22 – Drilling towards success

22 - Drilling for success / why hurdles are so valuable via FunkyJunkInteriors.net
On Tuesday night after dinner, my son suggested we watch Lord of The Rings / The Fellowship of the Ring together.

I’ll never turn down a date with my son! 

And I certainly didn’t think I’d be posting tonight because of it.

That is one, long, intense, but awesome movie! And I saved money, because I won’t be needing a manicure anytime soon. 🙂

But I couldn’t pass up not sharing this quote with you…

Lord of the Rings
Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. In which case, you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.

I love this quote, because we’ve all wished at some point and time in our lives to have differently than we do now.

Every time I’ve been through troubled times, it’s helped me to build a stronger foundation that didn’t exist before. So every time I jump through a new hurdle, I’m better equipped to tackle the next.

Difficulties never stop. They just reshape into different ones. Ever notice that?

It’s my belief that if you’re going through a tricky time, that just means your story is far from over. 

As long as you keep moving forward.

Pallet tool organizer on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Pallet shelf

pallet tool shelf-6678

Through my own hurdles, have come extreme blessings. My entire life changed. That’s how Funky Junk started. Through one big, impossible hurdle that should have shut me down. 

But I chose to pick up a drill instead. This post kinda says it best…

It all started with a drill. 

Dream Box Building Challenge #22

What can you pick up today to change your story?

I have some homework to do myself…

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16 thoughts on “22 – Drilling towards success

  1. Could not have said it better myself! When one faces challenges, it has two possible outcomes. Tragedy or Triumph. Tragedy is when it prevents us from living. Triumph is continuing to live and doing it day by day, to reach a place of peace within ourselves. Either one is never easy but well worth the time and effort. Life is meant to be lived!

  2. Donna, that is a lovely quote, thank you! So glad you and your son had such a great “date night”.
    I’ll share one of my favorite quotes from the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel:
    “Everything will be all right in the end…
    if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.”
    Happy creating!

  3. This is so true and stated perfectly. I love the lord of the rings there areso many great lessons in that story line. The dream box idea sounds fantastic and the scripture you shared with me the other day was perfect. I’m adding to my desk space. Thank you! I stubbed my toe yesterday and now off my feet for a couple days until I can put on a shoe again without pain; I will have to work on my dream box. Love that idea!

    Carole @ Garden Up green

    • Carole, so sorry about your injury… but maybe it was meant to be… 🙂 Love the idea of being productive with your dreams during your downtime… doesn’t sound like downtime at all…

  4. So well put Donna. We are HUGE Lord of Rings fans here – Peter read all the books over and over as a boy and has introduced our girls too before the movies, but we love those too! More over I LOVED reading the post you linked to – I am glad to know more about you my friend. Left you a note on that post too.

  5. Donna I picked up my husband’s drill. He attached an auger to it and we planted 90 tulip bulbs in less than 30 minutes. I am going to pick up 90 more so the house will look beautiful in the spring when we put it on the market. I will then take my hubby, our dogs and our cats and move south to a place we can afford more than where we are. It will be a triumph because wherever we are, we will be together and that is all that matters. My home is wherever he is.

  6. My partner picked up my resume today. It was in the lock box, but I thought I had thrown it away in disgust some time ago. Picking that up might be a start, but I’m not sure yet. Time will tell. I have been giving some thought to start looking for a job. I haven’t worked in about 10 years.

  7. I love watching movies with my son – he is now 21. I have not seen the Lord of the Rings movies, maybe a date night is in order!

    p.s. these dream box building posts are such a blessing.

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