How to rearrange furniture for a new look

From antique tea cart to side table! Part of - Why I rearrange furniture for a new look. Click to visit many examples of creative furniture ideas put to work!

How to rearrange furniture for a new look

There are so many changes on the go right now, I feel like I require a blogger to write posts because I’m cranking out the changes faster than I can write about them!

Basically put, the entire downstairs is currently torn apart. I’m ripping up carpet, painting floors, walls, shelves… the works. It’s going to be a mind-blowing change which I’ll share more about soon. Follow along on Instagram stories HERE if you wish to tag along now though! It’s HUGE.

But another recent change is a big shuffle of furniture upstairs. 

I was doing some pretty heavy purging right after Christmas, determined to loosen up some space FAST.

And I was relentless! Every day there was either something being sold, being hauled to a thrift store or dumping it at the end of my driveway. It was like moving day. Only I wasn’t moving! Just making lotsa space.

So once I decided what was staying, it was time to rearrange furniture for a new look… and more!

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Why rearrange?


  • to save money… you already own it!
  • it’s easy to revamp pieces to suit again
  • free changes to easily refresh spaces

I personally rearrange furniture for a new look because it’s like getting new stuff for free.

But the biggest bonus is, you can change the pieces to look completely different once again… which REALLY makes them feel new.

I personally feel if things are left the same for too long, my enthusiasm for spaces drops. This is one reason I don’t invest heavily into expensive furniture. I desire the option to get rid of something as fast as I get it should something else better come along.

The changes also allow me to be creative on more projects too! 

Where to find affordable furniture


  • the curb
  • thrift stores
  • free Facebook groups
  • Facebook Marketplace

Most of the furniture I collect is off the curb. It’s amazing what people let go of.

Or another great place is through a free stuff Facebook group. It’s amazing! And if I change my mind, what I get for free gets relisted in the group so someone else can have it. Try a search on Facebook for free stuff in your given area. You may find one nearby!

I’ve also fired up a Facebook Marketplace habit. It’s fun to do a search for something I’m after, then watch daily to see if it pops up in your feed. I most cases, the stuff is pretty affordable. I’ve sold lots of my own antiques on it as well.

Affordability is the key though. It’s like retail therapy for nearly free. It’s possible to land great pieces you love if you have the patience to wait until you find ‘the one’.

Finding reproductions online can also get you a look for a fraction of the cost of a real antique.

How I rearrange furniture


Rearranging furniture for a new look is fun, but it does take a little bit of effort moving stuff from one piece to another. But it does inspire you to purge more stuff!

  • remove the drawers and give the piece a good clean
  • place felt sliders underneath the furniture legs for easy transport
  • test out the size of the piece and the function it serves
  • consider design changes once you KNOW you love the piece in its new home

Since I’ve been shuffling so much, I felt perhaps you’d like to see what I moved where and why. With more revamps of the pieces to soon follow!

Here’s what I’ve changed…

Rearrange furniture for a new look


Subway styled dresser turned TV media stand with reclaimed wood shelf! Designed with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils. Click to learn how! Part of How to rearrange furniture for a new look.

TV media stands out of dressers


Remember the subway dresser / media stand in the master bedroom?

Vintage dresser and reclaimed wood shelf turns into a stylish TV media stand in a master bedroom! Click to take the full tour.

Instead, this cute vintage dresser with matching mirror I’ve had in storage for half a year is now finally put to work!

This dresser was spotted at a yard sale. It was meant for my main large screen TV, but I measured wrong. It was a couple of inches too small. So I then had plans to turn it into a sink in a downstairs bathroom. And I still may!

But my list of projects was long… and space tight. I tried to sell the dresser as-is, but after it didn’t budge, I decided to haul it upstairs and give it one last go for the smaller TV instead.

Learn how to build a reclaimed wood riser shelf for a TV media stand. Click to read full tutorial.

And it fits! Thanks to the added shelf for more space and added height, otherwise, I feel the dresser would have been too short.

A vintage dresser and reclaimed wood shelf turns into a TV media stand. Click to learn how.

It’s a really cute piece! I’m still deciding if it will stay, so for now I’m leaving it as-is. But if I keep it here, I’m debating on perhaps painting the drawers in Ash.

It really looks great against the barnwood headboard and the Antiques mirror and it does fit well.

So where did the subway dresser go?

Learn how to add painted fabric patterns to any dresser drawers! Click to read full tutorial.

Guest room furniture changes


Remember the fabric dresser in the guest bedroom?

I ended up selling it! Because…

Learn how to create a subway styled dresser using stencils! Click to read full tutorial and more tips on how to rearrange furniture for a new look.

I moved the subway styled dresser in here instead. It’s a little lower in height so it can serve more like a dresser top. 

And the mirror is borrowed from the antique dresser holding the TV!

A tour of a bedroom with antique bed and subway styled dresser. Click to take the full tour and learn tips on how to rearrange furniture for a new look.

Visit the guest bedroom HERE

The subway design on the dresser also looks cute against the antique bed in the guest bedroom. The wood and black really tie it in well. But I do have some visions on getting the drawers back to woodgrain and doing something fresh on them.

But did you spot a recent project addition in the room as well?

Learn how to create an Ikea trestle desk with grain sack stripe slipcover chair. Click to read full tutorial with tips on how to rearrange furniture for a new look.

Rearranging a sewing room into office


Remember the grain sack stripe chair with sewing trestle desk?

It was time to freshen up this space. I haven’t sewn a stitch since putting this together (LOL) so I tucked away the sewing machine in a closet, pulled down all the antique soil sifters and…

Ikea trestle desk with vintage chair and bulletin board

… brought up the little grain sack striped wood stacking chair instead, turning the table into a simple desk.

The antique frame still currently holds a Christmas Countdown Bingo bulletin board. But since I really like the frame there, a quick bulletin board repaint will do the trick nicely!

I like the change. The desk is simple, and easier to keep clean since the cat litter box resides in the same room in THIS SHELF.

Learn how to add a woodgrain grain sack stripe to a wooden stacking chair. Click to read full tutorial.

Visit woodgrain grain sack stripe chair HERE

Here’s a more accurate picture of the chair. I just LOVE this thing, and while smaller scale, it does work.

What sewing room?

But a brand NEW-old piece recently came into play and I couldn’t love it more…

From antique tea cart to side table! Part of - Why I rearrange furniture for a new look. Click to visit many examples of creative furniture ideas put to work!

Antique tea cart side table in living room


Someone in my community was giving away this antique tea cart, so I connected with them and picked it up in minutes! I intended to use it as a coffee table, but it was bigger than I thought it would be, so it’s now a side table in the livingroom.

And it’s perfect!  I can even stick a lamp behind the fern which illuminates the room in the evenings in the coolest of ways. Fun piece, huh? I love the middle layer for displays. And the wheels are just decadent.

I have plans to try and bleach the wood on the tea cart (to lighten it up) which is something I have never tried yet! I’ll let you know how that eventually goes.

But first, the downstairs has to be turned right side up again. And then I plan to make some pretty significant changes to the kitchen

If ya gotta stay home anyway, may as well make it worthwhile, right?! 

Do you rearrange furniture for a new look as well? What are you currently working on?

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6 thoughts on “How to rearrange furniture for a new look

  1. I love the look of the antique sifter with a boxwood wreath IN it! I have one of those sifters in my basement. I might just bring it back upstairs and see if one of my wreaths will fit in it! We’re currently working on the upstairs bathroom remodel. You said it right – if you gotta stay home anyway, might as well work on the house! 🙂

  2. You just a knack for mixing and matching pieces and making everything look so warm, inviting, and magazine-worthy, Donna. Love that tea trolley and the trestle table. I think I need to make one of those for my craft room.

  3. Donna, you have been busy. The moving furniture does give a new lease and inspiration on one’s perspective and feeling of a room. I love to move things around a lot. Sometimes, I get so many ideas to try that I get so excited I can’t wait to start. The black and wood tones is one of my favorite finishes. I am looking forward to trying it. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with ideas? I know I do. Usually the overwhelmed feeling shows up when what is planned doesn’t pan out or it’s beyond my strength. When the opportunity arrives that I can gain inspiration from someone else’s creativity and words, I am rejuvinated. Thanks for the rejuvination. Excellent! Everything is fabulous!

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