The dresser with an identity crisis

So, I was trying to get all fancy, MMS style, and decorate a little dresser I had. It was pretty beat up and it had hand painted numbers on it as a workshop demo long ago. Ignoring the numbers, I was trying to come up with a new design for it.

Warning: these are not beautiful photos. When implementing a new design, I always take a picture of it to see what it looks like on camera. It helps keep me objective because then I can see what YOU see, not what I see.

I desired to hand paint a branch on the dresser so I used the real deal for inspiration. Hmmm…. maybe….

My, I was proud! This was going to fly as high as a kite!

Until I painted it. GROSS! FAIL. Now what?

Those numbers had to go. They were confusing me. So I taped paper over them and tried just the real branches instead. Nature never goes wrong, correct? Hmmm… not too bad, but I think I need to paint the dresser first to really see.

There we go! Let’s try that again…

Eh… may be too branchy busy. I need to walk away for abit and see it with fresh eyes.

I walk away, come back and hate it. Too branchy busy, like they’ll stab me while I flick the channel or something.

Maybe just keep it much simpler…

Walked away, came back, FAIL.

I’m wanting to give up right about now… but NEW brainstorm approaches! 

Branches with button flowers! Ya know, I really liked this.

Until I woke up the next day and didn’t like it.

One more try and then this thing is heading for the burn pile. Stencils perhaps?!?

I obviously have my story mixed up somewhere because the dresser is beat up again. Whatever. You get the idea.

So what DID happen to the dresser you ask? Did it go back to fresh white waiting for another day, or did I finally come up with something that could work?

 You’ll see soon in the Copy Me! Challenge we’re about to post soon. MMS is nearly at 4000 so I hope you’re ready!

However, the entire point of this post is, my first draft of most of anything rarely works. Especially when trying something new. So never feel bad or deflated if you feel a FAIL even the first few runs. I learned alot through trial and error!

Such as, don’t try and be MMS. Welcome home, palette TV stand. 🙂

Do you allow failures to bring you down?
What’s your biggest blunder to date? 
How did you overcome it?

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34 thoughts on “The dresser with an identity crisis

  1. Great post, again! You always make me feel better….like now I have a third paint color on my kitchen island and it still doesn’t seem right. I was just going to leave it alone, but I will push forward and find the perfect color – it is out there somewhere, right?
    Thanks, Donna


  2. I really liked the branch and buttons also… but you are right wrong place for it.

    I love when things don’t work out because it gets my creative juices flowing again… I have learned far more from my mishaps than I have ever learned from things going smooth. I love the challenge.

    Can’t wait for the final outcome of you and MMS.

    Have a great day Donna.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I love this post. I try really hard not to let my failed attempts get me down. Last spring I bought a 5′ tall wire dress form, got it all covered with many layers of tissue, tried a few painted flowers, handcut paper flowers and a few other things. It just wasn’t working. I let her sit through the summer and finally one day at the start of fall I suddenly SAW her and feverishly worked for 2 days and now she is one of my very favorite projects ever. After I finished the art I wrote a poem and even got her published on a few fabulous blogs. It’s good to keep pushing – even if the inspiration doesn’t hit for 4 more months.

  4. I was sooo excited about your post. Followed every word expectantly and then I get to the bottom and ??????????????????????

    I’m still holding my breath – hurryyyyyy!

  5. Donna, I think it is great that you are posting about projects that don’t work out. I don;t want to say failure because they are just a bump in the road. But they remind readers like me that not every project comes out perfectly the first time.

  6. I’ve had a dress form for 5 years…It’s been gold…now covered w/black dress…still waiting for an idea…sometimes it’s a long process…

  7. WOW you must have a lot of paint!

    Dealing with failures is not one of my strong points although I have learned a great deal over the years.
    When I fail at something, I need time to rant, yell, cry, be alone, etc. Then I need time to round up my thoughts for a new plan of attack. That sometimes takes hours, days or even months. I grab both boot straps and jump back on the horse with a new spirit and determination.

    To me, nothing in life is a mistake unless it is repeated. Rather they are learning experiences that make us stronger and more interesting.

    Anxious to see the finished product.

  8. I think both you and MMS have BIG challenge on your hands… so hard to come up with something out of your design esthetic. It doesn’t quite fit or feel right, cause it’s not you. But, then you see something that isn’t you and you love it… so then it becomes a part of you and your world grows. That’s what I love about blogging. I admire you both for taking on this challenge and I’m so excited for both of you. I hope we get to see those posts soon!

  9. Now I don’t feel so bad about switching the living room up 3 different ways this past weekend! Can’t wait to see the final design. I love the real branches and buttons too.

  10. Making mistakes as one goes, comes with creativity but in the end Donna you were true to yourself. I liked the pallet TV stand better and I agree the small dresser(though darling)was more appropriate for a bedroom.

  11. Keep it REAL!!! I love this post!

    And actually I like the middle branch thing! Cute!

    Can’t wait to see what you did with your little white prototype!


  12. Of course I have had failures and I try not to let them get me down. I tell myself that this is not a failure, just a new way of leading me to another direction…a new way of doing thus and so. I find them exciting and earth moving sometimes. Because the whole piece shifts onto a higher plane. Wonderful!
    As will be your dresser

  13. This was fun to read…I was getting mildly horrified as the branches kept trying to get on the dresser…wasn’t working IMHO too. Love your honesty about success and failure. It proves its no biggy when things don’t go right.

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