Cleaning up the corners, outdoors and within.

Pressure washing the grape vine covered rustic garden shed for spring |

I am rather proud of me.

I use to work all day, then all evening. Or even late into the night to compensate for day appointments. Workworkwork.

These days, my regular routine is much different. Much.

After dinner, I get outdoors and walk or bike or both. Then I come into the house, shower, then basically collapse while watching Ellen or a little Netflix (currently on 17 Reasons Why), then hit the hay early.

Basically put, I’ve needed to become kinder to myself. As part of my better-me plan, I’ve even started going to counselling, which has been completely enlightening. I’m generally working on behalf of other’s issues, which left no time for me. I’ve gained weight, become more unhealthy, and neglected so many things that I personally need.

As a result of the changes, I’m starting to feel human again. Stronger. Encouraged.

And booking all kinds of overdue appointments. Such as teeth implants (yikes$$$) and a possible upcoming foot surgery (oh goodness…)

While I love to travel, this may be the year to stay home or perhaps travel my own region instead. We shall see where things go…

One key point that I’m trying to hold onto this past week is, “Accept another’s choices.”

Being reminded that others do have the choice to live their life their way… good or bad… was, well, rather enlightening.

“I accept your choices” isn’t easy, but it has helped enormously. Sometimes you just have to walk alongside someone as they journey through their own process. (vs in front of or behind)

So anyway, if you are interested in hearing little snippets of what I’ll be learning each week, let me know.

Pressure washing the rustic garden shed for spring |
Being that I’m attempting to stay more active (MOVE MOVE MOVE), I recently tackled the great outdoors.

I’m looking to downsize the things that just seem to drain time away that give no joy back. So I’ll be losing a few flowerbeds and turning them back into lawn. The yard as is has become a little too much to care for with my time and health. (and dare I say age…)

Anyway, first up was to clean up the corners.

Indoors, I like to refer to this step as ‘picking up nests’. You know how piles of stuff seem to just appear everywhere? Nests!

rubber tipped garden gloves
The outdoor corners can get just as cluttered.

And there is nothing quite like throwing on your garden gloves, getting on your knees and reaching every square inch.

Pulling out weeds among freshly trimmed evergreen hedges
I don’t like my current weed eater, so it’s hands and knees pulling until I pick a new one up that I do want again.

I’ve also been struggling with the amount of moss in the lawn the past few years. I know what it needed, but it was too much for me to manage on my own, and every time I attempted to hire another, they didn’t show up. So I gave up.

power raking the lawn to get rid of the moss

Until now. My amazing neighbour Hank has a connecting front yard to mine, and after he removed the moss on his lawn, asked me if I wanted mine done too!

Oh goodness… I need to buy this man a pizza!

power raking the lawn to get rid of the moss
So grateful! This will be huge. There was so much moss, it felt like I was pushing my lawnmower over it without wheels.

clay pots and dead plants and a shed that needs pressure washing
Then I was REALLY encouraged to spiff up the outdoors.

Can you guess what came next?

clay pots and dead plants and a potting shed that needs pressure washing
Pressure washing
is imperative in my yard. I have lots of north facing stuff, hence the lovely shade of green on everything.

freshly pressure washed potting bench attached to a rustic shed
It’s a lot of work, but always worthwhile. I use to do it ALL in one day, but these days I break it up. The back yard is first, then the front yard another day.

I like doing the back first because then I feel good about sitting on my patio sooner than later!

And it encourages new patio projects too! Which it indeed started… can’t wait to show you next week!

Freshly pressure washed potting shed in the spring

The shed among other areas, is now squeaky clean, ready for new inspiring ideas!

Pressure washing the grape vine covered rustic garden shed for spring |
Pressure washing the grape vine covered rustic garden shed for spring |
Here’s to new happy beginnings, outdoors AND within…


Wow, you guys! This post was only going to be about cleaning outside. I nearly removed all the personal references several times over. Now I’m really glad I didn’t.

I will indeed share what I learn as I walk through this season of change. Thank you for your thumbs up and interest!

Now I’d better get to work… 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Cleaning up the corners, outdoors and within.

  1. Wow Donna, you sure have been busy! That’s a lot of things to tick off your To Do list, well done 🙂

    Self-care is so important, but a big part of it is realising the things that just aren’t good for you any more, even if they once were. Like your flower beds, I’m sure you once loved them, but now they just don’t serve you in the same way. It’s not worth keeping something if it detracts from your life.

    Hank sounds great, can I borrow him? Haha! So very nice of him to help you out like that, I say get him an extra-large pizza.

    I’d love to hear what more you are learning each week! Also, I hope the foot op isn’t anything too drastic.
    Take care!

  2. In the Midwest, we really don’t have moss problems. Do you still have to mow moss? If not, I might embrace having a moss lawn and get rid of the grass!
    Also, after raising 3 kids, I can just say this. Letting them learn from their mistakes is healthy. Have I always done that? Well, no. But I am learning from my mistakes, too. Lol kudos for counseling. Life isn’t easy but is certainly isn’t boring.

  3. Yes Donna please continue to post your insights. We can all relate! This is why I think people get more interesting as they get older. Especially if we are willing to open ourselves to new learning and spiritual and emotional growth. ❤️

  4. I truly get so happy when one of your posts is in my inbox—I love every single one. This is one of the best. I would love a weekly update of your insights. It actually helps me on my path of cleaning up my life inside and out. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Yes please continue! We all have “issues” to deal with, They just may not be obvious to other people. It really helps sometimes just knowing thatt you’re not alone.
    I’m glad you are taking care of YOU. You will be so much better in everything else!

  6. Paring down on the yard work is kind of like “downsizing” your yard commitment. I have found myself doing the same. One technique I am employing is trading plants/flowers with flowering bushes. The bushes do flower once a year, can be acquired in greens and and burgundy colors, and require little more than a trim… or not. It cuts down on the weeding, tremendously. Also, got a huge load of free wood chips that I generously spread, helping take some yard areas back to a more natural feel…… and lots of ground cover, both myrtle and ivy. As I get older, I don’t want my yard to determine if I am “handling” living independently. I am sure you will come up with creative ways to make your yard more carefree and I’d love to hear them. Best wishes on this journey.

  7. Good morning! Just read your post– I’m 66 years old and I have not done enough for myself!! Please take ME TIME—I have always taken care of everyone but me. Not good!! So I’m glad you decided to change your lifestyle— I’m working on my life now. It’s never too late!! Love your website and you do a outstanding job!! Take care!??

  8. This sounds like my life. Thanks for sharing. Good. luck on you’re journey. I may start my own.

  9. So happy to hear you are on a good path now. I hope it leads where you need it to go. We ALL have the same (give or take) struggles so yes, I like to hear about them. Maybe you might have a tip for progress that I have not thought of myself. I wish all the best for you!

  10. I, too, am interested in your insights so I hope you will continue to share them. I am still learning from my adult children to accept their choices. It’s not easy. I’m also happy to hear you are being better to yourself. Great post! Thank you.

  11. Staying on your path & not walking on others path is a reminder I really needed. Thanks precious girl. I can say that because I am 73 and you are still young. Yes, I am interested in your progress and hoping we can keep reaching for what gives us joy- makes us happy. This is also the juice of life and the secret to health. It’s a challenge my girl! Are you surprised you have a grandma age reader? Enjoy your blog very much. Hugs, Ruth ( from Oregon)

  12. I love your shed! So very cute outside. But why is it full of fire wood? Any plans to empty it out and make useable space inside? We recently moved an old wooden 6 sided grain bin to our backyard. Added a door and windows and now it is our party barn. Hosting my Bunko group next week! Would live to send you a picture but don’t know how to attach here.

    • Hi Liz! It’s the only dry place I have to store firewood. Currently. Things could change! Maybe. But this does work. 🙂 I have another shed with garden things but it isn’t nearly as pretty. Might have to change that!

  13. I always appreciate learning through other’s experiences with personal growth. It helps me! Thanks for being honest and transparent….so needed in our world. Good for you in taking care of YOU.

  14. Donna, I’d love to hear what you learn each week. We are so much more than just our minds and bodies and we have so much interior strength and courage, we just need sometimes someone to help us discover the wonderful bits of us!!

    PS pressure washing the physical stuff outside is almost as exciting as discovering our inner true self, brings much joy!!

  15. Good for you…… Keep up the good work and let us know now and then what you are learning. I think most of us could use some corner cleaning.

  16. Hi Donna, I can only echo what has been said previously. You are brave to open yourself up but it is also part of the healing process. “Walking beside, instead of in front or behind” is something that can be a lifetime lesson, many of your followers can relate to. I certainly do! I am a few decades older and life issues always present themselves. I have to stop and ask myself what is important at this moment, to spend time and energy on. You sound like you are on the right track to me. Keep up the good work and know that you are getting hugs from afar.

  17. I can relate with the yard work getting out of control. This is the first year I hired a lawn service. All I can say is it’s worth every single penny! Now I can focus on my flower beds (yikes they need help). I looked for a woman owned business and found the most adorable business – “The Dirty Hoe” (that name just cracks me up). The owner not only offers landscaping service, but she also does a little bit of hardscaping and she has the most adorable garden shop with mostly handmade garden art and birdhouses. I know it’s hard to admit that we can’t do what we used to, but when some things are hired out it allows you to focus more on the things that make you happy, not the things that have to be done. I’d love to hear about more of your insights, I’m always looking for ways to improve my inner self.

  18. Yes, please keep posting your insights! We are all just human and trying to do the best we can and often doing the best involves help from others, just as we help others when we can. BTW, I have a mossy lower yard (lots of shade) and find it makes a fine ground cover beneath the large trees, so I embrace it!

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