Santa’s Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel

Santa's Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel, with a Christmas Sign Sleigh Rides, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Do you ever story tell with your decorating?

Let’s get into that in a big way in a moment. But first…

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Today is soooo exciting!

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But first up, here’s mine… with a story.

wind storm fallen trees
Santa’s Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel

One blustery day, Santa (me…) was gravely concerned. The wind was howling through his forest. He was in the middle of a blog post very large toy order without a battery backup plan. So he quickly hit save, and went in search of the candles, just in case.

Then in the blink of a reindeer eye, the lights went out.

Grabbing his coat, he head outdoors to check on the safety of the roof reindeer. Banging and clattering surrounded him… it was a dangerous time to be outdoors. Ensuring the herd was secured and safe, he head indoors, when he heard a massive CRACK.

A gorgeous blue spruce gave way to the great storm, and tumbled down, splintering into many pieces.

Santa’s first thought was that this was a terrible tragedy… and reasoned, he’d pay tribute in some way to his beloved tree the moment it was safe to do so.

The next day, the winds lifted. Santa summoned the elves to bundle up good and warm, grab their clippers and head towards the tree. For they would use the greens to decorate the North Pole Square for the entire neighbourhood!

Unfortunately, by the time they made it out to the great tree fall, most of it was gone! Where in the world…

Ah… yes.. the city crew North Pole gardeners had no reason to speculate Santa’s big plans. He just wasn’t quick enough. Drat.

He walked over to where the tree had fallen… when he noted the gardners were not quite as diligent as they intended. 

Heart leaping with renewed hope, Santa and the crew gathered up the remnants, and made their way into the North Pole square to do what they could. 

vintage sleigh, wooden snowflake, Sleigh Rides christmas sign for a Christmas mantel /
As the branches were hung, and bright red ribbons strung, new wonders of Christmas transpired that very day. The surviving tree branches brought in the spirit of renewed hope and triumph over troubled times, making coffee egg nog out of coffee beans eggs.

Christmas shall transpire!

And then the snow began to fall.

It was…

Santa's Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel, with a Christmas Sign Sleigh Rides, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /

After the great decorate, it was time to rest up for some coffee of Santa’s finest brew.

Christmas Coca Cola and vintage Coca cola crate / part of a Christmas mantel on
Grabbing his own branded coke, (how savvy was he?) he set it out picnic style for the crew. 

And much like we leave out milk and cookies for Santa, he left a coffee for me. ME! Funky Junk Donna me! With real cream!

So touched… so touched. How did he know?

Right… Santa always knows.

Christmas Coca Cola and vintage Coca cola crate by a roaring fireplace / part of a Christmas mantel on
“Gather around my friends, the winds may be blustery, but my coffee is getting cold the fire is cozy… let’s enjoy the fruits of our labour, in grand Christmas style and celebrate our efforts with a picnic by the campfire!”

Christmas Coca Cola and vintage Coca cola crate by a roaring fireplace / part of a Christmas mantel on
Santa propped up his sleigh into a nearby snowdrift, and… broke coke. 🙂

firewood and evergreen branches in a crate for a Christmas mantel /
Plenty of firewood kept the flames dancing at their highest, for many hours into the evening.

The elves even broke out the marshmallows, and had an Elf styled candy feast!

vintage red train lantern on a snowy Christmas mantel /
As day grew to dusk, the illuminating red lanterns (affiliate link) glowed into the evening night.

(Tip: place white mini lights behind glass for a ‘safe’ candlelight effect)

Christmas mantel with old sign, antlers, wooden snowflake, bucket of greens, and snow /
With the reindeer snuggled in for the night, the evening ended perfectly, and they were now all set for Christmas!

And thank goodness, the wifi did eventually return…

…even though it was the next day.


Santa's Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel, with a Christmas Sign Sleigh Rides, part of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils /
Because ya just gotta believe… 🙂

– – – – –


Truth be told, I created the fireplace around the Sleigh Rides sign. Once the theme was set, the appropriate props were simply set into place. The evergreen branches were placed inside a bucket of water hidden in the milk pail. 

When I showed the mantel to Miriam of Hometalk, she immediately felt it looked like Santa’s Campfire… hence… the story grew a little more wild by the minute. 😉

But I do revolve a story around theme decorating for certain. Learn how I do it on a Periscope broadcast HERE!

Thanks for your visit! And may every fallen tree in your life turn into days of wondrous joy for you and yours this holiday season!

Plus… we have wifi!

– – – – –


Sleigh Rides sign – tutorial HERE

Sleigh Rides stencil – shop HERE

Wooden snowflake – gifted and tutorial by My Altered State HERE

Fireplace – tutorial HERE.

All other finds are thrifted.

– – – – –

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36 thoughts on “Santa’s Picnic By The Campfire: A Christmas Mantel

  1. Well, there’s really nothing like a Christmas (decorating) story, now is there? Especially when it has a happy ending…and such a beautiful one to boot!

  2. Super fun complete with a great bedtime story. Love the entire post! Thanks for organizing the blog hop. There are so many wonderful posts already!

  3. So cool. I love everything!!! Wait..I should say it’s so hot! Your fireplace is gorgeous. Thank you, Donna, for all of your hard work for this wonderfully huge and friendly Christmas blog hop!!

  4. Oh how cozy and beautiful… love the story with it 😉 The mantel is amazing. Thanks so much Donna for this great Blog Hop opportunity, I so appreciate it, it’s my first time doing something this huge and I was so nervous! I’m so happy that I got the chance! Happy Holiday season!!!

  5. I love the Christmas mantels and the story, too. 🙂

    I am sitting here next to MY Christmas mantel. Ok, so, for those who do not know, mine is 13 feet and not a “real” mantel (cuz there is no fireplace). I am loving my first Christmas with my newly made mantel. I jammed it FULL of my fave things…stuff I collected over the last 2 years JUST for this occasion! My daughter calls it “the mantel of overload”. hahaha It is year one of a very LONG awaited mantel. I can “overload” it if I want to. 🙂 (I have my own version of “It’s my party, I can cry if I want to” playing in my head right now. LOL!)

    Back story…for those who did not read my “mirror disaster”. Mirror #1 was made wrong. The glass was way too heavy for the cheaply made metal frame. We put it up, went to church, came back….mirror everywhere. The frame BROKE at the joints, and the mirror slid out. EEK!

    Here’s my funny Monday story …..
    My “sidekick” (15 y/o daughter) was with my mother Sunday afternoon. I had told my mom about how I jammed packed the mantel and how my kid was poo-pooing my overloaded mantel. So, my mom said to her, “So, your mom has a ton on that mantel, I hear. I hope it doesn’t fall down like the mirror.” And she laughed. My daughter told me the story then said, “Nan is really funny.”

    hahaha Funny lady. I see my dad and his quick wit has rubbed off on her (like it did us kids. LOL) Has she forgotten how I build? She knows I could lay up on that mantel at 150 lbs and it would not budge. I used 6-10″x 10″ heavy duty metal corner braces drilled into the studs (each covered up by a nice scroll pattern porch corner bracket). That thing is going NOWHERE! Except if we ever move….then I will be taking it down and packing it up WITH us! LOL 🙂

    Happy Monday everybody! JAM UP those mantels with all your fave holiday stuff if ya wanna!!! LOL

  6. Donna,
    I love your Santa’s picnic mantle!!! You have inspired me to try making my own. I pretty much do the same each year but yours is such a WOW! The story is perfect.
    Carol b

  7. I must admit that this years mantel is my favorite that you’ve done yet! But, I love everything you do. I’m a bit behind on decorating due to some remodeling messes!

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