An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour

Old kettle and drain cover snow covered candle vignette - part of An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour, via

Welcome to an all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour!An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour, via

I’m a part of Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday House Walk.
You can start the tour every day with this button which will highlight the daily homes on display each day.

Click to see Jen’s own home HERE for #1.

If you’re new here, I’m Donna and am a true blue junkaholic. My passion is surrounding myself with old relics and putting them in special places in my home.




Here’s a few samples of the kind of work I like to do.

You will find many of today’s projects in tutorial form under ‘unique projects’.

So, come on in and let me show you around!

~ Front Entry ~

Old kettle and drain cover snow covered candle vignette - part of An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour, via

Galvanized goods grouped together with fresh greens and a dollar store scarf are certain to convince guests that this home isn’t to be taken too seriously. 🙂

Old kettle and drain cover snow covered candle vignette - part of An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour, via

Mini pears, tiny apples and fresh cranberries embedded in faux snow added subtle natural life to this little entry vignette.

Old kettle and drain cover snow covered candle vignette - part of An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour, via

I’ve been told this is a pizza pan and the fluted variety is from Germany. 

Thank-you thrift store for two of my favorite junk glam accessories. 🙂

~ The fireplace mantel ~


Make it snow on your mantel tutorial HERE

I took a walk down the road after a windstorm and picked up all the fresh greens. 

A little spray snow softened up the tones and added brightness to the darker fireplace. 

And yes… the mantel is indeed junk filled.

The bucket and kettle below the mantel are this year’s stockings.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a metal ornament with bling. How perfectly cool…

A little jam jar holds the white mini lights inside the lantern.

Fresh apples provide the perfect natural accessory.

The poinsettias added a beautiful natural touch of the perfect red.

(tutorial on the fireplace is avail – snow ‘tutorial’ coming soon)

~ Stepladder tree ~

The making of the stepladder tree is HERE


Ladder Christmas tree tutorial HERE

A whimsical stepladder outdoor themed tree was the result of desiring an all natural Christmas feel. 

A faux Christmas tree was literally stuffed inside a step ladder. Oh what a day THAT was. But what a perfect place to mount the birdhouse star. 🙂

Garland is ripped sheets, ribbon and rope, tied up if they needed to be joined.

Yep, that’s a plumb line contraption. Isn’t it the perfect shape? 

The blue fingers were worth it. 🙂

Lots of galvanized touches this year. Perfect with fresh strung cranberries.

The sleigh with firewood is the tree skirt. Other logs under the tree are hiding the stand.

~ Livingroom ~

Old gate window screen tutorial HERE

The big bushy beautiful white poinsettia does more than just look pretty.

It’s hiding stereo speakers. Perfect! May they never die…

The sawhorse is a quirky way to hang a magazine and store a throw blanket.

Simple and clean.

( disclaimer: it’s said that poinsettias are not poisonous for animals these days. 

I’ll be watching closely regardless – any threat and they’ll be removed. Thanks for the emails!)

~ Main bath ~

Small bathrooms are best left unobstructed, so anything seasonal was positioned in spaces where they won’t clutter the space.


Old crate toilet paper holder tutorial HERE

Just enough.


How to make a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree HERE

(tutorial on tree and window shutter avail)

Except the Charlie Brown tree now resides in the window.
I moved the pretty poinsettia to the…

~ Stairway ~


Old crate stairway tutorial HERE

(twig garland tutorial HERE)

Real greens are a breeze to replace when needed. 

Added twigs offer abit more rustic interest.

The cranberries will be replaced with fresh when they arrive in stores again.

Fresh greens, lights, and pop bottles. Yeah, it’s a little crazy. 🙂

The bottles appeared to illuminate from the mini lights. It was a pretty neat effect and chimed in well with the stairs.

(tutorial on crate stairs avail)

~ Kitchen window garland ~

(tutorial on window garland and Farmer’s Market sign is avail)

Simple whites chime in with the sign. This one couldn’t have been easier.

~ Master bedroom window  ~

Clean, natural, out of the way. And oh so easy to clean up. 🙂

It’s my hope this tour has convinced you that all it takes is a little creativity to create a home you can adore for little cost.

Here’s wishing you a very junk filled Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season with loved ones!


Most of today’s reveals are in tutorial form in my PROJECT GALLERIES.

You can visit my 2010 home tour HERE.

Visit #3 – Morning T HERE!

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149 thoughts on “An all natural junk filled 2011 Christmas home tour

  1. Donna, you are amazing…and so much fun!! I love how you embrace your “junk” and how everything in your decor is clearly “funky junk Donna” style. LOVE it all. But the ladder tree is my favorite thing. SO creative.

    Oh, and that blingy rusty ornament is perfection.

  2. Donna, I love EVERYTHING you do! That ladder tree – awesome! The pop bottles on the banister… INCREDIBLE!!! and I so gotta do the charlie brown tree that yo make look super easy! You always inspire me BIG TIME! Thanks, your gifts & talents are beautiful! Blessings…

  3. Hi Donna,
    You do realize, don’t you, that you have the ability and creativity to take anything and make it beautiful! Love everything.


  4. Boy, I sure would like to make the twig garland for my stairway, but it would never show up against the dark wood stairs and railing and stone wall, even though I have twigs o’plenty back here in my woods. LOL!!!

    Oh! And I am ALL over that tree in the ladder!!! I just love that it’s perfect to put the birdhouse on the top! Mmmm…mmmm….mmmmm!

  5. Wow! You have such a talent for using objects in unexpected ways. And that twig garland – I can’t imagine how much work that was! Fabulous – all of it.

  6. When we put our tree up I needed some garland, mine from the last year is missing, so i decided to rip up some old white sheets and tie them together and use as garland… our tree looked like someone toilet papered it… but I love how you’re came out. I’m glad it could work for someone! maybe I had too many layers of it on mine. Your house looks so fun decorated!


  7. Donna, your home looks amazing! I love the ladder Christmas tree and can imagine you had some ‘moments’ trying to stuff the tree in it! You are a true original when it comes to decorating and I think this should be in a magazine! Well done!

  8. Seriously! YOU ARE AMAZING! Love, love, love…especially the ladder tree. So cool. My Christmas decorating is in a whole different direction than yours, but seriously, you make me want to start all over…love the “junk” but you make it all look like treasures. AWESOME!

  9. Such wonderful imagination and whimsy in all the natural weather worn items in your holiday decor! I love every inch! So simple and fresh!

  10. Donna-
    Your house is beyond perfect! I love the coziness and warmth that can be felt through each of your pictures! I can only imagine the fun that you had putting the tree in the ladder, but it was so worth it! Amazing, beautiful and wondering when I can come for a visit?! Thanks so much for the inspiration. My husband will be less than thrilled when I start redoing my tree. Thanks again!!!

  11. I love the rusticness?rusticity?simplicity of your Christmas decorating- beautiful and so homey and welcoming! I think my favorite is your Charlie Brown tree, something about that burlap and apples combo. Thanks for all the eye candy! 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness it’s gorgeous! love it all but the tree is my fave again this year. Guess I’m a sucker for Christmas trees. Love the kettle and bucket on the mantle. Just brought mine in from outside yesterday and was waiting for them to dry from the rains. I was wondering where to incorporate them in my theme but I never considered stockings, how cool is that? wonder what other junkie things I can find? I would need two more. Love the pop bottles too. So many yummy things to look at, I’ll be revisiting many times for more ideas. Thank you Donna, this was a wonderful junk filled Christmas tour. As usual it rocked my rustic, junk lov’n world!

  13. Oh Donna…you have totally outdone yourself!! Your house is absolutely amazing and your creativity truly inspiring:). I think I am going to have to pour over the pictures again and again to see all of your little details. Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!


  14. I didn’t think it was possible but you have outdone yourself! Wow! I love it, everything about it, I want to move in. Can I move in? It’s ok if you are still there too 🙂
    Seriously woman, you are without a doubt the winner of the most original Christmas decorations this year and next year too!

  15. I love the million and one ideas you posted! SO DARN CREATIVE! I love it all but the ladder in the tree, the sled….all of that wonderful tree…is my fav!!!

  16. Good grief, woman, can you get any more talented??? That stepladder tree is awesome and so are all the rest of the decorations! My daughter and I have decided that you need to pay us a visit and decorate my house. We have plenty of junk to choose from! haha And if we don’t have enough my neighbors do and my uncle is a junk dealer so his house would have a virtual paradise for you to choose from. Seriously, if you ever need a home to makeover for a magazine or anything, I know just the one for ya! 😉

  17. Wow, just stunned! I so adore the look you have achieved and all the items you used. So creative and clever in a way I am not. Thanks for the great ideas and I love the ladder tree!

  18. So many amazing ideas, Donna! I love that you stuffed the tree inside of an old ladder…very clever! And the branch in the bedroom window is so simple yet very elegant. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  19. WOW!!!! I MEAN {WOW} I love everything, did i say EVERYTHING. all your detail, right down to the soda bottles hanging from your garland that go with the stairs so perfectly. Everything screams cozy Christmas home. I want to come over cuddle up by the fire in some slipper socks with my hot cocoa. GREAT JOB! xo, jen

  20. Woa… thank-you everyone! I think my inbox is going to break! 🙂

    Jeannine, I didn’t spend a dime. This is stuff just collected over time. I have a surplus… I collect everyday things vs. seasonal things.


  21. I Love the stepladder tree with all of it’s fun and quirky adornments…truly unique! What a beautiful and welcoming home you have, and perfect touches of eclectic bits. Wanna come do my house? Although I don’t have all that cool stuff like you do. 😉 Happy Holidays!

  22. Donna, Absolutely SWELL!! I love your tree!! will shop the thrift stores for trees after Christmas and have my own Ladder Christmas Tree next year in the courtyard!! Thanks for a beautiful blog!!

  23. as usual i am simply in awe of you.
    i have so many of those little pieces of goodness (junk to some)
    and i would have NEVER thought of using them the way you did.
    that ladder tree is simply ingenious.

  24. WHat an amazing use of a step-ladder! Many ideas will come from looking at your unique decorating! Thanks so much for sharing.

  25. You knock me out!! I don’t know how you think up some of these things! Well done. I am still waiting for an explanation of the dinner plate gifting thing. How do you do it? Ann

  26. i am almost at a loss for words….WOW ! what a marvelous talent you have for making something beautiful…your ingenuity is such an inspiration for me…i am a mother and a grandmother…so i have a few “miles” on me, but i can truly say that over all these years, i have never seen anyone as creative and ingenious as you are…..

    thank you so very much for sharing with us….i love your blog !! xooxo love everything you post…..thanks again!

  27. Thanks for the sharing the most amazing holiday display that I’ve ever seen. I am in total awe of your talents, visions, ingenuity, and unique creativity. Wow!!! Peggy

  28. Oh my goodness! This is amazing!!!! I love everything but my favorites are your ladder tree and the bathroom. You bathroom is gorgeous. Lillie was sitting here with me when I looked at this post and she said, “Oh Mommy, can we go to that house? It’s beautiful!”

  29. I want one of those creative pills you take….LOL. AWESOME!!! Tell Cody I have
    a larger galvanized bucket he could use
    for his stocking….that way he would get
    more…LOL. Love your tree, I would have
    never thought of that one. Love your box
    shelf in the bathroom with the license
    plate on it. AWESOME TOUR…THANKS SO

  30. Hi Donna-

    It all looks amazing and perfectly funky and junky – just wonderful. I love the rusted ornament with bling – I thought you did it! Love the bottles on the banister. So much fun and creativity.

    My best – Diane

  31. I especially love the mantle and the step ladder. Your whole house is amazing. I always look forward to seeing what you have posted. Some may call it “junk”, but they are true treasures 🙂

  32. Wonderful beautiful designs! thank you for sharing and I just love the ripped garland, what a DIY and repurpose craft. I will definitely be trying this. Merry Christmas!

  33. OMG, you have the absolute most amazing eye………you also have the most unique and interesting and innovative concepts that I have come across in quite some time, this is jaw dropping awe inspiring stuff, this post is a keeper like FOREVER!!!!! Thank you so very much 🙂

  34. Donna…every little nook and cranny are just wonderful! Your creative mind astounds me! Your little winter wonderland feels cozy and warm!
    Merry Christmas to you and your son!

  35. Donna at Funky Junk! OMG! This is ……. oh……I’m speechless. Amazing! I love almost every single thing about this! Really! Gosh, so inspiring and creative you are. Where does that come from? How can I get some? Oh, wish I could articulate this better but….oh…. love it!!!! Truly!
    Connie LOU

  36. I would love to know where you get your bound burlap ribbon. The 3-4 inch kind that is. I found some but it doesnt have an edge so it ravels tons! Any help would be appreciated!

    Love your home too!

  37. I just had a vision of your son growing up and marrying someone who has no creativity at all and buys a fake cheap tree and puts on some plastic red balls on it! lol!!! Ok, will you do me a favor? Will you do me a favor and go take a peek at my blog real quick. I recently noticed something odd and have no idea what it is and how to get rid of it. If you click on this link and go to my comments there are a whole bunch of “links to the post” that are in a foreign language, I have no idea how they got there I didn’t put them there. Any help you can give I would really appreciate it!

  38. oh my goodness, I have to keep going back and forth through all the beautiful photos and ideas! your home looks so cozy and inviting and I love all the little touches of nature and your personal projects!! thanks for showing us around, truly inspiring!!

  39. Allow me to pay you the highest possible compliment. Until I read your story, I would have believed you were a junker living in a Texas farmhouse! Your style would totally fit ‘down here in the heart of Texas’!! Just goes to show you that country charm knows no boundaries! So glad I found your site. Blog on Girlfriend!!

    Charlotte from Texas

  40. Hi Donna,
    What a winter wonderful home for Christmas…Love the snow covered mantel!! And of course the Christmas ladder tree…Truly one of a kind! What fun you must have had decorating it! Love your foyer too with the dresser & Christmas decor…
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    All the Best,

  41. Ok….the way your mind works completely boggle me, girlie! lol! Where in the world do you come up with those creative ideas…??? lol! Clothespins holding ornaments on the tree, a Christmas tree stuffed INSIDE a ladder, scarves and flour as decor….???? YOU ARE AMAZING!! I adore what you did with the “snow” on the hearth and floor. It truly looks like you just shook yourself off in front of the fire. 🙂 Truly a delight for my eyes, Donna, and such a FUN place to visit! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  42. Donna, I am so glad I went before you! You totally blew me away. I LOOOOVE your tree and just the way you use things in a whole new way amazes me! So beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much for being a part of the tour!

  43. Donna…Thank you!! If you could see what others see through your eyes……then you would know just how special you are! Beauty & Bliss! Like all the others above, the step ladder tree is brilliant and breathtaking! Merry Christmas =D

  44. Oh, Donna, I’m swooning. Honestly. . . this is a magazine-worthy spread, for sure. And I’m sorry, but I just can’t think of your things as “junk.” Once things find their way into your home, they become objets d’art, I believe. Then you work your magic with your camera and the outcome really IS art! Beautiful!!

  45. Oh my goodness, what an interesting and whimsical home. Everything is one of a kind. Yet it all goes together so well.

    Love the coca cola crate and that lantern on the mantle. It really is spectacular. Well done!

  46. Donna!!! My gosh!!! This is so incredible! I, too, am a junkaholic. You have the best knack for decorating with junk!!!! I am inspired! Love the 7-UP and Pepsi bottles hanging from your swag!

  47. ………. /)
    ……… ( , )
    ……..|░░░|☆ merry _(♥)_
    …¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨happy new year.

  48. Absolutely beautiful!
    Happy Holidays!

    ………. /)
    ……… ( , )
    ……..|░░░|☆ merry _(♥)_
    …¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨happy new year.

  49. Step ladder tree?! What the what?! I looked at it, started to scroll down and my brain caught up with what it was seeing and…oh my goodness. Amazing. Seriously.

    There was so much great stuff to look at. Your decorations are great, but I’ll be coming back to read about those stairs!
    Great Home Tour find!!

  50. oh my gosh – looking through all these pictures makes me want to start collecting my holiday decorations now! i could have commented on EVERY photo, i love everything you did here. thank you for sharing such awesome inspiration! 🙂

  51. Ohhhh my god…ur amazing and a bundle of talent…!! I just loved each & every piece out there…Thanx for sharing these incredible ideas with us. Even i’m a junkaholic but after visiting ur blog i think I’m not even a percent of what u r…!! really nice…:)

  52. This is amazing work! I love the creativity and how you make junk look so stylish!!

    I can’t wait for winter (gasp – yes I said that) so I can use some of these ideas as inspiration for my home.

    Keep up the great work!

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