All about milk paint!

Curious about milk paint? This helpful guide will share all about milk paint, including what it is and how to use it with a project sample!

It’s always a great day when new DIY supplies arrive!

And because this package is so different from all the rest, I felt it deserved a post of its own so it can be referred back to easily!

Because I plan to use it lots!

Ready to learn about a brand new paint that is unlike anything else?! Here we go!

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All about milk paint


Where to buy Milk Paint by Fusion


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What is milk paint?


Today I’m going to share a very special paint which dates WAY back to the beginning of when paint was first invented!

Milk paint comes in powder form. You simply mix what you need with water, and you’re ready to paint!

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Milk Paint by Fusion is manufactured by Homestead House who also manufactures their own brand of milk paint. Find all their milk paint HERE.

It consists of 25+ colours, made from the purest of ingredients using no chalky fillers.

But the real beauty of today’s milk paint is the formula. The ingredients are SO refined they mix instantly and smoothly, leaving no clumping, while offering a super smooth and durable finish for today’s DIY projects.

With more perks… here they are!

What makes milk paint so special?


  • soaks into raw wood becoming one with your project
  • authentic chippy finishes are possible
  • easy to distress
  • no brush strokes EVER!
  • never peels on porous surfaces
  • rarely fades

Milk paint is much different than any other paint on the market. It’s amazing on raw wood for one, as it soaks right into the wood vs. sitting on top, making the finish super durable!

But the other perks are, you can achieve so many different finishes with it from distressed, chippy, or brand new. You get to decide!

No brush strokes. EVER.


I personally feel one of the most massive perks of milk paint is that you will never get brush strokes, because it doesn’t contain resin, which is the ingredient that creates texture in paint.

Milk paint has a more watery consistency when comparing to other paints. However once you see how flawlessly it goes on without even one brush stroke in sight, I know you will be sold from that fact alone. I sure am!

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25 NEW colours


With Milk Paint by Fusion, there are now 25 fresh new colours to choose from! These tones are in today’s colour ranges, easy on the eyes, from deep to pastel and everything in between!

I can’t wait to dig in and try them all!

So today, I’ll be sharing one of the prettiest, softest most natural greens I’ve ever laid eyes on, called Vintage Laurel.

How to paint with milk paint


How to prep before painting


While this paint sticks like crazy, every project does need some kind of prep to ensure paint adhesion will be the best it can be.

So in a nutshell, cleaning then scuff sanding may be all you need.

However with bare wood, just make sure it’s clean, then it’s ready to go!

How to mix milk paint


  • add 1-to-1 powder to water
  • mix well
  • let sit for a few minutes
  • paint!

Mixing milk paint is really easy! You simply mix equal amounts of powder to water, give it a stir, allow to sit for a few moments, then it’s ready to use!

The neatest part? Milk Paint powder lasts forever in powder form. Then you can mix just the amount you need for your project so there’s nothing to dry up. Pretty cool!

Be sure to watch the short video at the bottom of this post so you can see how easy it is to mix and use!

Learn how easy it is to mix milk paint! Included are links to handy cups and whisks, with full instructions. Includes a handy video how-to. Click to read more!

Mixing accessories and tips


I generally mix milk paint in some old bowls reserved for paint. However if you can, I suggest to use a clear cup LIKE THIS so you can see if all the powder is mixed up well.

You can also pick up a handy little wisk HERE like I used.

And while the suggestion is to mix equal parts of water to powder, I generally add a little less water so the paint has a slightly thicker consistency.

Just play around and see what you like! You can’t do this wrong.

Check out Vintage Laurel HERE

How to apply milk paint


  1. load your brush
  2. give the paint a small stir before each dip of the brush
  3. apply paint with a brush
  4. paint cures in 30 min!
  5. apply more coats if desired

Painting with milk paint is effortless! The paint goes on super smooth, and levels completely being that it has no resin in it = NO brush strokes. Ever.

Want more coverage? Apply more coats while sanding in between.

And this paint sets up fast. Within 30 minutes, you can apply more coats or top coat it and call it done!

Handy paint brushes to get: chip brush / quality paint brushes

Adding the finishing touches


Sanding the surface


Milk paint leaves a chalky flat feel. So lightly sanding the surface is greatly encouraged for a smooth finish.

  • lightly sand with high grit sandpaper
  • paint a 2nd coat if desired
  • sand in between coats

However, here’s one even better…

Shop for Hemp Oil HERE

How to wet sand with hemp oil


If you want the most buttery smooth finish ever, I highly recommend ending with wet sanding using hemp oil! Here’s how:

  1. completely paint your project to finished state
  2. pour Hemp Oil on the painted surface
  3. sand on top of the hemp oil with high grit sandpaper
  4. wipe surface with a soft cloth

Pour hemp oil on your piece, then using a high grit sandpaper, sand through the hemp oil. This is called wet sanding which creates the most amazing smoothest finish possible! You’ll need to try it to believe it.

Adding a top coat


A top coat is your final step. Since milk paint has no built-in top coat and is left with a flat finish, an added top coat will add smoothness, protection, added lustre while enhancing the tone.

However other top coats will result in different finishes and durabilities, so it really depends on your project. Trials are best to see what you fall in love with.

How to top coat with hemp oil:


  1. pour hemp oil onto your project (or brush it on)
  2. smooth it out with a brush or cloth
  3. wait a few minutes
  4. remove the excess with a soft cloth
  5. buff and call it done!

All top coat options for milk paint





Click above to watch a short video on how to mix milk paint, and how smooth it goes on!

(will update this video soon to include all the steps a milk painted project entails)

Now let’s peek at a few milk painted projects so you can see how pretty they turn out!

Milk painted Projects


building a garden-themed tray with garden stake handles-001


This sweet garden-themed tray with garden stake handles (fun right?!) is made with the colour Vintage Laurel.

It’s a lovely fresh shade of green with a tiny hint towards aqua.I think it’s one of the prettiest most natural greens I’ve worked with yet!

Learn how to make this Garden Cafe tray HERE

Find the stencils HERE

grain sack stripe vintage laurel pillow

Grain Sack Stripe pillow in Vintage Laurel

View tutorial and in black HERE


Industrial wood Christmas trees with milk paint!

Industrial Christmas trees

DIY wood scrap Christmas trees in present bases made with milk paint!

Christmas trees in wood present bases

Wood round Christmas sweater ornament with stencils and milk paint!

Oversized Christmas sweater ornament

Visit all my milk painted projects HERE

Order Milk Paint


How to start painting with Milk Paint by Fusion! Purchase a starter kit to get everything you need! Click to see how.

New to milk paint? Start with THIS STARTER KIT!

Check out Vintage Laurel HERE

View all Milk Paint by Fusion colours HERE

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6 thoughts on “All about milk paint!

  1. You can’t beat a brush free finish! I love milk paint and am using it more and more. Did you use milk paint for the Garden Cafe stencil too or switch to Fusion for that?

    • Thanks Sara! I did switch back to Fusion Mineral Paint for everything other than the green. But I’m SO glad I used the milk paint for the green tray part. It did a killer cool job with distressing and the finish left after wet sanding with hemp oil is phenomenal!

  2. Just love Vintage Laurel green milk paint color. Cant wait to try it out on childs wood chair .its also painted blue lol so we’ll see how the new color green can hide the blue.

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