke crate tutorial

Wherever I went, I was mindful to be more generous to those either in need or who I felt could use it. Watching unexpected smiles put a smile on MY face.

There’s more laughing. Yesterday, my son was showing me one of his games. He ‘mom-ized it’ just for me. He had his character wear Christmas pjs and a christmas tree hat complete with elf shoes, drive a souped up car with green lights underneath, blaring Christmas music, swerving through snowy streets, then getting out and throwing snowballs. Completely ridiculous and hilarious!

There’s more resting. While my boy heals, I’ve been watching sappy Christmas movies or chick flicks, taking the time to appreciate the feeling the season offers.

Could things get any better?

They did.

Today, on Christmas Eve, I woke up to a full out snowfall!

For the last two weeks, folks have been asking me if we’re ready for Christmas.

I say… define ready.

twig christmas tree / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Twiggy Christmas tree tutorial

Is the house fully decorated? Not even close.

Have we baked our cookies? Not a one in sight.

But are we ready?

Ohhh yes! Very!

I think Christmas is what you make it. I don’t need the perfect, magazine home, nor everything just so. No one will grade us.

Others may be missing from our lives, but that’s just life. Why not focus on who we have NOW?

I like to create new traditions as I think of them, to keep things exciting!

For me, it’s about diving into the spirit of spontaneous giving, loving, appreciating, celebrating, and above all…

just being.

Reclaimed wood Christmas tree / funkyjunkinteriors.net

Reclaimed wood Christmas tree tutorial

Merry Christmas, friends! Thank-you for your continued visits throughout the year, sharing my love of junk!

Here’s to your season being perfectly… you!

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29 thoughts on “Wishing you a Merry perfect for you Christmas! – with video

  1. As I read this I kept thinking about all those Christmas that there was just 3 small children and me. All of my family was thousands of miles away. The Lord has so many plans for us that we can’t even imagine. Now my family is gone,but my 3 children have given me 5 fabulous grandchildren and I get to spend this Christmas with all of them but one. Such special memories that always make us stop and think about when there was just “us”. There will be lots of family in the coming years, but these times will always be special.

    Merry Christmas and may your day be filled with tons of Blessings.

  2. Merry Christmas Donna to you and your son. Hope he can manage Christmas dinner. Mashed potatoes and gravy would go down easily and turkey sliced very thin too. Maybe ice cream too. I’ve enjoyed all your Christmas related projects and your airy tree. We are a very tiny group this year too. Best Wishes.


  3. I’m sorry that your Hawaii plans hadn’t worked out but it’s great that you still enjoy the season. I wish your son speedy recovery. We don’t have family here, so it’s just hubby, the kitties and me. I’m fine with that too.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Pleas give your cats some belly rubs from me 🙂 .

  4. Donna Merry Christmas to you and your son! My sons are 3000 miles away and their absence has been felt. But like you just said we have to focus on who we have now. I want to wish you health and happiness and thanks for the community you have built, it has been enourmously appreciated. And hope your son has recoved from his surgery.

  5. Thank you for the uplift to my Christmas Spirit! You always have a way of writing just what I need to hear to keep me on a positive track. I do believe in magic! Wishing you and your son a beautiful day and a very joyful, healthy and Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!

  6. Love everything you post. The latest being the reclaimed wood Christmas tree’s. Since becoming a junkin’ flipper I forwarded the post to my husband and two trees made for me by the end of the day last week. I just love the simplicity of the decoration and they filled the outdoor space that was lacking a little something more.

    Thank you for all your shares. Merry Christmas to you and your son.

  7. That snowfall was a gift all by itself! Virginia is 70 degrees and rainy, but that’s fine. I woke up to a stunning sunrise…another gift. Merry Christmas to you both!!!

  8. Merry Christmas!
    We are still brown here in MN!? Snow is forecast for tomorrow!!
    Did enjoy the beautiful full moon and warm temps last night!
    Hoping your son heals quickly! Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

  9. Happy Holidays Donna & family!
    Greetings from snowy Utah…..
    Thanks for your wonderful video, it was just what I needed to see this morning.
    Love your website, ideas and inspiration.
    Nettie from Spanish Fork

  10. The best piece of advice you gave……”Others may be missing from our lives, but that’s just life. Why not focus on who we have NOW?” Thank you for that.

    Even though family is important at Christmas…..even that isn’t the message of Christmas. Joseph and Mary were very much alone that first Christmas when Jesus was born. But God turned it into something glorious and I believe He wants to do that for us too if we focus on the right thing….Him. He made all the difference that first Christmas and He’s been doing that ever since!

    Merry Christmas and God bless.

  11. Merry Christmas Donna! This is my first Christmas with just me and my daughter and has been amazing so far! Well least it’s probably winter where you are. Have a blessed New Year. I hope you have a good one and 2016 brings a lot of wonderful things your way..

  12. Thank you so much for this post! I lost my husband a year and a half ago and miss him terribly. I also have a chronic pain condition that makes mornings pretty dreadful (until my medication takes effect and brings it down somewhat) and was feeling quite sorry for myself too …. until I read your very timely post!

    As I was reading it, I realized you have the right attitude and have decided to adopt that way of thinking today. No amount of wishing, or moping around the house is going to bring him back or change things, so I might as well change my attitude and put a smile on my face – if not for me, then for my kids and grandkids!

    So again, a big thank you, Donna, and here’s wishing you and your son a very Merry White Christmas!!

    (PS: it’s still green and very mild here in southern Ontario.)

  13. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and your son, Donna. It’s a bright and beautiful Christmas morning here and we’re all looking forward to a fun day with family. I’m missing my youngest son who is on the other side of the world, but we’re only a phone call away. That’s going to be the highlight of my day.

  14. Good for you! Our Christmas is small, very different from the boisterous crowds of my childhood. I can remember times when I moaned over the chaos of Christmas. Now I hope I’ve learned to enjoy what I have as it comes.

  15. I love this! All month I was asked that same question, “are you ready for Christmas?” Finally after about the fifth time I asked back, “Define Ready?” I was just looked at with a blank look that wondered out into space. Then I paused and said you know…. my heart if ready because Christmas isn’t about me.

    We to have had a nice quiet Christmas and I’ve so enjoyed it. No pressure just good times. So my thought for next year is to team up with other bloggers and bring forward the simplicity of Christmas, getting back to the heart of what this holiday is all about.

    Merry Christmas Donna Enjoyed as always!

  16. Merry Christmas to you Donna and your son.

    I’m sorry that your Christmas plans did not happen, but I really appreciate your positive comments. It is all in our attitude! I’ll join you on that virtual toboggan ride (even if I’m not a snow-person, having grown up here on the wet-coast!). Focus on now.

    Thank you for the video.

    May the blessings of Christmas be with you now and through 2016.

  17. Hi Donna! I am a new subscriber but a long time visitor to your site. your such an inspiration! Thank you for all you have shared. I am so looking forward to the future and being able to follow your creations. I am such a newbie to doing things on a computer and I am enjoying myself. My father was a master carpenter and I can tell I am related to him. I love the smell of sawdust and I see scraps of wood and my mind starts to going as to what I can do with it! So much to learn and it’s awesome! Wishing you and your son a very happy new year and I hope he feels better soon. Take care!

  18. Enjoyed your video. Glad you got snow. That’s a nice Christmas gift. We had a green Christmas in Ontario and a rainy Boxing day. Silver lining is we don’t need our shovels. 🙂

  19. It’s all beautiful ! I think you are right – it’s a mind set – you help you– Thank You Donna and HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  20. Merry Christmas to you and your son Donna. This was my first holiday without my Mom–it was hard, but I am so grateful for my family and friends still here! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself along with your amazing projects and for all you do for our group of bloggers! Your an amazingly talented, and generous person–beautiful inside and out–and I am grateful to know you and call you friend. Happy New Year!

  21. Bless you in the coming year.
    I was a little behind in reading e-mails
    and just saw your video.
    Wonderful feeling inside.
    So happy I started following you.
    Thanks for making my day!

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