DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

Could your front porch use a pretty new custom door mat? Here's how to design your own, by stenciling a stylish retro star pattern! Easy and striking!

Could your front porch use a pretty new custom door mat? Here’s how to design your own, by stenciling a stylish retro star pattern! Easy and striking!

It never fails. Come spring, I’m craving to repaint my front door again, along with setting up a fresh, new custom door mat because nothing but nothing starts things off right other than brand new finishes! Am I right?

Buffalo Checked front door mat

View the Buffalo Check front doormat tutorial HERE

My previous Buffalo Check door mat


It’s a little too cool to repaint the front door at the moment. But custom doormats can be made anytime, and it just seems to always set the stage just right. Whether it’s a welcome mat, or as my preference tends to lead… stenciled with a fun pattern!

Thing is, my original Buffalo Checked door mat which I loved, was starting to wear and rip around the edges. Cute, isn’t it? And easy to make too!

However, it was time for a refresh as they tend to only last so long, and plus, it was a great excuse to try a new stencil pattern for the front doorstep this round!

Retro Star Large pattern stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

View Retro Star Large stencil HERE

Retro Star Large pattern stencil


Remember the Retro Star pattern stencil I shared in THIS wooden side table makeover? I was smitten with the look, but felt, I’d bet those stars would look decadent in a larger scale as well… so I designed one!

Retro Star Large is another repeating pattern stencil that measures just over 10″, so you can either center it on a tile floor, or when placed on a concrete floor, include the small stars to help you continue the pattern.

FUN!  I’m also playing with the idea of painting my vinyl patio decking material with this so stay tuned for all that!

But for today, let’s make a new custom front door mat that is so quick and easy, you can have a new look for your front entryway in under an hour!

Here’s how:

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DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat


Supplies you’ll need:


Retro Star Large stencil

A plain coco doormat (my IKEA coco door mat measures 24″ x 36″) (or coir mat)

Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black

A dome tipped stencil brush

Masking tape and sewing pins

Measuring tape

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

(note: the little triangles shown above were later replaced with little stars)

Stenciling the door mat


Stenciling with a repeat pattern is much like tiling a floor. You’ll want to predetermine how you want your finished output to look first.

So if you desire the design to be centered in your mat, start there!

1. Center Retro Star Large in the middle of the door mat.

Stenciled Buffalo Check front door mat-008

View the full Buffalo Check doormat tutorial HERE

Secure the stencil into place with masking tape, then sewing pins pushed through the tape as shown above for extra holding power.

2. Load stencil brush with paint, then off-load some onto a cloth. A cocoa mat takes more paint than regular stenciling.

3. Tap paint through stencil. A slight twist of the brush when applying can help embed the paint further down into the mat.

Door mat video: 



Click above to watch a short video on how to work the brush with the Buffalo Checked door mat.

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

How to continue the pattern


4. To further the Retro Star Large pattern, lift stencil, then slide it up, down, left or right, and overlap the small stars to align pattern to continue.

Continue stenciling until the custom door mat is completely covered.

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

The finished door mat!


Oh my goodness… isn’t it the cutest?!

I just LOVE this design! The stars just add such a striking modern-retro look, and the black paint positively pops against the warm cocoa mat texture!

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

I’m currently trying the door mat out in the entryway instead of an outdoor space, but I love it SO much, now I want one outside too! Guess I’m making two… but that’s ok, because this is such a quick project.

It’ll also last longer indoors being in a sheltered area as well so there’s that!

Tip: layer with a larger mat underneath! THIS large black doormat one would work nicely.

DIY stenciled star pattern custom door mat

I love the personal touch custom entrance mats make, and in this case, I could choose a design and color that pops against that dark front door!

Adding a custom design on indoor or outdoor mats is economical, easy to do, and makes the perfect gift or even housewarming idea. All you need is to use your own creativity to dream up what you’d like on yours!

And there’s plenty of super fun pattern stencils HERE to choose from!

What would you stencil on your doormat to suit your style?

View all Retro Star stencils HERE

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Stenciled Buffalo Check front door mat-004

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    • Haha! Thanks Sara! One day when it gets warm enough and spring actually starts, the pressure washer and paint will make its grand 2022 appearance! In the meantime, you’re right, the mat will do all the fancy talkin’.

  1. LOL, I didn’t notice the door needed painting either, I was way too focused on the star of the doormat show 😉 It’s lovely BTW. We tried spray painting a cocoa mat many moons ago and it was an epic failure. You could hardly notice the paint. Guess I’ll try again using your tut.

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