Antique mason jar crate display

Antique mason jar crate display, via

So, upon first glance, how old would you say all these supplies are for this old crate mason jar junk display?

Antique mason jar crate display, via

I realize the old rusty wheels kinda gave themselves away.

Antique mason jar crate display, via

But the rest of the supplies were brand spankin’ new!

As you may already know, I was challenged to walk into Michaels craft store and make something out of new craft materials.

The Pinterest inspired end cap displays in the store help inspire shoppers with a picture of a finished craft, as well as a listing of all the supplies needed. But we were also allowed to apply our own twist using some of the advertised supplies.


Here’s how I created the antique mason jar crate display... to look old.

Antique mason jar crate display, via

The crate

1. Paint a little crate with white acrylic craft paint.

2. After it’s dry, beat it up some with most anything. I used scissors and any thing else within my reach. Scratches, knicks, dings, the more the better.  Just be careful to not break the crate!

3. After paint is dry, take a sander to the crate and hit the edges and a few random places everywhere. Attempt to avoid a machined look by going random, rather than evenly. (not shown)

4. Water down some brown craft paint, then brush on, and wipe off to lightly stain the paint and wood. (not shown)

If you don’t get an old enough aged look, a dark wax, glaze or stain will help.

Creating a rope handle / Antique mason jar crate display, via

5. Drill four holes on each side of the crate, large enough to accommodate twine handles.

Creating a rope handle / Antique mason jar crate display, via

6. Knot one end of the twine, then with knot inside crate, feed the other end through the holes on a diagonal. 

Creating a rope handle / Antique mason jar crate display, via

Creating a rope handle / Antique mason jar crate display, via

Do it again to the other side, then tie knots to the rest of the ends once inside the crate.

Aging new mason jar rims / Antique mason jar crate display, via

Aging the lids

7.  To age the new rims of the mason jars, brush on black craft paint, and let dry. Perfection does not matter this round.

Then dry brush on dark brown paint, allow to set, then a bit of white paint, then mottle together with the tip of a paint brush. Go back and forth with paint colours until you get the look you desire. Use an old antique mason jar lid for colour inspiration if you have one.

Tip: I found leaving the rim on the jar was easiest. Just be careful not to get paint on the jar.

Aging new mason mar rims / Antique mason jar crate display, via

Then randomly hit the rims with white as if the light was highlighting them. Random is key or it’ll look super fake.

Chalkboard pennant banner / Antique mason jar crate display, via

Chalkboard pennant banner / Antique mason jar crate display, via

8. With a chalk marker, draw desired message on chalkboard banner, thread through bakers twine (comes with the kit), then hang.

I also ran a highlight line along the bottom and right side of each banner flag.

Antique mason jar crate display, via

Place your mason jars to the side for dried hydrangeas, fill up the right side with antiques and you have a cute little window sill display that’s easy to move around! 

Antique mason jar crate display, via

Antique mason jar crate display, via

Make a farmhouse window frame – click pic for tutorial


Cute, quaint, and… rather old looking if I do say so myself. 🙂

Cya tomorrow for another new / old craft idea!


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Antique mason jar crate display, via

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Disclosure / I have partnered with Michaels and Hometalk, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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16 thoughts on “Antique mason jar crate display

  1. Donna, I knew you would knock this out of the ball park!!! I love it. Can’t wait to see the yardstick too. Thank you for your junky inspiration! ~Jeanette

  2. I have 2 old windows with this kind of glass in them. What kind of craft can I do with them? I can not put them into my windows.

  3. Oh Goody..aging clay pots is right on time. I bought two old lamps for $5, big 10 X 14 bases resembling a hand made clay urn. My guess is they they were made in one of those plaster workshops, but they are really heavy. Painted a pink which had nothing to do with old pottery. Mixed orange/green for a deep clay look, was so easy as they loved taking on paint and look right to me. But now I want to see what you are going to do and ramp them up. And I want a project for making tin lamp shades.

    Enjoyed your makeover and placement of the box. You never fail us with your creativity. Paint mediums are wonderful to play with.

  4. Second post…apologies, but questions. The box looks a lot smaller in your pic of all the “ingredients” for the workshops. Realized the wheel you used is small. Where did you find the small wheel or what is it’s origin of use? I recognize the furniture caster, another unique add on from your uniqueness.

    • It’s the same box, they are cute little crates. 🙂 The wheel was from a new and used store local to me, it appears to maybe have come off of an antique baby buggy? I really don’t know, but I loved it!

  5. So love the cute factor of this Donna. Thought I’d suggest a “fix” for painting the jar lids: Before screwing lids on: put a piece of saran wrap, or a plastic bag on top of jars. Turn lids lightly to secure and the plastic catches any slips and drips.

  6. You never cease to amaze me. You have so many ideas running through that brain of yours. I can’t wait to see what you have to post each time.

    God Bless

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