Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors

When I was busy making over my salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover, I desired a creative way to store toilet paper. And that’s when a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder entered the picture.

I mean, I just couldn’t see myself putting in a standard one… could you?! 🙂

I have never shown how it was built, and since a reader asked, it was worth a mention. 

reclaimed wood checkerboard tray

Reclaimed wood checkerboard tray tutorial here

It all started with a reclaimed wood tray. Two checkerboards were attached to two boards, then handles built up. The tutorial link above shows you how it was done. Very easy!

And then I held a yard stick across the front of the two handles, but had NO idea how to attach it. The handle also had to swing freely for easy loading.

This was getting intense… it felt a little like the game Mousetrap. So many moving gizmos to fret over.

So into the garage I went. This is where you pull out all those rusty tins full of rusted stuff rusted together. You don’t know why you have it but you’re sure glad you do.

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors

Lo and behold, this strange metal something or other was buried. Adding a washer and a screw, it was attached to one yardstick handle. Done! 

But how would I attach that yardstick on the other side? Something that would allow the arm to swing up and down?

 And then it came to me. BE SURE AND TAKE NOTES.


Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors

One screw.

Not being a ‘real builder’ has it’s perks!

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors
I kinda cheated here.

The screw should probably have been one that had a nut on the end and not pointy. (I’m sure there’s an official name for that kind… nut and bolt?) But this is what I had on short notice.

We don’t have small children in our home, so this sufficed.

And it works.

And I should replace it with a nut and bolt one day.

If I remember.

So I don’t give away my rustic building techniques.

In case my trade secret is copied…

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors

 A checkerboard toilet paper holder turned out to be one of my own personal favourite accessories in the bathroom. But not because it looks rather cool and makes for an interesting eye grab. That’s icing on the cake.

It’s because…

Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder for a rustic bathroom via FunkyJunkInteriors


It holds more than one lowly roll…  try up to FOUR!

Can I get an Amen to that? 

Salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover via

Part of the salvaged farmhouse bathroom makeover HERE

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21 thoughts on “Make a checkerboard yardstick toilet paper holder

  1. I laughed, I have the same “this strange metal something or other”. I found it in the road and thought it had potential and hung it on a rack with other metal things in my kitchen. So now I know what it’s for!

  2. Love it!! And that strange metal thingy is part of a clevis. Some folks will call it a shackle too. I love how its found a new home…I’ve got a couple of these that are also missing its pin.

    • I am so amazed how everything has a name! I should invent my own terms so I never forget… and I’ll start with Phillips and Robertson drill tips. I never remember one from the other so square and star it is!

  3. Always loved the tray, now it can always be on display. So enjoy a bottle of wine and when you are finished, take the cork and screw it onto the screw, adds even more natural textured look and no accidental scratches!

  4. This is my favorite part of this room. You have such a knack with toilet paper! It would be stressful for my kitten to have 4 tempting rolls of toilet paper to resist.

  5. Luv this… been try to figure out what to do with a yard stick collection purchased at an auction… many ideas, but I really like this. I think I’ll make mine into a paper towel dispenser since I live in a rental home. Less invasive and easy to cover the mounting holes if we move. =}

  6. Could also hang a magazine over the stick for some convenient reading tiime, and still have room for two roles. Love this!

  7. Donna, I love this. It looks great in your bathroom. I love that it holds several rolls too. I’ve raised two sons and have a husband who I am almost positive have never put a roll of toilet paper on the holder. Not sure where I went wrong! I absolutely love your bathroom mirror too. Mine is a plain plate glass one. Very boring. I love yardsticks so would love to duplicate your look. Also, I’m not a carpenter but I thought the wood screws are the pointy ones and machine screws have a flat end and need a nut??? Love all your creativeness.

    • Ahhh! Thanks for the bolt/screw breakdown! haha You could easily use that kind of bolt/screw with the flat end if you predrilled properly first. Guess I should stock up and try a few out!

      p.s. my son won’t change the roll either… hence… FOUR. 🙂

  8. Ha Ha!!!! I love that we “junkers” can ALWAYS find just.the.right.thing to complete a project….I’m in the process of creating something “similar” but NOT quite the same for my studio bathroom – for the same reason…to hold more than ONE roll!!! GREAT IDEA!!!

    Hugs from So. Oregon!

  9. What a great idea, absolute genius. I wish I could look at my store room of beautiful junk and imagine what it could be the way you do, in the mean time, I will just barrowe your ideas. Thanks for the inspirations you provide.

  10. Oh my gosh…… how simple is your hinge for the toilet paper holder! I love everything about your new bathroom…… but you got me on the toilet paper holder. Love, love, love it and I will copy it. Although I may not or may (?) copy the checkerboard (probably not, cause I have trouble with lattice pie tops, lol). But the yard stick thingy I just love.

    You are a true genius and I finally got to your blog and signed up and found these pics and can see your little off the wall devices used.

    Thank you ever so much for the great, fabulous ideas…. just love that toilet paper holder!!!

  11. What a fun toilet paper holder! I love it, and it goes so well with the rest of your bathroom! (You did a good job at hiding your secrets, too!!) And 4 rolls…oh that’s heaven!!
    Debbie 🙂

  12. Such talent and vision!! Please tell me where you got your ladder! I’ve been looking for one and can’t seem to locate one. It’s a great idea for towels!

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