Rustic garden shed 2 – building a barnwood door

Rustic garden shed part 2 - building a barnwood door 

Rustic garden shed 2 – building a barnwood door

I built a barnwood door from reclaimed fencing wood!

And I cheated yet again. The wood strips weren’t perfect width wise and my attempt at ripping one down to fit didn’t go so well, so because of the magic yet again of all those screws, I undid my work and simply respaced the boards out abit to fit. I kinda like the gaps. I hope they look intentional…

(this post was created in my early blogging days… I didn’t know enough to show how the door was built.. my ways have since changed..)

Rustic garden shed part 2 - building a barnwood door / canning jar lid wreath

canning jar lid wreath tutorial HERE

I laughed when I saw this ring of canning jar lids strung together at a garage sale for $1. and stashed it away… and I laughed as I hung it up today as a canning jar lid door wreath. Pretty sweet industrial edge I say.

( They weren’t this rusty first going up. Leaving them outdoors turned the lids to this wonderful rust tone in no time!)

Rustic garden shed part 2 - building a barnwood door / vintage door knob

I think this vintage styled doorknob was meant to be a coat hook. I found it at a craft store with the knob screwed onto it’s own backer board. So I just attached it as is to the building with screws.

We’ve run into a small issue though. There’s a massive bee hive growing inside the building.

Bees are WEIRD. For most of the day they buzzed and scolded me for hangin’ so near their digs, having me scream and swat and then give up on the siding. My son was on guard and he was to tell me if they started swarming around me as I worked. It got to the point where there was too much damage control, so I left for abit. Upon returning, the sun had moved leaving the building in the shade and the bees were GONE. So that’s how I got to finish up the door. 

Regardless, there’s progress today! I hope to continue with hopes of getting near a finish tomorrow weather permitting. 

I’m liking the door very very much. 🙂 We shall see what I do with it tomorrow. 

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20 thoughts on “Rustic garden shed 2 – building a barnwood door

  1. See, now isn’t this so much better than camping, wow look how creative you have been this weekend, just love the canning jar lid wreath, now that’s unique. That’s going to be one pretty little wood shed when you are done.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the door! That wreath is a hoot and just perfect for your shed. As usual, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. The wreath is so fitting. At the first picture from farther away I thought it was a cat food can wreath!
    The fancy door knob is a surprise too

  4. Cute! Cute! CUTE!! The door looks like you meant for it to be that way – beautifully designed! It’s perfect! And I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll be seeing wreaths just like your $1 garage sale find popping up throughout blogland! It is so unique! LOVE it!!

    You are an inspiration, Donna!!

    ~Karla @ It’s The Little Things…

  5. I’m new to your blog and I am so glad I found your blog today (via karla-itsthelittlethings). I am in the process of making an area below our barn building into something funky and comfy for seating/parties. 😉 I’m finding so much inspiration on your blog! Thanks! It’s nice to “meet” you!

  6. That wreath is just killin’ me! I had to get a closer look. Is that jar lids? I can’t believe you had the foresight to buy that crazy thing. I love it’s quirky-ness.

  7. Yep, I like to pretty things up right away too. I didn’t flinch an eyelash when you stuck that wreath up – made perfect sense to me! It’s never too early!! =)

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