Barbie and her upcycled doll furniture ways

Route 66 kitchen table / upcycled rustic doll furniture /

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Did you know that (my) Barbie is a junker?

Oh, she’s hip all right. She’s into reclaimed wood, repurposing, old sign stencilling, and even collecting home decor from the great outdoors.

So, remember the upcycled doll house I’m making from a book shelf?

I had picked up a bunch of thrift store finds, meaning to repurpose them into furniture. But the strangest thing happened…

Route 66 old sign stencil / upcycled rustic doll furniture /
Funky Junk Interiors Old Sign Stencils Store.02 PM
I started winging it on my own from wood scraps instead.

So this little (coaster) square is a table top. I used part of the Route 66 stencil, and made it look like a cut up sign. 

Imagine… 🙂


Fusion Mineral Paint / upcycled rustic doll furniture /
The base of the table is cut up 2×4 chunks, screwed together and painted with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion is an acrylic based flat paint that requires no primer nor overcoat. And true to its word, I did neither. And it was quick and easy.

Barbie kitchen table and chairs / upcycled rustic doll furniture /
And the seats are chunks of firewood. 

This girl is one trend setter!

Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
Repurposing stuff into doll furniture is no different than lifesize scale.

This little frame resembled a fireplace grate to me… so…

Painting picture frame with Fusion Mineral Paint / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
a battery operated tea light and the picture frame got a nice coat of Fusion Coal Black.

Barbie doll picture frame fire pit / Upcycled rustic doll furniture / FunkyJunkInteriors.netWhich makes the cutest little Barbie sized flickering fire pit, OR…


Reclaimed wood fireplace / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
Do you see it?


Reclaimed wood fireplace / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /

I’m still uncertain how to finish each piece. At first, my intention was to leave most pieces as blocks of wood, which could ultimately lead to more creative play. A block of wood can be anything, right?

But as I kept designing, I felt some pieces needed to be further embellished, and perhaps attached, so little hands wouldn’t get frustrated.

The fire place is still a work in progress.

Thrift store finds / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
See that jewelry box holder? I did use that piece.

Jewelry box Barbie doll dresser / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
It became black and distressed.

And dusty, just like my real life furniture.

Barbie and I must be long lost sisters.

Jewelry box Barbie doll dresser / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
More furniture and accessories were made after this shoot. There are antique crocks, clay pots, a reclaimed wood sofa, and even a branch coat rack!

Yes… you might say I’m having a little bit too much fun. 🙂

I also worked on the house itself a little today.

House frame / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
The ‘condo’ has a simple roof, made from part of my reclaimed fence wood haul.

The back of the bookcase was extended with another board. Then each extender had a board attached from the top with a tiny hinge. 

Reclaimed wood shingles / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
This became a platform for the shingles to be mounted to.

Reclaimed wood shingles / Upcycled rustic doll furniture /
We’re nearly there… something cool is yet to arrive from Wayfair, and I hope it comes soon, because the reveal will be Tuesday March 24th, where I’ll also be joining some other bloggers who made dollhouses in their own styles!

Oh… and I’m on the hunt to find my Barbie tomorrow!

I wonder if she’s into flannel shirts too…

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Visit the entire dollhouse series HERE

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with the good folks at Porch and Wayfair to create a dollhouse out of a bookcase, to donate for a good cause. I’m donating my time for this project, because this one spoke to me. All my ideas are my own.

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10 thoughts on “Barbie and her upcycled doll furniture ways

  1. OMG I was such a Barbie fan when I was little… I made all her clothes… we would have been such great friends back then… you make the house and I make her clothes! This is a house any Barbie would be proud to hang out in!

  2. Even us grownup Barbie doll lovers would be happy to visit and live in the new house you are building, how magical, can hardly wait for the big reveal. It’s more fun to build a Barbie house than to clean a real life house, I’ve gotta get dusting.

  3. I was just thinking about your dollhouse and wondering how it was going. So glad to see an update here this morning. Oh my gosh I love that little firepit!

    You inspired me to reimagine a piece of furniture that has been sitting in my basement for over a year. It’s an odd piece and I’ve been stumped what to do with it. I can’t wait to get started on my Barbie Condo!

  4. Oh wow. I have always wanted to build me a barbie house. I am forever recycling projects to make furniture and other barbie things. I love this post, I love the little fire. Thanks for sharing. If you and Barbie are long lost sisters, count me as one too. I love to make things for Barbie, and she loves them. I cant wait for the reveal 🙂

  5. K, so I’m no life-size Barbie, but I’d kill for a table like that! I have a feeling that, by the time you are done here, I’m going to wish I could shrink myself somehow so I can live in the dollhouse that Donna built! 🙂

  6. I love what you’re doing with this Barbie doll house and it couldn’t come at a better time. My daughter made a Barbie doll house for my granddaughter out of a bookshelf a couple Christmas’s ago. The furnishings are still a little sparse and I’ve been asked to provide some accessories and maybe some furniture for her birthday next week. Love the table and the plant in a chunk of wood and the firepit. I think Barbie is going to have a rooftop patio! Thanks so much for the inspiration. You’ve helped me justify my compulsion to hang on to little bits and pieces.

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