A dresser gets a little house number bling

I was so excited when I came across a bunch of house numbers at the thrift!

I started running through the house wondering where I could find a good home for them.

vintage headboard turned towel hooks
One place was the headboard turned towel rack. But where to use the rest?!? And then it came to me. I ran for the glaze and drill and the rest is history.

My salvaged $5 dresser from someone’s barn in some weird shade of pink…

… received a fresh coat of white paint a few months ago. Lovely already! I just love the lines.

I took a sander to the edges for a bit of distressing for extra character. Not bad. I lived with this for quite awhile. Until I got the numbers. 🙂

I added a very small amount of glaze for further aging, and gave the little dresser some bling!

Notice how the glaze really warmed up the white? Yet it’s still white. I am in love with glazing! I’ll be doing a tutorial on how I glaze at a later date as this post will be long enough.

And the dresser got further dressed up with a canning jar hugging heart shaped rocks from our summer camping trip…

… with lots of texture in layers of course… the top is a mirror, 2nd is a galvanized framed mirror and the 3rd is an old barn window.

… and a little smattering of burlap. The platters make a wonderful key/loose change drop area.

The ‘already ok but a little sleepy’ before…

… to the house numbered after. It doesn’t just feel like a lil’ ol’ plainted dresser any longer. It’s now a ‘feature.’

It’s another one of those projects that makes me grin when I walk by. This dresser now has spunk!

The dresser is on the left in this front entry.

Tip: Push it one level more.

As a graphic designer, I know about the rule to do something nice, but attempt to push things one more level. You can do this with virtually any project. Think a little outside the box, and your regular painted feature can become a piece of art with the smallest of details.

Dressers are like Barbie Dolls. You can redress them over and over again just because you can. 

Changed already! Sigh… I’m totally walking away before it happens again. 

Thanks Survivor, for saving me tonight!

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50 thoughts on “A dresser gets a little house number bling

  1. Wow Wow WOWWW!!! Love that dresser! Love your style, too! I aspire to be like you when we were close on our first home in 2 weeks! 😉 Thanks for sharing and keep the inspiration coming! 🙂

  2. Love the numbers! Thanks for the inspiration, this is why I love blogging. Now the next time I see numbers in the thrift I will but them. I have walked away before because I didn’t need that number. But they did get my attention and tells me there is something there. I just need someone to push me. And you did.

  3. Total amazement here. Would you just get your rear end down here and teach me to accessorize??? I am also now going to harp on you about the glazing tute thing. I need one so bad as I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it right. *tapping my foot* Is it ready yet?

  4. Wow, that looks terrific! It’s amazing what those numbers did to transform it! The burlap is a nice touch. It’s rustic and toned down to let whatever beauty you put around it really show!

  5. I really love this piece…you had me searching for numbers at the thrift store after I read your towel rack post…now I KNOW I am going to be on the lookout for them! I’m looking forward to your tutorial on glazing. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Looks beautiful! I’m doing some distressed/glazed/off white furniture projects over the weekend too.

    Well, in honor of you sharing all of your ideas, projects and creativity I am passing along the Kreativ Blogger award to you. I’ll be posting a link to my blog shortly! Congrats and hope you can play along!

  7. It’s amazing how much more character the dresser has with the numbers added to it. I would never have thought of adding numbers to a dresser before I started seeing it in blogland. I am looking forward to your glazing tutorial!

  8. I absolutely love this. You are so amazingly talented and creative. Only you could make rocks in a jar look like something I just must have!!! The color of the dresser, the letters, the accessories, the burlap — you’ve brought all these elements together for one remarkable punch! I am going to be bragging about you all day long! Thank you for posting this at the boardwalk bragfest! I love to brag about such marvelous talent in blogland visitin my blog!

  9. I love that dresser. Even though I’ve looked at it several times, I still want to go back and look again. I’m going to have to copy that idea somewhere . . . it will come to me. 🙂

  10. Wow, I just found your blog and I love this look, the dramatic accents make it pop so nicely! I could so learn a lesson from you, I am a very black, white and gray girl typically…

  11. I just ran across your blog this a.m. while surfing. Gotta say I’m loving it totally. Thanks for the great insight, tutorials and oh, so fun home decor ideas. Love the thrifting and re furbishing you do to your furniture as well. I’m totally into this type of thing, and this is one wonderful site.
    Love the addition of you using the glaze on your pieces, as well as in this post the numbers. You’ve got my brain spinning as to where I can add some number bling. lol
    Thanks again for sharing your many talents. Time to go become a follower of your site now. Have a great Sunday!

  12. Hello. I am redoing a dresser for my boys room and LOVE this could you tell me what shade of paint and glaze you used? Thank u so much!

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